For the real Terrigen Crystals, see Terrigen Crystals

Terrigen Crystals are virtual recreations of the real-world crystals of the same name inside the Framework.


"Subject is Jason Rajan of Deanwood. We believe he's funneling Terrigen to subversives."
Melinda May[src]

The Terrigen Crystals were a recreation of the real world crystals, with the same aspect and effects of triggering Terrigenesis in potential Inhumans. However, due to the Framework world being a global anti-Inhumans dictatorship harshly ruled by HYDRA, the Terrigen Crystals were an illegal merchandise which HYDRA sought to confiscate. As such, Vijay Nadeer was arrested out of suspicion of smuggling Terrigen Crystals.[1]

The Terrigen Crystals taken by HYDRA were kept in the Triskelion. One crystal was stolen by Melinda May when she returned from a mission in which the Patriot, the leader of the S.H.I.E.L.D. resistance, had saved her by giving his own life. May sneaked the crystal into the cell of Daisy Johnson, who was imprisoned in the Triskelion. She then shattered the crystal, causing Johnson's Terrigenesis to manifest so that she could reclaim her powers and escape from the Triskelion.[2]

Like the rest of the Framework, the Terrigen Crystals were deleted when Aida initiated the shutdown of the whole program.[3]


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