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Captain America: The Art of Captain America - The First Avenger is the official artbook of Captain America: The First Avenger. It is also included in Art of Marvel Studios. The book will receive a reissue as a part of the Infinity Saga series on May 14, 2024.


Directed by Joe Johnston (Jurassic Park 3) and starring Chris Evans (Fantastic Four), Hugo Weaving (The Matrix, Lord of the Rings) and Academy Award Winner Tommy Lee Jones (The Fugitive), Captain America: The First Avenger promises to be one of 2011's biggest blockbusters, continuing the story set up in Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk and Thor, and leading into summer 2012's The Avengers.


The book comes in slipcover which features Captain America's Shield on one side and the HYDRA symbol on the other. On the book's front cover is concept art of Captain America in one of his early uniforms while the back features an unused crest for the Strategic Scientific Reserve. In all, there are seven chapter in the book which focus on a different subject feature. The majority of the text in the chapters is composed of statements and explanations made by the various concept artist. Along with the seven chapters, there is a foreword by production designer Rick Heinrichs followed by an introduction which details the origin of Captain America and how the character was brought to the screen. At the end of the book are bios for the production artist and a bio for the author, a list of acknowledgments for those who helped create the book and credits for the artist.









  • Throughout the majority of the book, the Tesseract is referred to by its comic book name the Cosmic Cube by the concept artists' explanations.
  • There is no art work that depicts S.H.I.E.L.D.'s discovery of Captain America frozen in ice or his discovery of waking up in the modern world.