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"Show them the true might of the U.S. military."
―Thaddeus Ross[src]

Lieutenant General Thaddeus E. Ross is a high-ranking United States Air Force officer.


American-Wakandan War

"They want a war, so that's what we'll give 'em. Put the Liberator Drones into production."
"Okay, hold on. That'll require a multi-billion-dollar allocation. The board will need to be consulted."
"The Patriot Act should cover the red tape. The U.S. military is hereby seizing control of all Stark Industries assets."
―Thaddeus Ross and Pepper Potts[src]

In the wake of the unstable political climate between the United States of America and Wakanda, Thaddeus Ross found out that Tony Stark was murdered at his mansion, with the Vibranium Spear as a murder weapon. Ross initially assumed that Stark was assassinated by Wakandans as a retribution for the death of their prince which was corroborated by Erik Stevens. Ross considered Wakanda's move a declaration of war, so he initiated the Patriot Act and seized Stark Industries' manufacturing assets, despite Pepper Potts' protests.

Ross ordered Stark Industries to put the Stark Liberator Drones in a mass production, using vibranium supplies purchased from Ulysses Klaue, and deploy them to Wakanda. Killmonger escorted the drones to the Wakandan border, while Ross and the military were coordinating drones from the command center in Nevada. However, once the drones went beyond Wakanda's protective barrier, the drones' signal was disrupted before they were destroyed by Wakandan army and Killmonger who took their side. Ross then ordered the military to prepare a full-scale attack on Wakanda, using the Jericho missiles, to take down the country once and for all.[1]


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"You must be joking."
"No one has ever accused me of being funny, Miss Potts."
Pepper Potts and Thaddeus Ross[src]

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  • This version of Thaddeus Ross is depicted as the Air Force officer, unlike his other counterparts who are in the US Army.


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