"You know, it's kind of hard to trust someone when you don't know who that someone really is."
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"Say hello to Tatyana, comrade!"
Titanium Man to Iron Man[src]

Tatyana was a laser tower created by A.I.M..


"You know, the last Tatyana I knew..."
"Don't wanna hear it, Tony."
Iron Man and Pepper Potts[src]

Iron Man travelled to Russia to drive A.I.M. forces out of a nuclear facility in Russia and destroy any Stark Industries weapons in their possession. During his battle against the Titanium Man, Tatyana was deployed and began shooting at him. The laser tower was protected by a radioactive shield which J.A.R.V.I.S. warned Stark would kill him if he attempted to pass through it.

Stark flew around the base and destroyed three power centers (telling Pepper Potts to call Danny Rand and tell him he would be able to make their scheduled golf game), lowering Tatyana's shield. Bullski then aimed Tatyana at the nuclear reactor, intending to destroy the entire base. Stark destroyed Tatyana and prevented a meltdown.[1]


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