Generates a citizenship name with a flag thumbnail based on the input code.

Code Gives
AFG Flag of Afghanistan Afghan
ALB Flag of Albania Albanian
DZA Flag of Algeria Algerian
AGO Flag of Angola Angolan
ARG Flag of Argentina Argentine
ARM Flag of Armenia Armenian
AUS Flag of Australia Australian
AUT Flag of Austria Austrian
BHR Flag of Bahrain Bahraini
BLR Flag of Belarus Belarusian
BEL Flag of Belgium Belgian
BIH Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnian Herzegovinian
BRA Flag of Brazil Brazilian
BGR Flag of Bulgaria Bulgarian
MMR Flag of Myanmar Burmese
KHM Flag of Cambodia Cambodian
CAN Flag of Canada Canadian
CYM Flag of Cayman Islands Caymanian
CHN Flag of China Chinese
COL Flag of Colombia Colombian
COG Flag of DRC Congolese
HRV Flag of Croatia Croatian
CUB Flag of Cuba Cuban
CZE1 Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovak
CZE2 Flag of Czech Republic Czech
DNK Flag of Denmark Danish
EGY Flag of Egypt Egyptian
ENG Flag of England English
FJI Flag of Fiji Fijian
FRA Flag of France French
PYF Flag of French Polynesia French Polynesian
GEO Flag of Georgia Georgian
NAZ Flag of Nazi Germany Country Nazi German
DEU Flag of Germany German
GRC Flag of Greece Greek
GRL Flag of Greenland Greenlander
GTM Flag of Guatemala Guatemalan
GUY Flag of Guyana Guyanese
HTI Flag of Haiti Haitian
HUN Flag of Hungary Hungarian
IND Flag of India Indian
IDN Flag of Indonesia Indonesian
IRN Flag of Iran Iranian
IRQ Flag of Iraq Iraqi
IRL Flag of Ireland Irish
ITA Flag of Italy Italian
CIV Flag of Ivory Coast Ivorian
JAM Flag of Jamaica Jamaican
JPN Flag of Japan Japanese
JOR Flag of Jordan Jordanian
KAZ Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakh
KWT Flag of Kuwait Kuwaiti
LBY Flag of Libya Libyan
LTU Flag of Lithuania Lithuanian
MDG Flag of Madagascar Malagasy
MLT Flag of Malta Maltese
MEX Flag of Mexico Mexican
MCO Flag of Monaco Monégasque
MNG Flag of Mongolia Mongolian
MAR Flag of Morocco Moroccan
NPL Flag of Nepal Nepalese
NLD Flag of the Netherlands Dutch
NGA Flag of Nigeria Nigerian
PRK Flag of North Korea North Korean
NIRL Flag of Northern Ireland Northern Irish
NOR Flag of Norway Norwegian
PAK Flag of Pakistan Pakistani
PAN Flag of Panama Panamanian
PER Flag of Peru Peruvian
POL Flag of Poland Polish
PRT Flag of Portugal Portuguese
PRI Flag of Puerto Rico Puerto Rican
ROU Flag of Romania Romanian
RUS Flag of Russia Russian
RWA Flag of Rwanda Rwandan
SAU Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi
SCO Flag of Scotland Scottish
SRB Flag of Serbia Serbian
SYC Flag of Seychelles Seychellois
SLE Flag of Sierra Leone Sierra Leonean
SGP Flag of Singapore Singaporean
SKV Flag of Sokovia Sokovian
SLB Flag of Solomon Islands Solomon Islander
ZAF Flag of South Africa South African
KOR Flag of South Korea South Korean
OST Flag of South Ossetia South Ossetian
SOV Flag of the Soviet Union Soviet
ESP Flag of Spain Spanish
LKA Flag of Sri Lanka Sri Lankan
SDN Flag of Sudan Sudanese
SWE Flag of Sweden Swedish
CHE Flag of Switzerland Swiss
SYR Flag of Syria Syrian
TWN Flag of the Republic of China Taiwanese
TZA Flag of Tanzania Tanzanian
THA Flag of Thailand Thai
TUR Flag of Turkey Turkish
UGA Flag of Uganda Ugandan
UKR Flag of Ukraine Ukranian
ARE Flag of United Arab Emirates Emirati
BRT Flag of United Kingdom British
USA Flag of United States of America American
WKD Flag of Wakanda Wakandan
YEM Flag of Yemen Yemeni
ASG1 Triqueta Asgardian
ASG2 Valknut Asgardian
SVT Dark Elves Svartálfar
NOV Nova Corps Nova Imperial
KRE Kree Symbol2 Kree Imperial
SAK Sakaaran
ATL Atillan Icon Attilan
KUN K'un-Lunan

Based on the Nationality Template from DCEU Wikia.

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