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"You're the one what killed those men by leading them down the wrong path. Because you're weak and stupid! It's time for the Ravagers to rise once again to glory with a new captain: Taserface!"
―Taserface to Yondu Udonta[src]

Taserface was a Ravager mercenary and a lieutenant in the Yondu Ravager Clan. In 2014, following Yondu Udonta's exile established by Stakar Ogord, Taserface led a mutiny against Udonta, claiming he was not a suitable Ravager captain. Taserface, allying with Nebula had the Ravagers loyal to Udonta executed, and imprisoned Udonta, Kraglin Obfonteri and Guardians Rocket Raccoon and Groot in the brig of the Eclector. When they made their escape, Taserface relayed an emergency message to the Sovereign in tipping off their location, before he was killed in the Eclector’s destruction.


Christmas Presents[]

One December, Peter Quill wrapped a present for Taserface whilst trying to re-create Christmas, although the gift was thrown away by Yondu Udonta before Taserface could unwrap it.[2]

Ravager Mutiny[]

Gaining Ravager Support[]

Taserface drink

Taserface enacts his rebellious plans

"Pathetic. First Quill betrays us and Yondu just lets him go, scot-free. Now he's getting all riled over nothing. We followed him 'cause he was the one wasn't afraid to do what needed to be done. Seems like he's going soft."
"If he's so soft, why you whispering for?"
"You know I'm right, Kraglin."
"You best watch what you say about the Cap'n, Taserface..."
―Taserface, Kraglin Obfonteri, and Tullk[src]

Taserface, along with Yondu Udonta faction of Ravagers, went to the Iron Lotus to relax. Taserface watched as Stakar Ogord reminded Udonta of the reasons behind his and his clan's exile. Right as Stakar left, Ayesha arrived to hire Udonta and his faction to hunt down the Guardians of the Galaxy who had stolen Anulax Batteries from them. Udonta took the job.

Meanwhile, Taserface was sitting with Retch and Kraglin Obfonteri, discussing that Udonta was becoming soft and began planning a mutiny against him.[1]

Attack on Berhert[]

GotGV2 HD Stills 8

Taserface betrays Yondu Udonta

"No matter how many times Quill betrays you, you protect him like none of the rest of us much matter. I'm the one what sticks up for you."
"Damn straight, lad, he's gone soft. Suppose it's time for a change in leadership."
Kraglin Obfonteri and Taserface[src]

The Ravagers managed to track down the Milano to Berhert. After Rocket Raccoon managed to take down many of the Ravagers with his booby traps, Yondu Udonta got the upper hand on him with his Yaka Arrow. When Udonta decided to just take the batteries instead of bringing in Rocket, Taserface turned on Udonta, saying he has gone soft. The Ravagers then turned on each other and were about to engage in a fight when Nebula shot Udonta in the head, destroying his Yaka Arrow Controller and knocking him out.[1]

Torture of Yondu Udonta[]

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol

Taserface celebrates his victory

"I've waited a long time for this... What?"
"Sorry, I'm so sorry, I just keep imagining you waking up in the morning, looking in the mirror and in all seriousness to yourself saying 'You know what would be a really kick-ass name? Taserface!'"
―Taserface and Rocket Raccoon[src]

Taserface and his newly loyal Ravagers then took Yondu Udonta along with Rocket Raccoon and Groot back to the Eclector in order to collect the bounty that the Kree Empire had placed on Udonta and then the Sovereign to collect Rocket and Groot's bounty. Any Ravager members that had sided with Udonta, including Tullk and Oblo, were executed by being released into space.

Taserface threat

Taserface is mocked by Rocket Raccoon

Udonta, being subdued, watched as Taserface took control of the Ravagers and beat him up, claiming that his poor leadership was what led to his friends' deaths. When Rocket heard Taserface's name, he broke out laughing, telling him how ridiculous his name was, causing even Gef and the other Ravagers to mock him. Before he could kill Rocket, Nebula intervened, pointing out there was more profit in delivering them alive, and that she wanted a cut of the take. Taserface put all three of them into a cell where he told Udonta he deserved everything that was happening to him as he broke the Ravager code.[1]

Escape from the Eclector[]


Taserface notices Yondu Udonta's arrow

"I am sending you the coordinates for Yondu's ship. I only ask one thing. That your High Priestess, tell him the name of the man what sealed his fate: Taserface!"
―Taserface to the Sovereign Chambermaid[src]

Taserface was sleeping in Yondu Udonta's quarters when Come a Little Bit Closer, playing from Peter Quill's Walkman, started blaring through the loudspeakers. Taserface quickly woke up and realized that Udonta had retrieved his Yaka Arrow Controller. He quickly warned the Ravagers and ordered them to find and kill Udonta and the Guardians of the Galaxy. As Taserface was walking through the Eclector’s halls, he ducked as Udonta's Yaka Arrow whizzed past him. He then grinned at a security camera while snarling that Udonta had missed when he sees that the arrow had struck a large pile of flammable materials, causing an explosion.


Taserface sends a message before his death

His body wracked by the explosion, Taserface crawled over to a monitor and called the Sovereign, telling a chambermaid, who was taking the call, the coordinates to Yondu Udonta and the Guardians of the Galaxy. He told her to inform Udonta that he was the one who tipped off the Sovereign and essentially sent him to his death. When he told them his name, however, the Sovereign just broke out laughing. Taserface could only resignedly groan in defeat as he listened to the Sovereign laughing at his name just before an explosion broke out, and destroyed the lower half of the Eclector, killing Taserface.[1]


"Your name is...It's Taserface?"
"That's right."
"Do you shoot tasers out of your face?"
"It's metaphorical!"
Rocket Raccoon and Taserface[src]

Taserface was among the more vicious Ravagers, a greedy and heartless pirate personified. He originally followed Yondu Udonta because he respected that Udonta was a powerful killer and thief. In Taserface's words; "he did what needed to be done."

Any indication of mercy or turning down great rewards was seen as weakness by Taserface. As Udonta loses the support of the other Ravager factions and turned down great rewards to protect his adopted son, Peter Quill, Taserface not only loses faith in his captain but sees him as a weakling to be overthrown. He believes highly in the Ravager code, overthrowing Udonta for "going soft". After the mutiny, Taserface makes it clear to Udonta that he had been coveting the power of captainhood for some time.

Taserface is a brutal individual, beating Udonta whilst he was restrained and helpless in front of him. He is quite dumb, as is shown when beating Udonta, as well as defending his nickname despite anyone recognizing how ridiculous it really is. In addition to being mathematically challenged and an incompetent captain (due to how easily Udonta escaped and thoroughly avenged himself), he had a bizarre soft spot for Baby Groot.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Superhuman Reflexes: Taserface was able to dodge and avoid Yondu Udonta's Yaka Arrow, a feat that none of the other Ravagers were able to do. However, Udonta had been aiming for the fuel tank behind Taserface, not Taserface himself.


  • Expert Thief: Taserface was a very good thief, being able to eventually start his own clan. Although it didn't last long.
  • Expert Tactician: Taserface was the leader of the rebellion that got almost every Ravager to overthrow Yondu Udonta and his supporters.







  • In the comics, Taserface is a warrior member of the Stark, a race who evolved thanks to Tony Stark's technology, that eventually lost his rank and name and adopted the alias of Overkill.

Behind the Scenes[]


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