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Thanos' Armor is a battle suit that was used by Thanos while invading planets in his quest to kill half of the universe.


Thanos' Conquests

Thanos commanding his entire Chitauri army

While invading Gamora's home planet, Zen-Whoberi, Thanos wore the armor to protect himself on the battlefield.

Later, during the Attack on the Statesman, Thanos used the armor again, while fighting against Thor and later against Hulk. He finally retired the armor once he acquired the Space Stone.


After completing his grand goal, Thanos began utilizing his armor in a more peaceful manner, using it as a makeshift scarecrow near his house on the Garden.[1] After the surviving Avengers ambushed and killed Thanos, they presumably left the armor behind.

Battle of Earth

Thanos wearing his armor during battle

When Nebula and War Machine traveled back in time to 2014, a younger Thanos, still utilizing his armor, caught wind of their plot to gather the Infinity Stones in the past to undo the Snap and used their own technology to travel to 2023 to stop them.

Thanos continued to wear his armor during the ensuing battle with the Avengers, but its helmet was destroyed when Captain America had struck him with Mjølnir, and it later sustained heavy damage when Scarlet Witch attempted to crush it along with its wearer using her powers. In the end, the armor was disintegrated along with Thanos when Iron Man used the Infinity Stones to destroy the alien army.[2]


Thanos' Armor was created from a strong metal. It is exceptionally durable, being able to even withstand extremely powerful blows from the Hulk.[1] However, it does have its limits, as Scarlet Witch was able to badly damage it using her powers and it was destroyed along with its wearer by the Infinity Stones.[2]


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