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The Taser Rod is a stunning weapon used by Brock Rumlow and his STRIKE team to subdue targets without using lethal force.


Used by the STRIKE

Brock Rumlow was assigned as part of the STRIKE team tasked with retaking the ship Lemurian Star hijacked by a group of pirates led by Georges Batroc. Rumlow's mission was to rescue the hostages trapped in the ship, and he used his Taser Rod to silently stun the pirate guarding the door to the kitchens of the ship, where the hostages were being held.

Rumlow and Jack Rollins were also armed with Taser Rods when they tried to capture Steve Rogers, labeled a S.H.I.E.L.D. fugitive by Alexander Pierce due to his possible knowledge of the things Nick Fury learned about the conspiracy within S.H.I.E.L.D. Rollins attacked Rogers with his Taser Rod inside an elevator of the Triskelion, but Rogers managed to evade the attack and disarm him. An intense fight began, where Rogers evaded some of Rumlow's attacks with a Taser Rod that knocked other agents unconscious.

HYDRA agents ready to ambush Steve Rogers

Following an intense fight with about a dozen agents, only Rumlow and Rogers were standing. Rumlow, armed with Rollins' and his own Taser Rod, was able to hit Rogers with the rods a few times, but he was able to withstand its effects and defeated Rumlow throwing him to the ceiling and then back to the floor.

Maria Hill also used a Taser Rod while posing as one of the STRIKE operatives, using it to subdue the other guard inside the van where Rogers, Natasha Romanoff and Sam Wilson were being transported to be executed.[1]

Used by the Watchdogs

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