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The subject of this article comes from an alternate universe which resulted from a divergence in history with the main timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Avengers - The Mobile Game is a 2012 video game loosely based on the film of the same name. The game was released on May 2, 2012 and allows players to control Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and the Hulk through various side scrolling levels. While most of the characters are playable beat 'em up-style levels, Thor is only playable in levels that are similar to shoot 'em ups.


With the help of alien invaders, Loki seeks to conquer Earth. But first he must divide and conquer the only ones that can stop him: The Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D.

Play as the Avengers - Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man or Thor - and fight against Loki and his alien allies as they seek to conquer Earth. Charge headlong into exciting gameplay with eight levels, including flying levels and locations faithfully recreated from the movie.


  1. Opening Moves
  2. Containment
  3. Thunderous Chase
  4. Loki's Gambit
  5. Turning the Tide
  6. Battle for NYC
  7. Desperate Times
  8. Closure


The game begins with Nick Fury asking Tony Stark to respond to reports that mercenaries were storming the United Nations Headquarters. Stark lands on the streets of New York City shortly afterwards and begins to do battle with the mercenaries across the city's various streets and rooftops. After realising the mercs are under the command of Loki, Stark asks Steve Rogers if he can assist him but Rogers refuses stating that he needs to stay onboard the Helicarrier with Bruce Banner. In his stead, Rogers sends in Natasha Romanoff and Thor. Shortly thereafter, Stark encounters Loki and they battle to a stalemate, with Loki ultimately fleeing.

While Banner finishes up his work on a containment device for the Tesseract aboard S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Helicarrier it's attacked by Loki whose attempting to take the Tesseract for himself. Rogers heads to the deck of Helicarrier to fend off Loki's mercenary army. Unfortunately, Loki's forces bombard the Helicarrier with missiles causing its engines fail. In a last ditch effort to stop the Helicarrier from crashing, Rogers rushes to the engine room but is stopped by Loki who, in the midst of all of the chaos, was able to steal the Tesseract. While Rogers is unsuccessful in stopping Loki escape with the Tesseract, he is able to restore the ship's communications allowing him contact Thor, who decides to chase after Loki.

While in pursuit of Loki, Thor does battle with his mercenary army across the skies of New York City. After noticing that the mercenaries aren't heading towards the United Nations Headquarters anymore he realizes that they are now heading towards Stark Tower. Thor encounters Loki shortly thereafter, where after a long battle Loki is able to subdue Thor, who uses the Tesseract to trap him in a force field.

In order to stop Loki, Banner and Rogers make their way inside Stark Tower, where Banner transforms into the Hulk to help assist Rogers in taking out the mercenaries who've taken over the tower. Rogers and the Hulk run into Loki shortly afterwards, with Loki using his Scepter to turn Hulk against Rogers. While Rogers is able to bring Hulk to his senses, it buys Loki enough time to use the Tesseract to summon an army of Chitauri to Earth and create and impenetrable energy field around the Tesseract. Rogers then contacts Nick Fury, who says he has a device that might disable the energy field and he's sending Natasha Romanoff to deliver it right now.

Soon after, Thor summons his strength and is able to break free from the Tesseract-created force field. He again flies through the skies of New York City, this time battling Loki's newly summoned Chitauri army. After he destroys a few Leviathans, Thor is contactacted by Romanoff, who tells him that she and Rogers are going back to the Helicarrier to study the data that S.H.I.E.L.D. has collected on the Tesseract and that he should rendezvou with Stark and Hulk who are nearby his location.

While awaiting the arrival of Thor, Stark and Hulk battle the Chitauri across the streets and rooftops of New York City. Hulk eventually runs into Chitauri Master General, who he quickly defeats. Loki then appears, using his powers to trap Hulk in a force field. Doing this makes Loki realize his connection to the Tesseract is weaker than before which leads him to believe that the Avengers have taken the Tesseract back to the Helicarrier. While Hulk is able to break out of the force field, Loki teleports to the Helicarrier before Hulk is able to strike him.

Aboard the Helicarrier, Fury and Romanoff are frantically working on a way to destroy the energy field surrounding the Tesseract. Fury states that they need a Gamma Amplification Module in order for their device to work so he sends Rogers to retrieve it from the ship's second bay. After battling through Chitauri who've infiltrated the ship, Rogers is able to retrieve the Gamma Amplification Module. He is then contacted by Clint Barton, who tells Rogers to get back to the lab immediately before being cut off, causing Rogers to be deeply concerned. After batting some more Chitauri, Rogers is able to make his way back to the lab only to find Fury unconscious and Barton under the control of Loki. While Rogers battles Barton, Fury wakes up and begins to dampen the energy field surrounding the Tesseract, asking Rogers to cover him while doing so. Fury successfully dampens the energy field long enough for Barton to be freed of Loki control. Rogers and Barton then purse Loki to deck together while Fury stays behind to guard the Tesseract

On the deck of the Helicarrier, a Chitauri informs Loki that the Avengers have closed the portal bringing them to Earth, deeply frustrating the Trickster God. In pursuit of Loki, Stark battles through the remaining the Chitauri and mercenary forces on the deck of ship. After Stark reaches Loki, they do battle, with Loki quickly gaining the upper hand which results in Stark begging for the Hulk's help. After fighting some Chitauri, Hulk is able to make his way to Loki, who briefly flees and summons more Chitauri to keep the Hulk occupied. After Hulk helps Stark get back on his feet, Loki returns, ready to do battle for one final time. Fury contacts Stark to inform him that he can briefly reopen the portal to allow the Avengers to send Loki inside of it. With the help of Rogers and Thor, they are able to successfully defeat Loki, with Stark sending him through the portal before Fury closes it again.







Sentient Species[]



Canon Status[]

This game contains several plot points that contradict the established canon of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it is thus considered non-canon.

When Loki summons the Chitauri army at Stark Tower, Captain America and Hulk are present in the game whereas Erik Selvig is the only person present in the movie.
While in the film, Loki is taken back to Asgard by Thor, he is sent through a portal by Iron Man in the game.




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