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The Taser Rod is a stunning weapon used to subdue targets without using lethal force.


Used by the STRIKE

Hijacking of the Lemurian Star

"I'm gonna sweep the deck and find Batroc. Nat, you kill the engines and wait for instructions. Rumlow, you sweep aft, find the hostages, get them to the life-pods, get them out. Let's move."
Captain America to STRIKE[src]

Brock Rumlow knocks a pirate unconscious

Brock Rumlow was assigned as part of the STRIKE team tasked with retaking the ship Lemurian Star hijacked by a group of pirates led by Georges Batroc. Rumlow's mission was to rescue the hostages trapped in the ship, and he then used his Taser Rod to silently stun the pirate guarding the door to the kitchens of the ship, where the hostages were being held, who had included Jasper Sitwell, who were all rescued.[1]

Chase of Captain America

STRIKE prepares to ambush Steve Rogers

"Before we get started, does anyone want to get out?"
Captain America to STRIKE[src]

Rumlow and Jack Rollins were also armed with Taser Rods when they tried to capture Steve Rogers, labeled a S.H.I.E.L.D. fugitive by Alexander Pierce due to his possible knowledge of the things Nick Fury learned about the conspiracy within S.H.I.E.L.D. Rollins attacked Rogers with his Taser Rod inside an elevator of the Triskelion, but Rogers managed to evade the attack and disarm him.

Brock Rumlow fighting Captain America

An intense fight began, where Rogers evaded some of Rumlow's attacks with a Taser Rod that knocked other agents unconscious. Following an intense fight with about a dozen agents, only Rumlow and Rogers were standing. Rumlow, armed with Rollins' and his own Taser Rod, was able to hit Rogers with the rods a few times, but he was able to withstand its effects and defeated Rumlow throwing him up into the ceiling.[1]

Rescued by Maria Hill

Maria Hill electrocuting the HYDRA guard

Once Captain America had been captured, alongside Black Widow and Falcon, they were driven away by STRIKE, who intended to execute them. However, Maria Hill had managed to board the transport vehicle while posing as one of the STRIKE operatives, as Hill proceeded to use a Taser Rod to subdue the other guard inside the van, before revealing herself and using the Mouse Hole to escape from Brock Rumlow's men.[1]

Anti-Inhuman Movement

Kidnapping of Billy Koenig

Tucker Shockley electrocuting Billy Koenig

"Nothing you do is going to make me talk."
"That wasn't torture, that was a greeting."
Billy Koenig and Tucker Shockley[src]

In an attempt to take possession of the Darkhold so that Holden Radcliffe could study it, the Watchdogs targeted Sam and Billy Koenig, who were the last known holders of the Darkhold. Locating them at Al and Cam's Arcade, the Watchdogs got into a brief gunfight with the Koenigs, as Billy chased Leo Babikov and his accomplice out of the building, only for him to be struck in the back by Tucker Shockley with a Taser Rod, knocking Koenig unconscious as he was dragged in a van to be questioned by the Watchdogs.

Billy Koenig being threatened with torture

Koenig eventually awoke inside the Watchdogs Submarine, where he was tied down next to Radcliffe, who was pretending to be a fellow hostage of the Watchdogs in order to obtain information from Koenig. Since Koenig refused to be intimidated by the threats, Shockley took out his Taser Rod and held it to Koenig's face, warning that the Superior would be coming next to question Koenig, promising that the Superior would break him. However, Koenig insisted that he was still not intimidated, until Shockley left and he confessed that he was in agony.[2]

Rescue of Billy Koenig

Tucker Shockley striking Quake in the knee

"The Labyrinth is compromised, the deadliest tome in the world is in the hands of a mad scientist, who snuck out of the back door with cattle-prod man. I'm sorry, we let you down."
Billy Koenig to Phil Coulson[src]

The Watchdogs made a deal with S.H.I.E.L.D., in which they would hand Billy Koenig over, in exchange for the Darkhold. Meeting at the Labyrinth, Koenig was given back to S.H.I.E.L.D., once they had passed the Darkhold to the Watcher. However, a gunfight soon broke out, as Quake attacked the Watchdogs, only for Tucker Shockley to use his Taser Rod against Quake. During the chaos, Shockley and the Watchdogs escaped with the Darkhold.[2]

Kidnapping of Jeffrey Mace

The Superior has the Patriot electrocuted

"I see that you strong, but are you bulletproof?"
Superior to Patriot[src]

Having arranged an ambush by using Tucker Shockley to distract Quake, the Watchdogs had managed to entrap and surround the Patriot, their true target. With the Watchdogs surrounded him, armed with rifles and Taser Rods, the Patriot was greeted by the Superior, who explained that their true plan was to capture the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.. In a final effort to defend himself, the Patriot attempted to fight back, only for the Watchdogs to strike him with Taser Rods.[3]

Prison Guards

Controlling Alisa Jones

Alisa Jones is threatened by Dale Holiday

"You're gonna learn my rules, 46592."
Dale Holiday to Alisa Jones[src]

Once Alisa Jones had surrendered and was transferred to the Eastern Regional Detention Center, she was put under the watch of Officer Dale Holiday, who led his team of guards who were all armed with rifles and Taser Rods. However, when Jones and Holiday began to clash with each other over the food he was forcing her to eat, Jones threatened Holiday, who armed himself with his Taser Rod, only for Jones to rip it out of his hands, and break it in half, unaffected by the electricity, as she furiously threatened Holiday's life.[4]


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