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The Art of Iron Man is the official artbook of Iron Man. It is also included in Art of Marvel Studios. The book received two reissues; one released for the 10 Years anniversary on October 9, 2018 and another released as part of the Infinity Saga book series on November 14, 2023.


FROM COMIC-BOOK LEGEND TO SILVER SCREEN SUPER HERO! Get a close-up look at the evolution of the three on-screen versions of Tony Stark's futuristic armor - and that of his nemesis, the Iron Monger. Learn how the creative minds behind Iron Man brought the blockbuster motion picture to life through the use of storyboards, animatics, and previsualization techniques. Experience the wonder of Stark Industries' most cutting-edge technology!


On the front cover Iron Man fights Iron Monger, on the back Tony Stark is working on his suit in his garage. In all, there are seven chapters in the book which focus on a different subject feature. The majority of the text in the chapters is composed of statements and explanations made by the various concept artist. Along with the seven chapters, there is a foreword by Jon Favreau followed by an introduction which details to the origin of Iron Man and how the character was brought to the screen. This first edition of the Marvel Artbook series doesn't come in a slipcover. However The Art of Iron Man can also be found in the boxset Art of Marvel Studios, together with The Art of Iron Man 2, The Art of Thor and The Art of Captain America: The First Avenger, this boxset comes with one slip case for all four books.

  • Foreword by Jon Favreau
  • Introduction: Tales of Suspense
  • Chapter One: The Many Armors of Iron Man
  • Chapter Two: Armor Wars
  • A Tribute to Stan Winston
  • Chapter Three: Technical Support
    • JARVIS
    • HUD
    • Suitcase
    • Micro-robotic Assembly System
    • Suit Up
  • Chapter Four: Setting the Stage
  • Chapter Five: Forged in Iron
    • Weapon Test
    • Convoy Ambush
    • Escape
    • Boots / Gauntlet Test
    • First Flight
    • Gulmira
    • Dogfight
    • Final Battle
  • Chapter Six: On the Bleeding Edge
    • Heart Device
    • Stark Weapons
    • Weapons Test
    • Stark Jet
    • Stark Automobiles
    • Zero Bike
    • Stark Technology
  • Chapter Seven: Marketing Iron Man
    • Marketing Materials
  • Bios
  • Acknowledgments


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