Talos (Torfa)

A collection of quotes from the Skrull General, Talos.


Captain Marvel

Spoken by Talos

"Track the pod. Find the girl. She knows more than she knows."
"This is war. My hands are filthy from it, too. But we’re here now. You found my family, and this is just the beginning."
―Talos to Captain Marvel[src]

Spoken about Talos

"The Skrull general Talos has sent kill units to find Soh-Larr. Should they reach him before we do, the intelligence he's acquired over three years is as good as theirs. The Accusers will bomb a Skrull stronghold here in the south, we slip in, we locate Soh-Larr, and we get out, leaving them without noise."
―Yon-Rogg to Starforce[src]


"How did you know the code?"
"How about I tell you my secret when you tell me yours?"
Vers and Talos[src]
"If she can tell us why these lizards are here... maybe she can tell us how to kick 'em to the curb."
"Good. Do it alone, though. You can't trust anyone, not even our own men."
Nick Fury and Talos[src]
"No one's going to hurt the girl. Just, don't kill me. We got a really complicated situation."
"I'm about five seconds from complicating that wall with some ugly-ass Skrull brains."
―Talos and Nick Fury[src]
"What did you do to your uniform"
"They got in her head. Just like we thought."
"The Supreme Intelligence will set her straight."
"You can see they're not soldiers. Let 'em go. You can have me."
"And the core?"
"You lies to me."
"I made you the best version of yourself. What's given can be taken away."
Yon-Rogg, Minn-Erva, Korath, Talos and Carol Danvers[src]

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spoken by Talos

"Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. Stark said you wouldn't get that because it's not a Star Wars reference."
―Talos to Spider-Man[src]
"You got gifts, Parker. But you didn't want to be here. I'd love to have you in Berlin, but you've got to decide whether you're going to step up or not. Stark chose you. He made you an Avenger. I need that. The world needs that. Maybe Stark was wrong. The choice is yours."
―Talos to Spider-Man[src]


"Nick, this was a tragedy, but it's not why we're here. What, are we fighting the weather now?"
"Locals say the cyclone had a face."
"People say things when they're under stress. Okay, that does not mean that this is the start to another big, world--"
Soren and Talos[src]
"They were born in stable orbits. Within black holes, creatures formed from the primary elements. Air, Water, Fire, Earth. The science division had a technical name. We just called them Elementals."
"Versions of them exist across our mythologies."
"It turns out, the myths are real."
"Like Thor."
"Thor was a myth, and now I study him in my physics class."
"These myths, are threats."
"They first materialized on my earth many years ago. We mobilized and fought them. But with each battle they grew and got stronger. I was part of the last battalion left trying to stop them."
"All we did was delay the inevitable."
"Well, the Elementals are here now, attacking the same coordinates. Our satellites confirm it."
"So thank Mr. Beck for destroying the other three. There's only one left. Fire."
"The strongest of them all. The one that destroyed my earth. It’s the one that took my family."
"I'm sorry."
Quentin Beck, "Maria Hill", Peter Parker and "Nick Fury"[src]
"Sir, come on. There's got to be someone else you can use. What about Thor?"
"Okay, um, Doctor Strange?"
"Captain Marvel."
"Don't invoke her name."
"Sir, look, I really want to help, I do. But if my aunt finds out I left my class trip, she's going to kill me. And if I'm seen like this in Europe, after the Washington Monument, my whole class will figure out who I am, and then the whole world will figure out who I am. And then, I'm done."
"Okay. I understand."
"I'm sorry, what?"
"Why don’t you get back before your teachers miss you and become suspicious. Dimitri. Take him back to the hotel, please."
"Thank you, Mr. Fury. And, uh, good luck."
Peter Parker, "Nick Fury" and "Maria Hill"[src]
"Beck! What's your four?"
"It's something else! Something more powerful! It's storing energy from the Earth's core!"
"See, now that's some bullshit."
―Talos and Mysterio[src]
"You got to tell him."
"It was fine. The little boy handled it. We helped."
"Come off it, how was I supposed to know that the whole thing was fake? I mean that was all very, very convincing, you know. The performances, the illusion, that costume, the craftsmanship in that. I mean, this is just embarrassing for a shape-shifter. Fine! Hey, there. I hope your mission is going well. We gave the glasses to Parker, about a week ago, like you said. And, uh, it was very touching, you know? Really, really quite touching."
"And, uh, you know, shortly after that, everything kind of went off the rails, and so we need you to come back. Because everyone kept asking me where the Avengers are, and I don't know what to say to that. So you're lucky..."
Soren and Talos[src]
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