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"D always called me his queen. He said someday he'd even give me my own kingdom. This deal was it was supposed to be the start of something. You may think this makes us straight, G, but I'm just gettin' started. I'm gonna build my own goddamn kingdom now. So you better watch your back."
―Tamar to Geoffrey Wilder[src]

Tamar is the widow of the late Darius Davis who was forced to raise her newborn son Xerxes Davis alone after her husband was murdered by Catherine Wilder, and vowed to build the kingdom Davis had been promising to her by herself. To that end, she frequently came into contact with Alex Wilder, although this also put her family at risk due to the involvement of the LAPD strike team led by AWOL.

Unable to forgive Catherine, Tamar orchestrated her murder to finally get her revenge. She also had quite an agitated extraterrestrial experience as she encountered the Magistrate's Son, and helped Leslie Dean give birth to her second daughter, Elle. Months later, Tamar was seen writing a new chapter of her life after marrying Geoffrey Wilder, Catherine's former husband, and raising Xerxes Davis with her new husband at her side.


Meeting with Darius

"It seems like if I want to see you, I gotta look for a Wilder Construction sign. You got a real problem. Why can't you just let go of all that shit?"
―Tamar to Darius Davis[src]

Tamar met with Darius Davis at Momo Korean Restaurant, expressing concern over his obsession with Geoffrey Wilder. Upon hearing Davis' descriptions of the kids he saw, she told him she thought he was off drugs. Figuring he would be sleeping in his car that night, she went to Steak n' Shake.[3]

Alex Wilder's Interference

"He is Alex Wilder, America's Most Wanted."
"Doesn't seem like it."
"That's because you do not know him. And you're not going to. I want him gone."
―Tamar and Livvie[src]

Back from a medical appointment, Tamar was upset when she found out that Darius Davis had not listened to her regarding her choice of painting color for their future son. Moreover, she recognized the young man Davis had enlisted for the job as Alex Wilder, a known fugitive, although Tamar initially did not mention it. She then insisted that the colors of the wall had to be changed, asking her sister Livvie to support her claim. Then, she left the room, followed by Davis and Livvie. Tamar told Livvie who Wilder was and demanded to Darius that Wilder left, but Davis refused, stating that working with Wilder would benefit them all in the end.[1]

In the next day, Tamar was present in Darius Davis' House when Wilder returned and offered his help, being instructed to carry Tamar's vinyls upstairs. Despite her initial reluctance to let Wilder into their life, Tamar invited him to join the family for dinner, commenting on how skinny he was and how Nana B's spicy chicken would get him into good shape. Later however, Tamar and Davis decided that they should return Wilder to his parents who they contacted, seeing this as an opportunity to improve their life.[4]

Tamar spent some time with her family and Wilder in front of the house, braiding hairs with Livvie while Davis and Wilder played dominos. Although told to remain out of the conversation, Tamar recalled that Wilder's father used to play dominos with Davis all the time, but that he probably gave up on this ritual to forget where he was coming from. She also insisted to Davis that he could not force her to appreciate Wilder.

Later, Tamar received a phone call from her husband instructing her to meet him at the Gordon Hotel, where Davis planned on enjoying a suite booked for them by Geoffrey Wilder after Davis returned his son to him. However, Tamar's life took a dramatic turn when she arrived in the hotel and discovered that Davis had actually been found dead, as he had been murdered by Catherine Wilder. Tamar screamed in horror and attempted to see her dead husband, but she was kept from doing so by Detective Flores and the other LAPD officers on the crime scene.[5]

War on the Wilders

"It's nice that you're worried. Being forced into single motherhood is not easy. I don't need your security. Unless it's to keep her away from me."
―Tamar to Geoffrey Wilder[src]

Shortly after her husband's death, Tamar went to the South Los Angeles Medical Center to give birth to her son, who she named Xerxes Davis. She was visited by her sister Livvie prior to living the hospital to return home, and was annoyed upon discovering that Alex Wilder had come as well in an attempt to reconcile with his girlfriend. Tamar urged Livvie to end her argument with Alex, claiming that she did not want to have it recorded on video while she filmed her baby going home. Tamar then listened as Alex explained that Davis had been murdered because of PRIDE's activities, and Tamar expressed surprise at the idea of PRIDE being a criminal organization.

As Tamar placed Xerxes Davis into her car while Alex explained he wanted to help them, Tamar and Livvie were attacked by corrupt LAPD officers led by AWOL, who had been sent to intimidate Livvie due to her efforts to clear Davis' name. In the aftermath of the attack, Tamar was upset upon Livvie insisting to officer Caprarelli that they had been attacked by a police officer as well. Telling Caprarelli to check on other people, Tamar explained to Livvie that she had made a mistake by going to a lawyer and urged her sister to reconsider her plans as she did not want to go through a second attack which could be fatal.

Tamar returned to Nana B's Residence, where she agreed to meet with Geoffrey Wilder, although they remained at the door and Tamar did not let him in. Tamar was given the ownership documents of the PRIDE Construction Site and a large amount of money by Geoffrey, who explained that he never wanted to have Davis killed and that he felt sorry for her loss. Tamar fondly mentioned how Davis called her his queen who deserved her own kingdom, and how they had hoped to build it thanks to their deal with the Wilders. Tamar accepted Geoffrey's money, but warned him that they were not close to being even and that she was only getting started in securing what she thought to be hers.[2]

Tamar later noticed that Livvie had not returned home and sent her several text messages to know where she was, eventually learning that Livvie and the Runaways had encountered the LAPD strike team. Tamar was then visited by Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder, who she told about Livvie, and was offered that the Wilders could ensure her safety. However, Tamar declined the offer, stating that the only one she needed protection from was Catherine since she had killed her husband. Tamar then returned inside her house, where AWOL awaited her. Indeed, Tamar actually planned on striking a deal with AWOL, feeding him with information about PRIDE in exchange for her family being left out of trouble.

Initially, it seemed that the deal between Tamar and AWOL worked well. When Livvie returned home and found AWOL still in the house, Tamar admitted that she knew that AWOL was dangerous but that they had no other choice but working with him. However, the alliance eventually backfired on Tamar after AWOl got rid of Flores and took leadership of the strike team: Tamar and Livvie were attacked by the strike team, who kidnapped Livvie while Tamar and Xerxes Davis remained threatened by Mitch.[6] With Livvie taken to the Black Box, Tamar remained in her house with Xerxes Davis, but Mitch, on AWOL's orders to intimidate Livvie, grabbed Xerxes Davis from her arms, threatening to hurt them both. Tamar begged Livvie to help them, which caused Livvie to disclose the location of the Hostel where the Runaways were hiding.

In the aftermath of the Siege of the Hostel, after Livvie returned home and was contacted by Alex for help, Tamar decided that she would be the one to meet with him. As Alex moved forward to check the glove compartment of her car, Tamar revealed that she had already found the gun he was looking for. Tamar accepted to give the weapon to Alex, who wanted to use it to frame his parents for murder although Tamar advised him to simply shoot them with the gun. Tamar then ordered Alex to never come near her family again, stating that he would never get to see Livvie again, before leaving with her car.[7]

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"Listen, Mini-Wilder, I gave you what you wanted, but it comes with a price. You and Livvie are done. You come around here again, I will shoot you myself."
―Tamar to Alex Wilder[src]

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