"Those really do sting..."
Black Widow[src]

Taser Disks are small weapons that can render a target unconscious by releasing electrical discharges.


When Agent Natasha Romanoff attempted to apprehend Ivan Vanko inside Hammer Industries Headquarters, she threw taser disks at the guards in the facility.[1]

The taser disks were incorporated as one of the features of the Black Widow's Bite, developed by S.H.I.E.L.D. for Romanoff, and during a fight in the streets of Washington D.C., she managed to escape from the Winter Soldier by throwing a taser disk onto his prosthetic arm, causing it to short-circuit.

While impersonating Councilwoman Hawley, Romanoff used another taser disk on herself to disable the tag given to her by Alexander Pierce which he was using to easily kill the members of the World Security Council if needed.[2]

Romanoff would employ her taser disks again during the Clash of the Avengers where she used them to hold back Black Panther, covering the escape of Captain America and the Winter Soldier via Quinjet.[3]



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