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Tasba[1] is a member of the Sakaaran Rebellion, who joined Korg and Miek on a slave revolt. Later, she participated at the battle against Hela and survived. She joined the Asgardians, Korg and Miek in their journey towards the Earth following the complete and utter Destruction of Asgard, only for the Statesman to be attacked by the Black Order, who promptly destroyed the spacecraft.


Sakaaran Rebellion

Finding herself on Sakaar, Tasba was forced by the Grandmaster to become one of his champions and fight at the Contest of Champions. While Tasba was casually waiting for the next fight, Sakaaran Guards brought Thor to gladiators' quarters where he talked with Korg about the Contest.

Eventually, Valkyrie stormed the gladiators' quarters and provided Korg with a weapon, initiating the Sakaaran Rebellion. Tasba fought alongside her fellow gladiators against the guards and they ultimately reached the Grandmaster's garage. Accepting Loki as their leader, Tasba and the other rebels seized the Statesman and flew it to Asgard.[2]

Battle of the Rainbow Bridge

The Statesman ultimately arrived near the Rainbow Bridge. Tasba got off the spacecraft with her fellow rebels and began attacking Hela's Berserkers so that the Asgardians could escape Hela's tyrannical rule. She survived the destruction of Asgard, along with the remaining Asgardians, who fled to Earth on the Statesman.[2]


  • Combatant: Tasba was forcefully apart of the Contest of Champions where he had to fight a competitor. This required a lot of skill as a combatant in order to survive, which also helped her to hold her own against the Berserkers at Asgard's Rainbow Bridge.


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