"D always called me his queen. He said someday he'd even give me my own kingdom. This deal was it was supposed to be the start of something. You may think this makes us straight, G but I'm just gettin' started. I'm gonna build my own goddamn kingdom now. So you better watch your back."
―Tamar to Geoffrey Wilder[src]

Tamar is the wife of Darius Davis and the sister of Livvie.


Meeting with Darius

"It seems like if I want to see you, I gotta look for a Wilder Construction sign. You got a real problem. Why can't you just let go of all that shit?"
―Tamar to Darius Davis[src]

Tamar met with Darius Davis at Momo Korean Restaurant, expressing concern over his obsession with Geoffrey Wilder. Upon hearing Davis descriptions of the kids he saw, she told him she thought he was off drugs. Figuring he would be sleeping in his car that night, she went to Steak n' Shake.[1]

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