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"Alien mist that turned me into a walking natural disaster."

Terrigen Mist is a gaseous substance produced by Terrigen Crystals. When an Inhuman is exposed to the mist, they undergo Terrigenesis, developing superhuman powers. During the War Against the Inhumans, Daisy Johnson pushed a Quinjet containing a cache of Terrigen Crystals into the ocean, resulting in Earth's water systems becoming polluted with Terrigen Mist, sparking the Inhuman Outbreak.


"Break the crystals and release the Mist. Either they're Inhuman, or they're dead."

The Kree used Terrigen Crystals, and the mist they produced, to awaken the latent gene in their Inhuman subjects, activating the genetic mutation known as Terrigenesis, allowing them to access their abilities.[2][3]

The crystals were kept inside Diviners that would only open to the touch of Inhumans, and were fatal to any unaltered humans.

When the Diviner opened to reveal the Terrigen Crystals inside, the Terrigen Mist filled the temple of the Kree City and surrounded Raina, Skye, and Antoine Triplett, who watched as the women were seemingly petrified upon exposure to the Mist. Triplett kicked the crystals, causing them to shatter. When the Mist cleared, Skye shattered her cocoon along with Raina.[3]


Jiaying killing Robert Gonzales with the mist

Artificial Terrigen Crystals were created by scientists on the order of Jiaying, so that if the Diviners were lost or destroyed, the Inhumans would not go extinct. Terrigen mist surrounded Robert Gonzales when Jiaying used an artificial terrigen crystal to kill him during her Ambush in Afterlife. [4]

During the War Against the Inhumans, Jiaying had a team of Inhumans led by Gordon hijack the S.H.I.E.L.D. Aircraft Carrier, which sent out a distress beacon. In order to convince Anne Weaver to broaden the beacon to set a trap for S.H.I.E.L.D., Jiaying broke a Terrigen Crystal in a sealed room containing Agent Oliver and two other colleagues; Oliver and his colleagues choked on Terrigen Mist as their bodies turned to stone.


Andrew Garner being hit by Jiaying's trap mist

Skye used her vibrating powers to send a Quinjet filled with Terrigen Crystals into the ocean. At the ocean's bottom, Terrigen Mist mixed with the ecosystem, including a shoal of fish, who were caught and turned into Nature Max Supplements Fish Oil pills that were distributed worldwide.[5]

With Jiaying dead, Phil Coulson recovered her records from Afterlife and sent them to Andrew Garner to study them. As Garner opened one book, Terrigen Mist hidden in the book as a booby trap enveloped him and he underwent Terrigenesis.[6]

Hive wanted to control JT James, so ordered Daisy Johnson to break a terrigen crystal in his cabin. The terrigen mist appeared and James surrounded him.[7]

Iridia terrigenesis

Iridia is exposed to the mist in Attilan

In Attilan, the secret city of the Inhumans on the Moon, a Terrigenesis ceremony for two members of society, Iridia and Bronaja, where they were exposed to Terrigen Mist to reveal their Inhuman powers, was attended by Black Bolt and other members of the Inhuman Royal Family.[8]

Anton Ivanov sent Tucker Shockley to Ellen Nadeer with a Terrigen Crystal to check if she was an Inhuman. As Shockley broke the Crystal, the mist turned Shockley into an Inhuman.[9]

By 2026, S.A.B.E.R. created a database file on Kamala Khan, also known as the hero of New Jersey. They believed her to have obtained her powers after being exposed to the Terrigen Mist.[1][10]

Alternate Universes[]

Destroyed Earth[]


Flint is exposed to the mist

In an alternate universe, every teenager living at the Lighthouse reaching the age of eighteen would be subject to Terrigen Mist. Inhumans presenting high potential abilities like Abby could then be sold as destructive weapons.[11] Flint was also exposed to the mist.[12]


"Blackagar Boltagon. Keeper of the Terrigen Mist."
Baron Mordo to Doctor Strange[src]

On Earth-838, the Inhuman King Blackagar Boltagon was responsible for guarding the Terrigen Mist.[13]


"It's bizarre, the extra macromolecules. Raina's DNA is the same. The mist triggered something inside them, something waiting to be activated."
Jemma Simmons to Bobbi Morse[src]

The mist is released by Terrigen Crystals and has no effect on any humans who are exposed to it. However, whenever the mist is exposed to latent Inhumans with the dormant genetic potential, the Inhumans begin to undergo Terrigenesis. The mist forms a rocky "cocoon" which envelops the subject and shields them from the outside world, allowing them to transform physically or manifest their powers.[3]

However, when the Afterlife Inhumans began artificially producing Terrigen Crystals in order to preserve their heritage, the scientists were unable to separate the metal of the Diviner from the crystals. As a result, the altered mist was lethal to humans due to their incompatible genetic patterns. This modified mist would still induce Terrigenesis in potential Inhumans, but upon contact with humans, the Diviner metal would slowly petrify and gruesomely kill them.[4]


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