"It turns well, everyone but me and now you, into bloodthirsty monsters. I call them Terrors."
Ivan Hess to Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen[src]

Terrors are persons infected by the Darkforce-Lightforce explosion caused by the collapse of the Roxxon Gulf Platform. These individuals exhibit superhuman abilities but possess feral behavior, making them very hostile to other people. Normal people can also become Terrors through direct contact with other Terrors.


Roxxon Corporation had planted an oil rig in New Orleans when they had found out there was a supernatural power source within the city. They implemented various pipe valves in New Orleans as well that connected to the rig. Prior to the rig's explosion, parts of the facility became faulty and some of the energy was contacted by some of the workers there. Soon, most of the crew turned into Terrors, aggressively attacking those who had not been infected. Eventually though, all the Terrors perished in the subsequent explosion of the oil rig.[1][2]


Eight years later, the pipe valves across New Orleans began to emit the mysterious energy once more, turning ordinary people into an even wider population of Terrors across the city who began to terrorize innocent civilians. One Terror broke into the New Orleans Police Department Station, triggering an intense confrontation between the Terrors and the NOPD. Mina Hess was also turned into a Terror when a swarm of them attacked both her and Tandy Bowen.

Eventually, Peter Scarborough revealed that the valves were connected to one energy compartment building, where all the power is coming from. The superhero duo, Cloak and Dagger, went to the building, absorbed all the energy inside, and dispersed it into the sky, seemingly ending the flock of Terrors.[3]

Characteristic Traits

Upon being infected with the unstable combination of Lightforce and Darkforce, or being touched by someone who was infected this way, Terrors are mentally corrupted by an intense fear, which has physiological repercussions in their bodies, placing them in a state of uncontrollable aggression. The resulting bloodlust can cause the Terrors to instantly attack anyone nearby. Terrors appear to be able to recognize each other and will not attack each other, instead sometimes teaming up to find more victims.

During the Outbreak in New Orleans, the Terrors spread like an epidemic, infecting other people upon simple skin contact, which nearly caused the city of New Orleans to consume itself.

Notable Terrors


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