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"This is Taweret, goddess of women and children."
"And she's guiding us through our journey to the afterlife."
Steven Grant and Marc Spector[src]

Taweret is an Ennead and the Egyptian Goddess of Women and Children.


Member of the Ennead

"Taweret. The hippo, Goddess Taweret."
Steven Grant[src]

Taweret, along with the rest of the Ennead, was worshiped as a goddess by ancient Egyptians. However, as years went on, she went into hiding when humans stopped believing in the Ennead.[3]


Meeting Marc Spector and Steven Grant

"It's been a minute since we've had a soul pass through here. Bit distracted... Excuse me. A-ha! Okay, here we go. Welcome, gentle traveler... Travelers... to the realm of the Duat."
―Taweret to Marc Spector and Steven Grant[src]

Taweret meeting Marc Spector and Steven Grant

Once being notified of new people entering the afterlife, Taweret went to meet them and found herself inside the Putnam Psychiatric Hospital, which she found to be an odd place as a memory. She then met Marc Spector and Steven Grant and happily greeted them, but they screamed from fear.[4][2]

Guide to the Field of Reeds

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Aiding Marc Spector

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Taking an Avatar

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"Just a second ago, I thought I'd been shot to death."
"Oh, gosh! This will really bake your noodle, but I think you were just taking a little time-out. I'm afraid you're actually quite dead."
Marc Spector and Taweret[src]

Taweret is a very friendly and eager Goddess. She is usually polite to those she encounters and displays a sunny and optimistic disposition to those who pass on. Despite having existed for, presumably, thousands of years, she can be quite absent-minded and slightly ill-prepared at her job. This is especially evident when she manages to successfully pull Marc and Steven's hearts harmlessly from their chests and compliments herself on the fact that she did not "blow [their] chest wide open". Taweret was also visibly saddened when their scales failed to align; mournfully telling them that she was rooting for them. Like Khonshu, Taweret is shown to care for humanity, choosing to defy Osiris to give Marc and Steven a chance to save the world.

Taweret's absent-mindedness not only manifests in performing her own duties but in even more serious moments. Both times she discussed making Layla her avatar, Taweret was distracted talking about her conversations with Layla's loved ones (her ex-husband Marc and her father). Taweret was unbothered by the danger Layla was in as the tomb collapsed around her, though this may have been because Taweret could presumably heal any damage Layla sustained.

Unlike most of the Ennead, Taweret is not particularly proud nor vindictive. She didn't seem bothered by Layla's initial refusal to be her avatar and was later ecstatic when Layla was forced to change her mind to save herself. Taweret easily accepted Layla's insistence of only being a temporary avatar, simply excited at the prospect of having "fun" with her avatar and giving Layla a "fabulous costume."

Powers and Abilities


  • Ennead Physiology: To be added[6]
    • Immortality: Like all Enneads, Taweret is an immortal god, who can live for centuries without aging or losing power. She can only die through having a majority of her bodily molecules dispersed.
    • Soul Manipulation:

      Taweret extracting hearts

      As the Goddess with the duty to take care of the afterlife, Taweret has the power to manipulate souls in the Duat. This was prevalently seen when she used her powers to take out the heart of Marc Spector and Steven Grant while they were on the descent of their afterlife.
    • Remote Possession: Taweret is able to take direct control of her avatar's body when needed. She did this several times during her conversation with Layla while they were discussing Layla's being Taweret's avatar. Taweret is also able to manifest in dead bodies to converse with others.
    • Power Bestowal: Like all Enneads, Taweret is able to choose a human to act as her avatar, endowing Layla with a portion of her godly powers to act as Taweret's hands in the mortal world.


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  • In Egyptian mythology, Taweret protected mothers and mothers-to-be as she was also the Goddess of childbirth and fertility. While she is accurately portrayed as a hippopotamus, most artistic depictions additionally feature her with lion paws, a crocodile tail and, fittingly, a large pregnant belly. In Moon Knight, she guides people into the afterlife. However, this is typically the job of Anubis.
  • Taweret is the only Egyptian God introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who has not been adapted from the comics.

Behind the scenes

  • Moon Knight head writer Jeremy Slater was obsessed with wanting to include the character after seeing a picture of her in a series of Egyptology based images and references used during the writer's room.[7]
  • Antonia Salib not only voiced Taweret, she also physically portrayed her. However, unlike typical motion-capture characters who wear a grey suit, Salib wore the actual costume of the character with platform shoes and a pole on her back to indicate her height.[8]


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