"When you break into a place called "the Temple of the Power Stone" there's usually a bunch of booby traps, but hey, whatever, go ahead."
War Machine to Nebula[src]

The Temple Vault, also known as the Temple of the Power Stone is an ancient structure hidden deep beneath the sea level in the planet Morag. Every 300 years the vault is made accessible. It is here that the Orb was located.


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Quest for the Orb

Battle of Morag

Temple Vault 1

Peter Quill entering the Temple Vault

When Star-Lord entered the Temple Vault, he obtained the Orb, but was immediately surrounded by Korath the Pursuer and two others. After identifying himself, Star-Lord ducked as Korath fired upon him, destroying a temple wall. Star-Lord activated his helmet and quickly exited the Temple Vault with Korath and his men in pursuit.

Inside the vault is a mural depicting the four creators of the Infinity Stones: Eternity, Infinity, Entropy, and Death.[1]

Time Heist

Theft of the Power Stone


War Machine and Nebula arrive at the Temple Vault

Years after the Quest for the Orb, the Avengers initiated the Time Heist, travelling to various moments in time to retrieve the Infinity Stones so as to reverse the Snap. War Machine and Nebula were dispatched to Morag in 2014 shortly before the Battle of Morag to retrieve the Orb, containing the Power Stone, which was located inside the Temple Vault. After having rendered Peter Quill unconscious and stolen the Infinity Stone, War Machine returned to the present. However, Nebula, whose consciousness was linked to 2014 Nebula, remained on Morag, and attempted to inform Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton about the situation, only for Thanos and his army to abduct her from the Temple Vault moments later.[2]



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