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The Art of Iron Man 2 is the official artbook of Iron Man 2. It is also included in Art of Marvel Studios. The book received a reissue as part of the Infinity Saga series on February 20, 2024.[1]


Get a behind the scenes look at the most highly anticipated movie of 2010! Packed with exclusive content, this fully illustrated tome treats fans to a comprehensive, unique, and privileged behind-the-scenes look at the creative process behind the state-of-the-art technology used in the blockbuster motion picture. Follow the film's complete artistic evolution, from initial concept through armor design and on to the final rendering seen on screen!


The book comes in a slipcover with a shooting War Machine and Iron Man on the front cover and on the back cover a Hammer Drone fighting against Iron Man. On the hardcover of the book itself Iron Man is displayed in his Mark VI suit and on the back War Machine is displayed midst in battle. Just like in the The Art of Iron Man, the foreword is written by Jon Favreau. The book features all the new suits, allies, enemies, drones and technology as shown in Iron Man 2. It also contains preliminary sketches, storyboards, a wide chapter devoted to the Stark Expo and it features the so-called Feebles, which were created by diverse countries in an attempt to recreate the Iron Man suit.
The Art of Iron Man 2 can also be found in the boxset Art of Marvel Studios, together with The Art of Iron Man, The Art of Thor and The Art of Captain America: The First Avenger, this boxset comes with one slip case for all four books.