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"I am the firstborn Taryan, Master of the House Kasius."
―Taryan to Glenn Talbot[src]

Taryan Kasius is the master of the House of Kasius and a Kree representative within the extraterrestrial alliance known as the Confederacy. He is the future father of Faulnak and Kasius. During the Confederacy's dealings with HYDRA to exploit Earth's resources, Taryan met the gravitonium infused Glenn Talbot and manipulated him into mining the Earth's gravitonium. He also tried to obtain the Inhuman Quake, only for her to break free of his captivity.


Joining the Confederacy

"My father... who had better vision than his race who shunned him, called it a hidden blue gem. He and his entire Confederacy wanted it for their own."
Kasius to Tye[src]

Along with five other extraterrestrial species, Taryan became a member and co-leader of the Confederacy, an alliance meant to unify forces against more threatening enemies such as Thanos. Taryan was among the ones who struck a deal with HYDRA, demanding Inhumans and Gravitonium in exchange for the Confederacy's protection of Earth.[1]

Meeting Glenn Talbot

"Thanos and his forces have begun an assault on your world, even as we speak."
"Well then, I've gotta get down there with the Avengers and take on this Thanos."
"Thanos' strength is unrivaled. You will lose, even with your powerful friends fighting alongside you. Though perhaps... there might still be a way."
―Taryan and Glenn Talbot[src]

Taryan joined a Confederacy meeting summoned by Qovas so the Confederacy could meet Glenn Talbot, who had infused himself with the Gravitonium the Confederacy had asked from HYDRA. When Talbot asked who was leading the Confederacy, Taryan told him that Crixon was usually considered the wisest of the six members. He then watched as Talbot murdered Crixon by absorbing him into his body.

Taryan telling Glenn Talbot about Thanos

As the other members of the Confederacy left, Taryan remained in the meeting room with Qovas and Talbot. He expressed his admiration towards Talbot's abilities and introduced himself. Then, Taryan revealed that the Confederacy never intended to keep its part of the deal struck with HYDRA and that an attack on Earth led by Thanos was imminent. As Talbot decided to leave and fight Thanos with the Avengers, Taryan advised him against it, claiming that Thanos was too powerful even for Talbot. Taryan, Qovas and Talbot all agreed that Talbot had to absorb more Gravitonium to become more powerful.[1]

Discussion with Quake

Taryan meets with Quake in an Astralscope

"You've already lost all sense of how long you've been here, haven't you? I find that people outside of physical space, when they lose time, when they get hungry but they can't eat, when they get tired but they can't sleep, they break. So, I already know what your future holds."
―Taryan to Quake[src]

When Quake was captured by Glenn Talbot and the Remorath, she was intended to be delivered to Taryan. Using Astralscopes, Taryan and Quake met in a replica of the Confederacy meeting room, although Quake was unaware that she was actually still unconscious. Taryan expressed his intent to take Quake with him and promised that she would be able to unleash her full potential as a powerful Inhuman.

Taryan being unaffected by Quake's attacks

However, Quake refused to become Taryan's disciple, claiming that she knew his family all too well. Taryan attempted to convince her that they were the same person, outcasts used to being rejected by others, but Quake kept refusing to follow Taryan, prompting Taryan to decide to take her by force if necessary. In response, Quake attempted to attack Taryan with her powers, but Taryan explained that she was in an Astralscope simulation, and thus deprived of her powers.

Taryan explained that Quake would remain in the simulation as long as it would be required until she abandoned. However, he was surprised when Quake mentioned his two sons and claimed that she would break free. Taryan disbelieved her, but in the end she successfully regained consciousness, thus preventing Taryan from acquiring her.[2]


"I am from a long line of inventive thinkers. I have ideas, methods, which don't, shall we say, mesh with those of my breed."

Like many other Kree, Taryan considered his race as a superior one and often expressed arrogance and megalomania upon discussing with individuals he deemed inferior to himself.

However, Taryan considered himself to be quite different from other Kree. While the Kree usually resorted to violence and brutal strength, Taryan was more prone to use manipulation and illusions, much like he did with Quake who he trapped in an Astralscope simulation. Taryan recognized that his methods did not fit the usual Kree pattern and admitted that he felt like an outcast within his race because of this.

Despite the Kree despising humans, Taryan also had some form of obsession with Earth, which he called a "hidden blue gem".


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  • Astralscope: Taryan used the Astralscope in order to capture Quake and take her into the Kree's custody. However while Taryan was speaking with Quake within the virtual reality of the Astralscope, Quake was able to use her Inhuman powers to break the device and free herself.






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