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"We harness energy drawn from other dimensions of the Multiverse to cast spells, to conjure shields and weapons, to make magic."
Ancient One to Doctor Strange[src]

Tao Mandalas are protective shields used by the Masters of the Mystic Arts which were created through their magic.


Battle of New York

Ancient One throwing mandalas at Chitauri

During the Chitauri Invasion of 2012, in order to protect the Time Stone, the Ancient One defended the New York Sanctum from the invading Chitauri by creating mandalas and throwing them at the Chitauri Chariots that flew by, cutting through and destroying them.

Masters of the Mystic Arts

The Ancient One conjuring Mandalas

At Kamar-Taj, sorcerers of the Masters of the Mystic Arts are trained to harness the energies from other dimensions to cast spells, summoning weapons and shields to protect themselves. When Kaecilius and the Zealots stole a ritual from the Book of Cagliostro, the Ancient One cornered the rogue sorcerers in the Mirror Dimension, summoning mandalas that were able to fold into war fans as offensive weapons during the conflict. Following his arrival at the Masters' training grounds, Doctor Stephen Strange was given a demonstration of magic by the Ancient One, who summoned a large mandala from fiery dimensional energy.

Hamir summons a Tao Mandala

During his training, Strange struggled to channel magic and blamed his lack of progress on his damaged hands, prompting the Ancient One to summon Master Hamir, who conjured a mandala with ease despite his amputated left hand. As his training progressed, Strange was informed of the Masters' role in protecting Earth by Wong, who showed him a projection of the shields erected by the Sanctum Sanctorums around the world using the Orb of Agamotto.[1]

Attack on the Sanctums

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Doctor Strange faces off against the Zealots

After the Zealots' destruction of the London Sanctum blasted him through a portal to the New York Sanctum, Stephen Strange met with Daniel Drumm, who quickly went to investigate. Witnessing Drumm's execution by Kaecilius, Strange prepared to defend against the rogue sorcerers, conjuring an Eldritch Whip to attack before being overwhelmed, forcing him to retreat further into the Sanctum. When Kaecilius used the power of the Dark Dimension to prevent his escape, Strange prepared to face his attackers, summoning his Tao Mandalas to defend and deflect their attacks with Space Shards.[1]

Stakar Ogord's Team

Krugarr agrees to steal with Stakar Ogord

In the aftermath of the Battle on Ego's Planet, the Ravagers united to host a funeral for Yondu Udonta. Stakar Ogord, Udonta's former mentor, called a meeting with the members of their former team, now leaders of their own Clans. Orgord stated that though it took a tragedy to reunite with his team, he felt that Udonta would be proud that they were all together again. To celebrate their reunion, Orgord suggested they go out and start stealing things, with Krugarr, a Lem sorcerer, summoning mandalas shaped as thumbs to signify his approval.[2]

Infinity War

Doctor Strange and Wong prepare for battle

When the Black Order traveled to Earth to retrieve the last of the Infinity Stones, Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian were sent to secure the Time Stone from Doctor Strange in New York City. Strange, having been warned by Bruce Banner moments before their arrival, prepared to defend the Stone, placing a protective enchantment on the Eye of Agamotto before facing the Children of Thanos as he and Wong summoned their Tao Mandalas as Obsidian charged at them.

Strange blocks Drax the Destroyer's Knives

When Banner was unable to transform into the Hulk, Wong conjured a large wall-like barrier to protect them as Strange used a portal to send the Avenger to a nearby park. After rescuing Strange from Maw, Iron Man suggested they venture to Titan to confront Thanos before he could reach Earth. Reluctantly accepting, the two, along with Spider-Man, traveled to the warlord's home, and Strange erected a barrier to protect his allies as they crashed onto the planet's surface. After arriving, however, the group was set upon by the Guardians of the Galaxy, and Strange summoned a shield to block Drax the Destroyer's Knives before the two teams realized they were on the same side and concocted a plan to defeat Thanos together.

Doctor Strange prepares to battle Thanos

As Thanos arrived on his homeworld, Strange greeted him and summoned his Tao Mandalas moments before Iron Man rammed a large piece of debris into the Titan. However, that proved ineffective as a full-scale battle broke out, with Thanos using the power of the incomplete Infinity Gauntlet to swiftly take out his enemies. When Strange was the last combatant standing, he used a variety of spells to contend with the power of the Gauntlet, summoning a large mandala to transmute a singularity sent by Thanos into multitudes of butterflies.[3]

Battle of Earth

Wong protects his allies from Thanos' attack

Following the Avengers' reversal of the Snap, the Masters of the Mystic Arts joined the battle against an alternate version of Thanos and his army at the New Avengers Facility, summoning Tao Mandalas before Captain America gave the order to attack. When Thanos ordered the Sanctuary II to fire onto the battlefield, the Masters conjured several large Mandalas as barriers to protect themselves and their allies before Captain Marvel arrived and destroyed the vessel, allowing the heroes to continue the battle.[4]


  • In the comics, Doctor Strange used defensive spells, such as the Rings of Raggadorr, as well as the Shield of the Seraphim.


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