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"Those really do sting..."
Black Widow[src]

Taser Disks are small weapons that can render a target unconscious by releasing electrical discharges.


Infiltration into Hammer Industries Headquarters

Taser Disks used on the Hammer Industries security guards

The Taser Disks were incorporated as one of the features of the Black Widow's Bite, developed by S.H.I.E.L.D. for Natasha Romanoff. In 2010, Romanoff thew Disks at the security guards inside Hammer Industries Headquarters.[1]

HYDRA Uprising

Taser Disks used on the Winter Soldier

In 2014, during a fight in the streets of Washington, D.C., Natasha Romanoff managed to escape from the Winter Soldier by throwing a taser disk onto his prosthetic arm, causing it to short-circuit.

Natasha Romanoff uses a Taser Disk on herself

Later, while impersonating Councilwoman Pamela Hawley, Romanoff used another Disk on herself to disable the tag given to her by Alexander Pierce.[2]

Avengers Civil War

Taser Disks used on T'Challa

In 2016, Natasha Romanoff used her Disks on T'Challa in order to allow Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes escape.[3]

Time Heist

Taser Disks used on Clint Barton

In 2023, Natasha Romanoff brought her Taser Disks with her on the Time Heist and travelled the Quantum Realm to an alternate 2014 timeline. On the planet Vormir, Romanoff used her Disks in her efforts to stop Clint Barton from sacrificing himself to get the Soul Stone.[4]

Attack on Clint Barton

Taser Disks used on Maya Lopez

In late 2024, Yelena Belova used Taser Disks on Maya Lopez to subdue her, but Lopez managed to rip them off her jacket.[5]


  • Electrocution: Taser disks have the ability to electrocute the person it hits, similar to other of Black Widow's weapons.
  • Vast Distance: Taser disks can be thrown at a far rate
  • Widow's Bite Shooting: Taser disks can be shot by Widow's Bite



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