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"I thought by eliminating half of life, the other half would thrive. But you've shown me that's impossible. And as long as there are those that remember what was, there will always be those that are unable to accept what can be. They will resist."
―Thanos to the Avengers[src]

Thanos was a genocidal warlord from Titan, whose main objective was to bring stability to the universe, as he believed its massive population would inevitably use up the universe's entire supply of resources and perish. To complete this goal, Thanos set about hunting down all the Infinity Stones, as the combined efforts might wipe out half the universe, being aided by the Black Order, composed of his adopted children. However, the arrival of time-traveling Avengers from 2023 alerted him about the events of the Infinity War and how it would end. By capturing Nebula, he managed to use reverse-engineered technology to venture to the future and lay siege on the Avengers, as he had just decided to instead wipe out the entire universe and replace it out of revenge for their efforts to stop him. However, Thanos had been just too late to stop the victims of the Snap from being resurrected as thousands of heroes returned to stop him. Despite all of Thanos' best efforts, he was unable to claim victory as Tony Stark used the Infinity Stones to eliminate the Chitauri, Outriders and Thanos himself, finally ending his reign.


Early Life

Quest for the Stones

"In all my years of conquest, violence, slaughter, it was never personal."
―Thanos to Captain America[src]

Thanos' home planet, Titan, was ravaged by poverty and suffering with overpopulation. Thanos suggested that they solve this crisis by randomly killing fifty percent of the planet's population so that the other half could thrive, having twice as many resources as they did before. The Titans called him a madman for his suggestion, but eventually, all Titans except Thanos would perish.

Believing the Titans could have been saved if they had only listened to him, Thanos became obsessed with achieving balance in the universe, and would start his quest to wipe out fifty percent of all living creatures. Though Thanos set about accomplishing this by individually slaughtering the people of each planet, he would also hunt for the Infinity Stones, knowing that their almighty power could be used to accomplish his goal with the snap of his fingers.[5] However, his initial attempt to claim the Space Stone was halted by the Avengers, whom he regarded as "unruly wretches".[2]

Time Heist

Seeing into the Future

Thanos finishes his slaughter of a species

"They're not trying to stop something I'm going to do in our time. They're trying to undo something I've already done in theirs."
"The Stones..."
"I found them all. I won. Tipped the cosmic scales to balance."
―Thanos and Gamora[src]

In an alternate 2014, Nebula and Gamora were informed by Thanos that he had found an Infinity Stone. Once they arrived inside the Sanctuary II, Thanos transported into the ship after going through a killing spree on Korbin with his Double-Edged Sword. Thanos noted to his daughters that Ronan the Accuser had located the Power Stone and will be dispatching them to his ship. Despite knowing Ronan wouldn't like that, Thanos told his daughter that his alternative was death and that his obsession clouds his judgment.

Thanos sees Nebula's system malfunction

Once Nebula had bowed down to her father and noted that she'll never fail his mission, Thanos was pleased and told her that he knew she wouldn't. Suddenly, Nebula's mind was then rewired with her future self, revealing her intentions of taking the Power Stone before Thanos could. As Thanos grew suspicious, he then confronted Nebula and began to caress her chin with his Double-Edged Sword while threatening her for going behind his back.

Thanos orders Ebony Maw to check Nebula

Knowing something was wrong with Nebula's head, Thanos prompted Gamora to bring her to his ship. Thanos then called for Ebony Maw on his ship and told him to run diagnostics on Nebula's memory file. Maw noted to Thanos that Nebula's file was entangled with another one and her memories aren't actually from her, but from another Nebula from the future. Thanos told Maw that idea is impossible but was further informed that her future self carries a timestamp, being nine years later.

Thanos witnesses the Avengers' Time Heist

Thanos then told Maw to access Nebula's memory files, asking they could find any Infinity Stones. After Maw had accessed Nebula's memory files in the future, Thanos watched the Avengers planning where they were heading and told Maw to stop the video. After realizing who they are, Thanos told Maw to amplify a reflection of Nebula, knowing she was part of the team. Thanos ordered Maw to scan more memories from the future, wanting to see more.

Thanos witnesses his future-self's success

Meanwhile, on Morag, War Machine time-traveled back to 2023 with the Power Stone, but 2023 Nebula remained behind as her memories were still overloading. While 2014 Nebula had finally accessed her memory files from the future, Thanos observed his alternate future self, explaining that he destroyed the Infinity Stones by using them and was almost killed by it. Smiling at the prospect of his future once his future self announced that he is inevitable, Thanos then realized that the Avengers weren't trying to stop something he is doing in their timeline but stopping something that his future self has done in their timeline.

Thanos expresses his own future victory

After reviewing the Avengers' ambush on his future self, Thanos noted to Gamora that he had already won his quest in collecting the Stones and executing his plan to balance the universe. After Gamora bowed down before her father, Maw noted that this was Thanos' future, while he claimed that it was his destiny. Continuing the review, after Thanos' future self had voiced his last regret of being too harsh on Nebula, the current Thanos soon witnessed his beheading at the hands of Thor, which the warlord calmly commented that his destiny was fulfilled.

Thanos decides to give Nebula one chance

While Maw attempted to strangle the past Nebula with his powers for her impending betrayal in the future, Thanos listened to her call for mercy, claiming that it wasn't her. Thanos broke Nebula free from her restraints on her neck and noted that he understands it was not her. Holding up her chin, Thanos explained to Nebula that she will have the chance to prove herself to him. Using this information to accomplish his goal, Thanos captured 2023 Nebula on Morag while he sent 2014 Nebula to interrogate her once she was brought aboard his ship.

Thanos given the Pym Particles by Nebula

Once Nebula had retrieved the Pym Particles that were used to go back in time, Thanos was introduced to it on his throne. Looking at the Pym Particle that he was given, he was then told that Nebula would impersonate her future self and recover the Infinity Stones. While 2014 Nebula time-traveled to the future, Thanos assigned Gamora to watch over her future adoptive sister.[2] To be able to follow Nebula through time as well, Thanos had Ebony Maw use his sorcery to reverse-engineer the Pym Particles so that there would be enough for his fleet to use to time-travel into the future.[6]

Attack on the Avengers Facility

Thanos arrives on Earth after time traveling

"You could not live with your own failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me."
―Thanos to the Avengers[src]

By the time the past Nebula arrived on Earth in 2023, the Nano Gauntlet had been constructed by the Avengers, with Hulk using it to reverse the effects of the Snap, thus bringing back all those who had died originally at the end of the Infinity War. However, past Nebula used the time machine to transport Thanos and his fleet from 2014 to the present day.

Thanos tells Nebula to look for the Stones

With the Sanctuary II, Thanos obliterated the Avengers Compound, thus trapping Hulk, War Machine and Rocket Raccoon under the rubble to drown before Ant-Man came to rescue them. After destroying the Avengers Compound, Thanos transported himself into the ground to try and relocate his position of the plan. Upon leaving his ship, Thanos was approached by Nebula, who earned Thanos' praise for bringing him and their armies over to the present. Thanos then sent Nebula to find the Infinity Stones while he waited, intending to lure the Avengers to him.

Thanos is confronted by the few Avengers

After waiting for a while and sitting on a pile of rubble, Thanos was soon spotted by Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man, who emerged from the destruction of their compound. As he played with a rock, Thanos was confronted by the three Avengers and told them that they could not live with their failure, and thus it brought them back to him. Thanos further noted that he had always wanted to take out half of all life in the universe, so the other half could flourish without the danger of overpopulation.

Thanos awaiting the arrival of the Avengers

Due to their relentless efforts to stop him, Thanos had now realized that his plan was wrong all along since the survivors would never be able to stop remembering the victims, which would, in turn, prevent them from thriving and lead to resistance. Now knowing what he needed to do to prevent this, Thanos announced that upon taking the Infinity Stones, he would use them to destroy the entire universe only to then reconstruct it with new life so that the new populace would never know about the previous universe, and be grateful for the life they were given.[2]

Battle of Earth

Thanos prepares to kill all of the Avengers

"I'll tell you now, what I'm about to do to your stubborn, annoying little planet... I'm gonna enjoy it. Very, very much."
―Thanos to Captain America[src]

Upon hearing his plans, Captain America told Thanos that his universe would be born out of blood, but Thanos retorted that the new populace of the universe would never know of this because he would make sure that he killed all the Avengers. Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America, in complete disgust and fury over Thanos' new goals, immediately attacked Thanos, but despite fighting all three of the most powerful Avengers, Thanos proved to be too much even for their combined might as he swiftly repelled all of their assaults.

Thanos blocks Iron Man's energy blasts

While fighting Captain America in close combat, Iron Man blasted his repulsors from the help of Thor, causing Thanos to use his Double-Edged Sword to deflect it. Thanos pushed forward with his Double-Edged Sword and grew closer to him as possible. Once he confronted Iron Man's repulsor blast, Thanos broke himself out of the situation and seeing Thor throwing Mjølnir, Thanos lifted Iron Man and had him receive the blow, effectively knocking out Iron Man.

Thanos furiously battling against Thor

With Iron Man defeated, Thanos was kicked by Captain America in the face and responded with a powerful punch that threw him through stones and away from the battle while he was protecting himself with his Shield. After knocking away Captain America, Thanos used his Double-Edged Sword to throw it at Thor, only for him to slide on the ground to dodge it. Catching his Double-Edged Sword back, Thanos blocked Thor's attack, only to lose his weapon once Thor took it away by Stormbreaker.

Thanos viciously attempts to kill off Thor

Thanos dodged Thor's swing with his weapon and broke his defense, knocking Stormbreaker from his grasp and punching Thor in the face and pinning him against a wall. Punching Thor in the face again, Thanos threw the Asgardian across the field and proceeded to pummel him. Thor attempted to summon Stormbreaker, but Thanos caught it in midair and tried to stab him with it. Intent on killing Thor, Thanos used his superior strength to steadily push Stormbreaker into Thor's chest as Thor's resistance quickly became ineffective.

Thanos is attacked by Captain America

Before Thanos could kill Thor, he is knocked away by Captain America, who had proven himself worthy to summon Mjølnir. Thanos promptly kicked Thor unconscious before facing Captain America and took a beating from a hit to the face by Mjølnir. Thanos then got up from the ground only to be hit by Mjølnir once it was deflected by Captain America's Shield. Thanos then exchanged blows only to be hit by Captain America's attacks and even by his Shield with the use of Mjølnir. Thanos was then blasted by lighting and pinned on the ground, causing a second wave of attack.

Thanos fighting against Captain America

After dodging a lighting strike from Mjølnir, Thanos quickly recovered, slammed Captain America off the ground, and took off his helmet that was badly damaged from his beating. Thanos continued to use his Double-Edged Sword to attack Captain America, cutting a part of his leg and disarming him by removing his ability to use the hammer. Thanos grabbed his Double-Edged Sword and viciously attacked Captain America. With his immeasurable strength, Thanos quickly broke Captain America's Shield, shearing off parts of it with each blow, before knocking him down and finally defeating him with a harsh swing from his sword.[2]

Avengers Reassembled

Thanos vows to destroy the known universe

"You took everything from me."
"I don't even know who you are."
Scarlet Witch and Thanos[src]

While Captain America was on the ground, Thanos told him that in all his years of conquest, violence, and slaughter, it was never personal while he destroyed half the population of each planet, but due to the relentless efforts of the Avengers to interfere with his plans, Thanos confessed that he personally plans to enjoy razing the Earth out of spite against the Avengers. Just as Thanos' army of Outriders, Chitauri, Sakaarans, and the Black Order arrived on the planet, he witnessed Captain America getting up and planning to take them on.

Thanos leading his army to attack in battle

However, while Thanos proclaimed his new intentions, he was unaware that 2014 Nebula had recovered the Nano Gauntlet from Hawkeye, only to be killed by her future self. On the battlefield, the Avengers discovered all of their resurrected allies, including the deceased Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Wakandans, the Ravagers, the Masters of the Mystic Arts, and the Einherjar had come to aid them on the battle for the fate of the universe against Thanos' entire force. Thanos watched tensely as all of his opposers came to challenge him and when Captain America commanded them to assemble, Thanos responded by raising his sword to command his army, starting the battle.

Thanos sees Hawkeye running in the battle

As his forces and the Avengers battled fiercely to a stalemate, both viciously struggling for supremacy, Thanos remained unchallenged as he used his Double-Edged Sword both as a boomerang and a melee weapon, swiftly killing a Master of the Mystic Arts after the sword returned to his hand. With his side having sustained several losses, including Cull Obsidian, and fighting alongside Corvus Glaive and Ebony Maw, Thanos inquired Nebula's whereabouts but was told she wasn't responding on her intercom before being alerted to the Nano Gauntlet's location by Maw.

Thanos is challenged by Wanda Maximoff

Thanos pursued Hawkeye until he passed the Gauntlet to Black Panther. During the battle, Thanos threw his Double-Edged Sword at Black Panther, in an attempt to take the Gauntlet away from him, managing to knock him down. Before he could get to Black Panther, Thanos was halted by Wanda Maximoff, who told him that he took everything from her. Not knowing what his future self did to Vision, Thanos callously, yet veraciously, said he did not even know her and proceeded to cut down a couple of large rubble thrown against him through Maximoff's telekinetic powers but was soon knocked down by Maximoff's rapidly fired energy blasts and disarmed.

Thanos attempting to kill Wanda Maximoff

Enduring her attacks, Thanos picked up his Double-Edged Sword and began countering, deflecting her energy blasts and exchanging blows in close-combat. Though Thanos gained the upper hand with his superior skill, nearly pushing his sword through her. Maximoff, in her anger towards him, managed to repel the attack and proceeded to overpower the Titan, telekinetically slicing his sword in half. Thanos was then picked by Maximoff's grasp, having his armor be slowly chipped away.

Thanos tells Corvus Glaive to rain down fire

Suffering from great pain from all of Maximoff's energy powers, Thanos ordered Corvus Glaive to rain fire from the Sanctuary II out of pressure from his situation, to which Glaive told Thanos that their troops' lives will be at stake. Despite Glaive's protest, Thanos yelled at him to do it, letting on a barrage of their laser cannons from their war-craft to shoot down. Knocking back Maximoff from her attack, the airstrike was successful in keeping her and the rest of his opposition at bay.

Thanos witnesses Captain Marvel's power

The airstrike was suddenly stopped due to interference in the sky, resulting in the warship aiming and firing its laser cannons up at the sky. In a huge streak of light, Captain Marvel arrived from space and destroyed the Sanctuary II with little effort, as a bewildered Thanos looked upon the destruction in shock. As Captain Marvel began to send the Infinity Stones back into the Quantum Tunnel, Thanos confronted her for an attack.

Thanos manages to destroy the time portal

Thanos was halted due to the efforts of Pepper Potts, Shuri, and Wasp, allowing Captain Marvel to move right past Thanos toward the van. In a last-ditch effort to stop them, Thanos threw his sword at the time machine, causing it to explode right before Captain Marvel could send the stones back. In the ensuing explosion, Thanos raced to get the Nano Gauntlet after Captain Marvel dropped it. Iron Man intervened, but Thanos easily tossed him aside.

Thanos fighting Thor and Captain America

Thanos was once again prevented from getting the Nano Gauntlet, as Thor attacked him with brute force. After fending off his assault, Thanos grabbed Thor when he attempted to grab the Gauntlet and stopped his attempt to decapitate him with Stormbreaker only for Thor to summon Mjølnir and add it along with Stormbreaker, causing Thanos to struggle as they grappled with all their strength. As Thanos held his foe at a standstill despite only using one hand, Captain America joined in to push Stormbreaker into Thanos' throat, but Thanos, using his free hand, knocked Thor's weapon down, headbutted Thor, and punched Captain America, knocking both of them out.

Thanos is overpowered by Captain Marvel

Grabbing on the Nano Gauntlet, Thanos was attacked by Captain Marvel, being punched in the face twice. Thanos then tossed her aside before putting on the Nano Gauntlet. As he was about to perform the snap, however, he was restrained by Captain Marvel, who grabbed the gauntlet. As it soon became clear he wasn't overpowering her, Thanos attempted to headbutt Captain Marvel but the attack did little effect and Thanos was soon forced on his knees as Captain Marvel attempted to take off the Gauntlet. Overpowered, Thanos was forced to pull out the Power Stone, giving him enough strength to punch Captain Marvel out of the battlefield.[2]

Erased by the Stones

Thanos snaps his fingers with the Gauntlet

"I am... inevitable."
"And I... am... Iron Man."
―Thanos and Iron Man[src]

Placing the Power Stone back in the Nano Gauntlet, Thanos prepared to snap once more. Though Iron Man intervened and tried to prevent him from repeating the Snap, Thanos was able to knock Iron Man aside and once again put on the Nano Gauntlet on his right hand. Declaring himself to be inevitable with an evil smile, Thanos snapped his fingers with the intent on destroying the entire universe and replacing it with a new one.

Thanos realizes the Infinity Stones are gone

However, after Thanos snapped his fingers with the Nano Gauntlet, he suddenly realized it did not affect anything because the Infinity Stones had been removed from his hand and had been transferred to Iron Man's Mark LXXXV armor. Confused and horrified, Thanos watched as Iron Man, with all the Stones on his armored hand, snapped his fingers this time.

Thanos sees his armies die in front of him

Rather than destroying the universe, which was what Thanos desired, it instead caused all of Thanos' forces, including the Black Order, Chitauri, Sakaarans, and the Outriders, excluding Gamora and Nebula, to be killed by turning them into dust, albeit at the cost of Iron Man's life. Thanos looked upon his adoptive children and his alien army dying in front of his eyes, leading to him to look at Captain America one last time, much to his horror and sadness.

Thanos accepts his fate as he turns to dust

Realizing that his fate had already been sealed and that this time, there was no chance of escaping it, Thanos stood silently before sitting on the ground and watched the sunset solemnly after his allies vanished before his eyes, accepting his death with dignity before he faded away into nothingness. In his last moments, Thanos, and his armies, suffered the same demise his victims endured in the original Timeline five years earlier, thus bringing his threat to an end once and for all.[2]


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"I'm thankful because now I know what I must do. I will shred this universe, down to its last atom. And then, with the Stones you have collected for me, create a new one. Teeming with life, that knows not what it has lost, but what it has been given. A grateful universe."
―Thanos to Avengers[src]

When Thanos first saw what would become of his future self, he simply saw it as destiny and was mostly unfazed by the recording of his death. However, upon learning that the Avengers had traveled back in time to undo the decimation, Thanos became very dissatisfied that the surviving population was ungrateful to his deeds, ignoring the fact that the true reason behind that is because they were unable to move on without their loved ones that he murdered. Because of this, Thanos decided to change his plan into destroying the universe and rebuilding it from scratch so that the new universe will be grateful for his actions. Thanos himself claimed that when it came to the planets he conquered and slaughtered, it was never "personal," but due to the Avengers and Earth's heroes constantly frustrating his plans, he viewed the Avengers as "unruly wretches" for daring to challenge him and by extension, he came to see Earth as "stubborn and annoying" and that he would enjoy tearing Earth apart.

Having not gone through the same experience of losing his children and learning empathy for his foes, this Thanos was far more arrogant and callous, as seen by his dismissing Scarlet Witch's condemnation of him taking everything from him as he did not know her and was also willing to sacrifice his forces just to shake her off while also showing no regard for Cull Obsidian's death, and boasting that he would inevitably accomplish his goal. He also retained his propensity for delegation, having Nebula bring the Nano Gauntlet to him which was in contrast to retrieving the Stones himself. It was this lack of development that led to his downfall and allowed Iron Man to outsmart and defeat him, as Thanos had consistently dismissed all of Earth's defenders as beneath him. However, he ultimately failed to see how much like how his other self had carefully planned, and it was due to the Avengers rushing to stop him that the sides had now changed; it was the Avengers who were prepared this time, and Thanos was now the one who was rushing to stop them. Although visibly distraught, upon seeing the sunrise, Thanos was at least able to find some solace that he could enjoy it without being hindered and died somberly, all while accepting his defeat and fate with dignity.

Powers and Abilities


  • Titan Physiology: As a Titan, Thanos naturally possesses stronger attributes than the normal Human. Titans have tougher skin, more strength, durability, speed, agility, stamina, and reflexes. In addition, his physiology comes with increased healing and a longer lifespan.
    • Superhuman Strength:

      Thanos overpowering Thor

      Thanos managed to display incalculable levels of superhuman strength, being capable of lifting, moving or exerting millions of tons of force. While fighting against Thor, Iron Man and Captain America, Thanos was able to kick Thor with enough force to break a concrete stone, throw Rogers away and easily lift Iron Man to block an oncoming strike Mjølnir. He effortlessly threw Thor against a group of stones, hit him repeatedly with enough force to make him bleed, and steadily overpowered Thor in a grapple with Stormbreaker, only being stopped from killing him by Captain America wielding and throwing Mjølnir at him. Once Captain America had stopped bombarding him from ranged attacks with the hammer, Thanos was able to easily slam him to the ground with enough force to hurt him and disarm him of the hammer with a single blow and even proved capable of using his Double-Edged Sword to break Captain America's nigh-indestructible shield with mere brute force, a testament of his titanic strength. Thanos was also able to easily break a Master of the Mystic Arts' Tao Mandalas with a single attack from his sword, cut through the immense amounts of debris launched by Scarlet Witch with a single strike, and briefly push her telekinetic defenses back before being eventually repelled and disarmed and launch his sword towards the quantum tunnel of Luis' van with enough velocity and force to destroy it before Captain Marvel could reach it. Thanos also instantly overpowered Iron Man in their struggle, punching him hard enough to temporarily incapacitate him firmly prevented Thor from using Stormbreaker against him with one hand while the Asgardian was using both hands and then held his attempts to decapitate him at bay when he used both Mjølnir and Stormbreaker still with just a single hand and eventually, by using both hands upon Captain America interfering to further drive Stormbreaker closer to his neck, he was able to stop Thor and knock him out with a headbutt before freeing himself from Rogers' grip and knocking out Captain America with a single punch when they tried to prevent him from taking the Nano Gauntlet. Thanos' strength also allowed him to fight with a fully-powered Captain Marvel, one of the most powerful beings in the universe, throwing the Kree-Human hybrid across the battlefield and managing to hold her off when she was using both hands for a while during their grapple for the Nano Gauntlet but was ultimately overpowered by her, with even a headbutt direct to her face having little effect, forcing him to use the Power Stone to defeat her.
    • Superhuman Durability:

      Thanos withstanding Power Stone's energy

      The Titan had tougher skin, which gave him tremendous levels of superhuman resilience and durability. Indeed, he is capable of easily handling the Infinity Stones without being harmed, notably able to hold without any strain the Power Stone in his hand, especially impressively suffering no harm from touching the Power Stone considering that it destroys almost anything organic that touches it and despite causing him some pain. Thanos waved off blows from the Mjølnir wielding Captain America and a full-powered Captain Marvel on two separate confrontations and also managed to survive being viciously attacked by an enraged Scarlet Witch long enough to order his forces to rain fire on the battlefield to stop her and take the combined blasts of Shuri's Vibranium Gauntlets, Wasp's blasters, and Pepper Potts's repulsors and swiftly recover to throw his sword to stop Captain Marvel.
    • Superhuman Speed: Thanos could move at superhuman speed, despite what his giant stature would suggest. He was able to punish the coordinated assault of Thor, Captain America and Iron Man with successful attacks that launched them several feet away, easily punch Captain America through stones, after being kicked by him, disarm Thor of Stormbreaker moments after he too was disarmed of his sword and pummel him after tossing him aside twice before he could recover and swiftly overwhelm Captain America armed with both Mjølnir and his shield in close combat, breaking through his guard and stabbing him in the leg and disarming him of the hammer before completely forcing Rogers into the defensive and soon tossing him aside after breaking his shield. Thanos was also able to move fast enough to throw his broken sword towards Luis' Van before Captain Marvel could reach it, despite Danvers flying at top speed and being much nearer to the van than him. He was also able to move faster towards the Nano Gauntlet than Iron Man despite Iron Man being closer, forcing Iron Man to tackle him instead, and swiftly stop Thor from reaching the Gauntlet despite having been pushed back by his onslaught just moments before.
    • Superhuman Agility: In addition to speed, Thanos also had more agility than a Human. He able to easily overcome the attacks of fast enemies like Thor and Captain America.
    • Superhuman Stamina: During the Battle of Earth, 2014 Thanos single-handedly fought against Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America as well as the rest of his opposers without any sign of fatigue and was only stopped by Iron Man's use of the Infinity Stones to wipe both him and his army out of existence.
    • Superhuman Reflexes:

      Thanos deflecting Iron Man's energy blasts

      Similar to his speed and agility, he had tremendous reflexes as he was able to dodge the attack from Thor who tried to aim for Thanos' head while fighting Iron Man, Captain America and Thor at the same time, blocking Iron Man's repulsor blast in close range and avoiding a swift lightning-empowered blow from Captain America wielding Mjølnir despite being knocked to the ground from the previous assaults. He could also catch Captain Marvel's hand before she could grab the Nano Gauntlet.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: As a Titan, Thanos had the ability to heal at a faster rate than normal beings. He was able to recover from each of the wounds inflicted upon him during the Battle of Earth, especially the ones inflicted by Wanda Maximoff and Captain America during their brief duels.
    • Longevity: It is known by all who fear him that Thanos has been alive for thousands of years by the time of the Battle of Earth during the 21st century. It would've taken him an incredibly long time to perish naturally.

Former Powers

  • Energy Manipulation: Thanos briefly used the Power Stone in order to overpower Captain Marvel during their brief duel. He was also able to charge his fist with the energy of the Stone and hit her with enough force to knock her away.


  • Genius-Level Intellect: Thanos is considered a genius among the universe, being feared by everyone for not only his physical abilities, but his intelligence and will to do what he has to. When reviewing Nebula's memory hard drive, he quickly pointed out that the Avengers were in her memories and he was even able to scout out a reflection of Nebula, which led him to the conclusion that there are two different Nebula's from two different times. He also concluded from this that he completed his Mission. When 2014 Nebula got the Pym Particles from 2023 Nebula, Thanos knew exactly what they were and was able to help Ebony Maw replicate the formula to send his ship and troops into the future.
  • Master Tactician: Thanos was master at making strategies and plans. This helped him conquer many worlds like Korbin. Thanos displayed an aptitude for quickly forming strategies amid combat, as he swiftly came up with a plan to have Nebula impersonate her future self from 2023 and infiltrate the Avengers Compound, providing a target for the Sanctuary II. He also instantly devised a plan to subdue the Scarlet Witch after getting overpowered by her by having his armies fire at both himself and her, successfully freeing himself, used his sword to destroy Luis' van to compensate his inability to get to Captain Marvel fast enough to prevent her from escaping, and when briefly overtaken by Captain Marvel, Thanos was able to tactically remove the Power Stone from the Gauntlet to use it against her, finally besting her. Thanos won all but one of the 14,000,605 outcomes of the Infinity War foreseen by Doctor Strange.
  • Master Combatant:

    Thanos fighting against the three Avengers

    Thanos was extremely skilled at fighting. He mainly used his Double-Edged Sword in battle to defeat his opponents. Along with that, he also used pure brute force and strategy to beat the enemy. Thanos' supreme combat skills supplemented by his physical prowess enable him to overpower even the strongest opponents. His extraordinary fighting skills alone made him nigh-unstoppable, as without the Infinity Gauntlet, he was able to easily overcome Thor, Captain America and Iron Man at the same time armed only with his sword, easily knocking off their initial attempts before defeating Iron Man and Captain America without any effort and effortlessly overcoming Thor with Stormbreaker quickly even after he had been disarmed of his sword. Although initially outmatched by Captain America using Mjølnir, Thanos was soon able to turn the tides against him by forcing him back and disarming him of the hammer, which resulted in Thanos to eventually overpower the Mjølnir-wielding Captain America. He later managed to simply fend off Thor, who was using both Mjølnir and Stormbreaker, as well as swiftly and effortlessly break free of Captain America's attempts to restrain him while also forcing back Thor.
  • Sword Mastery:

    Thanos fighting Thor with his sword

    Thanos was extremely skilled in using his Double-Edged Sword in combat, capable of easily fighting off coordinated assaults from Thor, Captain America and Iron Man, with him having been able to block Iron Man's repulsors when it was powered by Thor's lightning while simultaneously overcoming it and block an attack from Thor using Stormbreaker after just having thrown it and failed to hit him, although he got disarmed, as well as quickly overwhelm Captain America armed with both Mjølnir and his shield and stab his leg before entirely dominating him and destroying his shield. Thanos also was able to face Wanda Maximoff with it, having managed to easily cut through the projectiles she launched at him as well as block her energy shots and nearly managed to defeat her, pushing down on her with his sword, thereby forcing her to use her powers to disarm him. Thanos was also able to throw it with such skill as to achieve a boomerang-like effect. His precision was enough to be able to hit and knock down Black Panther when the latter was moving at super speeds as well as explode Luis' van to prevent Captain Marvel from escaping with the gauntlet.



  • Double-Edged Sword:

    Thanos' bloody sword

    Thanos used this sword as his primary weapon when he did not yet have the Infinity Gauntlet. It was extremely durable, being able to cut through vibranium like Captain America's Shield, but was ultimately sheared in half by Scarlet Witch.
  • Stormbreaker: When Thor called Stormbreaker to his hand, Thanos was able to catch it before it reached Thor, and then used it to almost kill him.
  • Nano Gauntlet: A version of the Infinity Gauntlet created by Bruce Banner, Tony Stark and Rocket initially used to reverse the effects of the Snap. Nearing the end of the Battle of Earth, Thanos wore the damaged Gauntlet and attempted to use it to enact his final plan, although he was intercepted by Captain Marvel. The replica Gauntlet proved to be just as useful as its Dwarven counterpart, being able to hold off Captain Marvel for a while before having to use the Power Stone to attack her. After a brief scuffle with Stark, Thanos boastfully attempted to use the Gauntlet, yet nothing happened as Stark was able to assimilate the Infinity Stones into his own armor. With Stark's will, Thanos turned to dust, with him still wearing the replica Gauntlet.
    • Power Stone: Thanos was able to charge his fist with the energy of the Power Stone and hit Captain Marvel with enough force to knock her away.

Other Equipment

  • Battle Armor: Thanos utilized a Golden Armor during his days of conquest. He wore the armor while engaging the Avengers in 2023, where it was destroyed in the ensuing battle and his ultimate defeat.




  • Black Order - Adoptive Children and Subordinates
  • Gamora - Adoptive Daughter and Former Subordinate
  • Nebula † - Adoptive Daughter and Subordinate
  • Nebula - Alternate Adoptive Daughter and Former Prisoner




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