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Thanos: Titan Consumed is a book inspired by Avengers: Infinity War, relating a possible backstory of Thanos. The audiobook version is narrated by Tom Taylorson.


Space. Reality. Mind. Power. Time. Soul.

Before creation itself, there were six singularities. Then the universe exploded into existence, and the remnants of these systems were forged into concentrated ingots...

Infinity Stones.

Only beings of immense power can hope to wield these stones, but for those who are worthy, the powers of a god await.

Thanos is one such being. But he wasn't always.

Born on a doomed world and cast out by his people for his genius, physical deviancy, and pragmatic but monstrous ideas, Thanos is determined to save the galaxy from the same fate as his homeworld... no matter how many billions have to die.

Learn the origins of the most formidable foe the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, and Black Panther have ever faced—a foe whom even a group of remarkable people, pulled together to fight the battles nobody else could, will fail to stop....

Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives.

Thanos is here.


On the planet Titan, Thanos is born to famed architect A'Lars, and Sui-San, who goes mad upon his birth when she sees his skin is purple, considered the color of Death amongst the Titan populace. A’Lars has her committed to a psychoasylum for her and his son’s safety. Thanos exhibits genius level intellect and development from a young age, but faces prejudice due to his unusual skin color, which he attempts to explain away as a simple mutation amongst his DNA. After an incident at school leads Thanos to being taught at home, A’Lars bribes the family of a boy named Sintaa for their son to be his friend. The two develop a close relationship.

Years later, Sintaa takes Thanos to a club to socialize. There, he meets a girl named Gwinth, whom he had previously met in his brief time at public school. Gwinth displays no prejudice or disdain to Thanos’s appearance, stating purple is in fact her favorite color and dismissing the other Titans as following age-old superstitions about it representing death. Thanos, inspired by his first kiss with Gwinth, decides to visit his mother at the pshycoasylum, where she is being attended to by synthetic lifeforms designed by his father to keep him from seeing her. Thanos dupes a synthetic into allowing him to see Sui-San, but she is horrified by his sudden appearance, and a heartbroken and dejected Thanos returns home. He is promptly confronted by and argues with A’Lars for deliberately keeping his mother away from him.

Thanos begins noticing signs of overpopulation and environmental instability on Titan. Upon further research, Thanos realizes Titan’s population is doomed to extinction. Attempting to share his findings with his father, A’Lars refuses to listen, believing he is sharing in the same madness and paranoia as his mother. Pondering a solution, Thanos determines the only way to save his people is to eliminate 50% of the planet’s population. He develops a painless form of euthanasia and broadcasts a message about Titan’s impending doom and his solution to all of Titan. Rather than recognition and immediate action however, Thanos’s message is greeted with uproar and riots that result in the deaths and suicides of 12,000 Titans. Thanos is rejected by Gwinth and Sintaa, and his father dubs him “The Mad Titan” after what he had previously dubbed his mother, and has him exiled from Titan.

Sent away aboard a ship known as the Exile-1, Thanos hacks the autopilot and renames the ship Sanctuary, before setting a course for the Kree homeworld of Hala to plead his cause. Forced to reroute all vital systems to the engines to make the trip, including life support, Thanos falls into a coma, eventually awakening on a run-down wheelship dubbed the Golden Berth, having been picked up after drifting into the Raven’s Sweep. There he meets and befriends Cha Rhaigor, who, along with Thanos, had been picked up and sentenced to ‘indentured servitude’ for His Lordship, the ship’s captain. Thanos eventually gains His Lordship’s trust by repairing the ship’s engines, earning him a spot in his inner circle. He also learns His Lordship was once the tyrannical ruler of the planet Kilyan before he was exiled by his people, and plans to return with an army to retake his rightful throne. Thanos later finds out His Lordship had lied, as Kilyan had actually been destroyed by Neutron Bombs a long time ago, and that he is actually searching for an Asgardian artifact he can use to revive the planet.

Thanos leads a mutiny against His Lordship with help from Cha and Kebbi, a reptilian woman who was born and raised on the Golden Berth. Rechristening the ship Sanctuary, Thanos leads the ship and its crew through a Kalamis’ Gate into space controlled by the Nova Empire, where he sells the ship and has the refugees taken to Nova Colony-7 to live real lives. Purchasing a small space yacht, which he also names Sanctuary, Thanos, Cha and Kebbi travel to an Asgardian outpost near Alfheim in search of the artifact His Lordship was searching for, hoping to use it to save Titan. There, they defeat the outpost’s guardian Vathlauss, whom Thanos tortures into telling them about the artifact, the Aether, also known as the Infinity Stone. Intercepting an arriving ship, Thanos, Cha and Kebbi just barely defeat a trio of Asgardian warriors before boarding the ship, hoping to take it to Asgard to steal the stone from Odin's Vault. They are attacked, however, by powerful female warrior Yrsa, who kills Kebbi, damages the ship beyond repair and greatly injures Thanos before being killed herself. The ship crash lands on a mysterious planet where Thanos and Cha are tended to by the native race, the Chitauri.

Cha informs Thanos the Chitauri operate on a hive mind, with the exception of their leader, The Other. The Other offers to assemble an army for Thanos to enforce his will upon Titan in exchange for helping the Chitauri find a better world to call home than the frigid and desolate one they inhabit. Thanos agrees to the terms and begins combat training. One day Cha intercepts an intergalactic transmission and reluctantly informs Thanos that his fears have come true, Titan has undergone an environmental and population-based disaster. Hoping to find survivors on his homeworld, Thanos and Cha take a Chitauri Leviathan to a Kree Rimworld and purchase a freighter that they configure into a medical and rescue vessel, once again dubbing it Sanctuary.

Arriving at Titan, now a quarantine zone, Thanos descends into the now-ruined and desolate world he once called home to search for survivors. He finds a synthetic recreation of his father, who informs him that there are no survivors, but that before he died, A’Lars realized Thanos had been right and collected DNA of who he dubs ‘the best’ of Titan’s populace and stored them in a ‘Gene Library’ for the day Thanos would return, so he could then revive the Titans on a new world. Instead Thanos, enraged by his fathers continued attempts to absolve himself of any responsibility in his son’s troubled upbringing and his part in Titan’s downfall, destroys the synth and the Gene Library, yelling how they could have lived had they listened to him. Returning to his ship, Thanos locks himself away in his quarters for several months, spending his time eating, exercising, and thinking, much to Cha’s concern, before finally reemerging and resolving to retrieve his army from the Chitauri.

Thanos, Cha, and The Chitauri head to the planet Fenilop-XI, a world in a similar environmental crisis to Titan. Thanos sends The Other to negotiate with the Fenilop King and offer his solution of a 50% culling, hoping that without his people’s prejudice against his appearance, another race will be more accepting of his ways. Once again, Thanos’s solution is rejected and, despite Cha’s protests, he orders the Chitauri to invade and eliminate the planet’s population to grant them a merciful end rather than a drawn-out and painful one. Thanos attempts to negotiate with the planets Denegar and Vishalaya, only to be once again rejected and thus invade and destroy their populations, also coming to possess a massive warship which he definitively names the Sanctuary, while rechristening his medical frigate as the Mercy. Eventually Thanos’s reputation as a fearsome warlord begins to spread across the cosmos. Thanos begins his crusade to grant mercy to as many worlds as he can, along the way recruiting Ebony Maw, Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight and Cull Obsidian to his cause, creating what would come to be known as the Black Order.

Upon reaching the planet Zen-Whoberi, Thanos decides to instead only kill half the planet’s population to set an example for how his method can work, and heads down to view the destruction himself. There, he witnesses a young Zehoberei girl named Gamora attempt to save her mother and attack one of the Chitauri soldiers. Admiring her bravery, Thanos decides to adopt her as his daughter, training her to be his potential successor should his goal not come to fruition before his passing. Cha warns that Gamora could one day decide to betray Thanos, who decides to find her a sibling she can focus on instead. He adopts Nebula from one of the worlds the Black Order invaded, and frequently pits her and Gamora against each other in combat so they will be more focused on besting each other than teaming up and overthrowing him. Noticing Nebula struggling often against Gamore, Thanos begins replacing parts of her with machinery.

Thanos, in his research, deduces that not just individual planets, but the entire universe, is finite and will eventually run out of resources in a hundred billion years or so. Deciding that future generations shouldn’t suffer for the current generation, Thanos becomes determined to find a way to more efficiently wipe out half of all life in an instant, rather than continue going planet-by-planet. The Other suggests seeking out the Lorespeaker, a mysterious prophet living in a destroyed star system in the KelDim Sorrow. Cha, finally having grown disillusioned with Thanos’s genocidal mission, urges him to change his ways. Thanos reluctantly snaps his friends neck and throws him out the airlock for challenging him.

Thanos discovers the Lorespeaker on a barren moon, who displays clairvoyant-like knowledge of everything around him. The lorespeaker reveals to him the origins of the Infinity Stones and their different properties, before revealing he holds the Mind Stone, which he carries in a Scepter, and uses it’s power to place Thanos under his physical control. The Lorespeaker explains how he was left behind in the barren system by his cousins who feared his power, and how he intends to possess Thanos so he can bring him more and more lifeforms to possess, eventually controlling the entire universe. Before he can begin however, he is foiled by the untimely arrivel of Nebula and Gamora, who decapitate him.

Thanos takes the Scepter back to his ship, along with the Lorespeaker’s head as a trophy. He announces his ultimate plan to obtain all six Infinity Stones to bring balance to the entire universe. Thanos than states that, unlike the Asgardians, he will become a true god.




  • Titan
  • Sanctuary
  • Vormir
  • Raven’s Sweep
  • Gate Space
  • Nova Colony-7
  • Western Arm
  • Chitauri Homeworld
  • Kree Rimworld
  • Fenilop-XI
  • Denegar
  • Vishalaya
  • Zen-Whoberi, Silicon System
  • KelDim Sorrow
  • Morag
  • Hyperion (mentioned)
  • Hala (mentioned)
  • Arthrosian Cluster (mentioned)
  • Sirius System (mentioned)
  • Kilyan (mentioned)
  • Xandar (mentioned)
  • Asgard (mentioned)
  • Willit’s Star (mentioned)
  • Venus (mentioned)
  • Alfheim (mentioned)
  • Jotunheim (mentioned)
  • Muspelheim (mentioned)
  • Ceti Prime (mentioned)
  • Ceti Beta (mentioned)
  • Mazar (mentioned)
  • Earth (mentioned)
  • Mistifir (mentioned)


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