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"Hold onto all the lives we're saving. They matter... just as much as the ones we've lost."
―Tammy Hattley to Ray Nadeem[src]

Tammy Hattley is the former Special Agent in Charge of the FBI New York Crime Division who was forced by Wilson Fisk into helping his return to power. Hattley had used her position to put Ray Nadeem in charge of Fisk's transfer out of Ryker's Island and also gave Fisk all the resources to rebuild his own criminal empire. However, once Nadeem had attempted to expose Fisk, Hattley forced him to obey Fisk's orders as well, which eventually led to Nadeem betraying Fisk and exposing his control over the FBI agents, including Hattley, until she and everyone under Fisk's control were finally exposed and arrested for all their crimes.


Early Life

Father's White Lies

"My dad was a trucker. He mostly hauled chemical tankers. He'd bring 'em to the house overnight before heading out sometimes. And I'd have nightmares, thinking about what could happen."
―Tammy Hattley to Ray Nadeem[src]

As a child, Hattley lived with her father who worked as a trucker who mostly hauled chemical tankers. He sometimes brought barrels with chemicals in their house. Hattley had a nightmare while thinking about what could happen with those chemicals. Her father learned about Hattley's fears and showed her a decal on a barrel with the level of danger.

He always hauled level four chemicals, which he described as the safest kind of chemicals, easing Hattley's fears. Several years later, she learned that level four was the most lethal code and her father always hauled the most dangerous chemicals. It was there that Hattley began understanding the value of a white lie.[2]

FBI Agent

Struggles with Family

"I mean, I think the best thing to do is talk to him like a man. Tell him that the job I do is dangerous, but I–"
"My advice: don't. I tried that with my daughter. It freaked her out so bad, she wouldn't let me leave the house in the morning."
Ray Nadeem and Tammy Hattley[src]

Hattley joined the FBI as a field agent while raising daughter Allison Hattley. Because of the risks of her job, she tried to explain to her daughter that being an FBI agent was highly dangerous. However, Allison was completely terrified and did not let her mother leave the house, fearing for her life. Once, she laid across the door and cried until Hattley took the day off.[2]

Special Agent in Charge

Controlled by Kingpin

"I used to have two children, Ray. They made it look like a hit-and-run. I got a divorce. Maybe that keeps him a little safer. But there's still Allie."
―Tammy Hattley to Ray Nadeem[src]

Years later, Hattley was promoted and put in charge of the FBI New York Crime Division, centered in New York City. As Wilson Fisk was arrested, Hattley sent several agents to Ryker's Island, in order to extract any information about New York criminal underworld. However, Fisk and his lawyers used to turn every FBI agent without anything useful.

Eventually, Hattley was approached by Fisk who ordered his subordinates outside to kill one of her children. They committed the murder, making it look like a hit-and-run, so Hattley was unable to prove something and connect it with Fisk. Hattley was informed that she has to work under Fisk's command to keep the rest of her family safe. Hattley had divorced with her husband, hoping that it will keep him safer. However, Allison stayed with her and Hattley had no choice to assist Fisk.[1]

Nadeem's Performance Review

Hattley and Ray Nadeem discuss a promotion

"You're right. Your reviews have been deferred for reasons having nothing to do with scheduling or restructuring or whatever bullshit I fed you at the time. It's because I'm trying to protect you."
―Tammy Hattley to Ray Nadeem[src]

Hattley was ordered to defer Ray Nadeem's performance review, as he was approached by Fisk too. Hattley's order to defer Nadeem's performance review made him desperate for any opportunity to get a promotion within the FBI or any other chance to provide for his family. Later, Hattley was visited by Nadeem at the New York City FBI Office where he requested to move up his performance review in order to get the promotion.

Despite Hattley' objections about moving of review, Nadeem noted that his reviews were deferred by Hattley, not by the FBI. Nadeem asked the reason why Hattley doing this and even thought about filing a complaint, however, Hattley replied that she tried to protect him. Hattley explained that Nadeem's FICO score is 557 and according to the Bureau policy, that makes Nadeem a recruitment target.

Hattley and Ray Nadeem discuss Wilson Fisk

Although the FBI prohibited the promotion of agents with a high level of vulnerability, Nadeem stated that his circumstances were exceptional, reminding her about his sister-in-law's cancer. Hattley sympathized and said that he is a good agent but she could not help him until he fixes his finances. While Nadeem was at her office, Hattley tasked him to arrive at Ryker's Island and talk with Fisk. Nadeem noted that FBI was talking with him every month and he gave them nothing, while Hattley said that this is a nice drive, in any case.[3]

Wilson Fisk Detail

Hattley speaking with Ramsey and Arinori

"You tell D.C. that none of this could have happened without the unexpected connection between me and Wilson Fisk. Because that's the truth. And then none of the other shit in my file will matter. Come on, Tammy. How am I supposed to get out from under?"
"Okay, he's yours. But you need to keep him talking, Ray."
Ray Nadeem and Tammy Hattley[src]

Wilson Fisk's plan worked, as Ray Nadeem "convinced" him to assist the FBI. With Fisk's intel, the FBI successfully assaulted the Albanian Syndicate, arresting multiple high-profile criminals. The arrest of Mother Teresa and his associates was one of the most successful FBI operations against Albanians. Hattley was visited by Ramsey and Arinori who wanted to officially hand Fisk's case.

However, she was also visited by Nadeem who insisted that he is the one who needs to be assigned to Fisk's case. Hattley noted that FBI command in Washington, D.C. will learn about Nadeem's success, however, his financial issues could draw unwanted attention. Nadeem keep insisted that none of this could have happened without connection between him and Fisk and that is the only thing in his case that matters something. Hattley assigned Nadeem to work on Fisk's case, on the condition that Nadeem will keep him talking.

Hattley having her meeting with Blake Tower

Eventually, the FBI was informed that Fisk was stabbed in Ryker's Island by Jasper Evans. As Nadeem noted, Fisk was too important to them and they needed him alive. Hattley and Nadeem decided to pull Fisk out from prison and relocate him to the Presidential Hotel under FBI supervision. Hattley arranged a meeting with Blake Tower and Chris DiMolina, attempting to convince them that the FBI needs Fisk to take down the Albanian Syndicate.

Both Tower and DiMolina ultimately dismissed Hattley's offer, despite her arguments, as Fisk was notorious criminal responsible for the death of multiple NYPD officers and civilians. However, Nadeem insisted that key information provided by Fisk was too valuable to the FBI and allowed them to make progress in Albanians' case in the first time for several years. Although DiMolina was not sure, Tower was unable to argue and approved Fisk's relocation. Hattley assigned Nadeem, Benjamin Poindexter and FBI SWAT to escort Fisk to the hotel.[4]

Attack on the Bulletin

"We just got the call. Murdock's at the Bulletin."
"What about Jasper Evans?"
"Nelson didn't say, but doing this at the newspaper means they want it as public as possible."
Ray Nadeem and Tammy Hattley[src]
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Kingpin's Agent

Hattley and Winn listen to Nadeem's theory

"Do you understand your situation now? Ray? You get this?"
"Yeah, boss. I understand."
"I'm not your boss anymore. Wilson Fisk is."
―Tammy Hattley and Ray Nadeem[src]

Hattley was contacted by Ray Nadeem who wanted to arrange a meeting with her and Winn to discuss the case outside of the Headquarters. She allowed Nadeem to meet with her at house where Hattley greeted him and Winn. As Hattley asked Allison to leave the house, Winn officially conducted an interview with Special Agent and SAC, on the rights of the member of the Office of Professional Responsibility.

For the record, Nadeem claimed that Wilson Fisk is currently engaged in a criminal conspiracy and has manipulated the FBI into becoming his unwitting accomplice. Also, Nadeem stated that Fisk corrupted Benjamin Poindexter to make him his ally and ordered him to perpetrate the attack on the New York Bulletin Building. Hattley was nervous by Nadeem's statement while Winn asked for proof and then Nadeem showed him his wound, commented that he was shot by Poindexter.

Nadeem stated that OPR needs to start an internal investigation into Poindexter, Fisk and every agent manipulated by him. He added that he takes full responsibility as the agent ran Fisk's detail, and this should not fall on Hattley who did everything by the book. Nearing the end of the confession, Hattley informed Nadeem that she have to place him on administrative leave immediately. Nadeem understood and turned his sidearm and badge, assuring her that he will cooperate fully.

Hattley reveals herself to be a corrupt agent

Before Winn could decide what to do next, Hattley suddenly grabbed Nadeem's sidearm and shot Winn several times, making it looks like that Winn was killed by him. Turning off the recorder, Hattley demanded Nadeem sit down and stay still while she was handing his sidearm with Nadeem's fingerprints and the recording to Felix Manning. She then assured shocked Nadeem that now he has to work for Fisk, just as she and several other agents.

Hattley reveals all of Kingpin's FBI operatives

Returning to the headquarters with Nadeem, Hattley officially stated in front of agents that Poindexter is officially reinstated Poindexter in his position as the FBI agent. She allowed Poindexter to thank every agent at the headquarters, especially Nadeem, saying that someday he will pay him back for everything he did. Hattley then led Nadeem to the conference room where she presented him to other agents corrupted by Fisk: Arinori, Ramsey, Wellers, O'Connor, Johnson and Markham. Hattley then handed Poindexter information about Fisk's next order: apprehend John Hammer, Everett Ross, Latimer Zyl, Sophia Carter, and Rosalie Carbone, and bring them to the Red Fish Blue Restaurant.

Hattley explains how she was coerced by Fisk

Together with Nadeem, Hattley arrived at the Presidential Hotel where Nadeem asked her why she is working for Fisk. Hattley had Nadeem to stay still at the elevator, as Fisk was watching them. She then confessed that Fisk had her child killed what forced her to turn herself to him, in order to keep her daughter safe. Nadeem then asked Hattley why she did not contact Homeland Security instead of surrendering herself to Fisk.

Hattley bringing Ray Nadeem to the Kingpin

Hattley then informed Nadeem that Fisk planned everything a long time ago, as he made Saanvi Nadeem losing her health coverage to make Nadeem desperate for promotion. Arriving at Fisk's suite, they faced Fisk himself in his secret room. Hattley went to remove Fisk's ankle monitor but he insisted Nadeem do that instead. Nadeem then was ordered to drive Fisk and Poindexter to the restaurant to meet with arrested criminal bosses.[1]

Fisk's Statement

"The deputy AG has ruled that you continue to be a valuable DOJ asset who deserves ongoing protection. Because they're terrified of the PR hit if you get killed."
"Thank you, Agent Hattley. That will be all."
―Tammy Hattley and Wilson Fisk[src]
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Ray Nadeem's Testimony

Covering Nadeem's Murder

"It wasn't your fault, Seema. Ray fooled a lot of people. Nobody here blames you or Sami. You're still part of the FBI family. We'll give you the room, take all the time you need."
―Tammy Hattley to Seema Nadeem[src]
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Battle at Presidential Hotel

Hattley informs Wilson Fisk about security issues

"Please, don't."
―Tammy Hattley to Benjamin Poindexter[src]

Hattley was present at the Presidential Hotel, running the FBI security routines for Wilson Fisk and Vanessa Marianna's wedding. She informed Fisk during his slow dance with Marianna that they were under attack, as several of her agents were being incapacitated by an unknown assailant. During this time, Hattley saw on her phone Ray Nadeem's dying declaration, which Karen Page has uploaded online, that implicated her in Fisk's crimes.

Hattley is shot by Benjamin Poindexter

At that moment, Benjamin Poindexter, dressed as Daredevil, crashed the wedding party and attempted to kill Marianna, until the real Daredevil intervened. While Hattley covered Fisk and Marianna's escape to their penthouse suite, she and several of the guards fought Poindexter while the guest attendees began to flee. After Poindexter downed the guards with various pieces of cutlery, he shot Hattley in the gut while she was down on the ground. When she begged for her life, Poindexter took the shot to kill her, only to find that the gun he was using was empty. He walked away, while whipping the gun at Hattley's head with expert precision, knocking her out.[5]

Turning State Witness

Hattley and the FBI agents are arrested by the NYPD

"So, I guess you guys heard, Special Agent in Charge Hattley flipped. She corroborated Ray's dying declaration."
Karen Page to Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson[src]

As soon as both Kingpin and Benjamin Poindexter were defeated after a fight with Daredevil, New York City Police Department SWAT team led by Brett Mahoney stormed the Presidential Hotel. Hattley, as well as Poindexter, Fisk, and every single FBI agent on his payroll was arrested by the NYPD. Understanding that Fisk is now behind the bars and unable to hurt her daughter anymore, Hattley decided to collaborate Ray Nadeem's dying declaration which helped Blake Tower and NYPD to take down Fisk's criminal network.[5]


"The lies that keep us safe are the ones worth telling."
―Tammy Hattley to Ray Nadeem[src]

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  • Expert Markswoman: Hattley used Nadeem's sidearm to shoot Winn in the head.



  • Glock 17: Hattley carried this handgun as her standard service sidearm. However, she used Ray Nadeem's gun to shoot and kill Agent Winn when Nadeem exposed Wilson Fisk's criminal conspiracy, in order to have leverage against him and coerce him into working for Fisk, handing the gun to Felix Manning for safekeeping. She also attempted to reach her gun when Benjamin Poindexter attacked the Presidential Hotel during Fisk's wedding, but Poindexter shot her in the side.







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