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The Avengers: King of the Road is an comic released by Marvel Custom Solutions sponsored by Audi.[1]


A small convoy rides through the nation of Wakanda. With Captain America behind the wheel and Iron Man flying in front of the convoy, the Avengers are escorting Black Panther back to his city. While debating if the most technological country needs protection, the convoy is suddenly under attack by HYDRA forces. Somehow HYDRA was able to sneak and remain hidden from Iron Man his sensors. While Captain America continues to drive on to the safety of the city, Iron Man and Hawkeye fight the pursuers and Black Widow sets up a road block.

After arriving within the city walls, Vision, who is sitting at the back of the car, has broken the encryption of HYDRA's cloaking signal and urges Captain America to stop the car immediately. Just in time Captain America stops the car, as a HYDRA tank drives through the city wall and almost crushing Captain and the others in the proces.

Black Panther, Captain America, Vision and Ant-Man all leave the car by door, while Falcon flies through the rooftop window and starts blasting the tank, soon joined by a charging Ant-Man. However Black Panther uses the city's defenses and two big statue's of black panthers blast the tank in pieces via lasers out of the eyes of the statues.

The remaining HYDRA forces are soon defeated. Impressed by the lasers, Tony wants to build these into his next armor. Grateful for the assistance of the Avengers, Black Panther heads back into the car and continues his ride to the palace.







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