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The Tall Zealot was a sorcerer and a former member of the Masters of the Mystic Arts who joined the Zealots with the intention of defeating the Ancient One and bringing the inter-dimensional being known as Dormammu to Earth.


Early Life

Disillusion with the Ancient One

The Tall Zealot was among the Masters of the Mystic Arts of Kamar-Taj enlisted by Kaecilius to be part of the Zealots and rebel against the sorcerers aiming to find their own meaning within the Mystic Arts that the Ancient One was hiding from them.[4]

Theft of the Book of Cagliostro

The Zealots facing the Ancient One.

Upon joining the Zealots, the Tall Zealot, among others, broke into Kamar-Taj and entered the library. The Zealots restrained the librarian, who was decapitated by Kaecilius. With access to the entire library, they retrieved a dark and forbidden tome known called the Book of Cagliostro, and tore out a page. Inscribed on it, was the details as to how to summon Dormammu and draw from his power. As they were leaving, the Ancient One approached them, demanding them to stop. The Zealots, fled, as the Ancient One chased them down through different cities and dimensions around the world.[2]

Empowering the Zealots

The Zealots contacting Dormammu.

Having stolen the Dormammu-summoning rituals from the Book of Cagliostro, the Tall Zealot, Kaecilius and the other Zealots all began to summon Dormammu for the first time. All four Zealots, positioned equidistantly around the page, made their first contact with Dormammu. Evidence of this contact could be seen upon the Tall Zealot's forehead, as this was the first time the Dormammu symbol appeared upon their faces, as well as the areas around their eyes darkened, acting as somewhat conduits to the Dark Dimension.[2]

Battle of the Mirror Dimension

The Zealots hold Karl Mordo back

With Lucian Aster dead and the Blonde Zealot stranded in a desert, Kaecilius gathered the Tall Zealot and the Brunette Zealot to launch their next assault. As Karl Mordo and Stephen Strange argued about the Ancient One, however, the Zealots entered the New York Sanctum, prompting the two Masters to fight back. In order to contain the threat, Doctor Strange the hostiles in the Mirror Dimension. Kaecilius, however, sneered, and he revealed that his dark mystical powers enhanced due to his strong connection to the Dark Dimension.

The Zealots chased after the Masters of the Mystic Arts throughout New York City, twisting the landscape to ensure that they could not escape through a Sling Ring portal and trying to make them fall to their deaths. Despite his best efforts, the Zealots saw their enemies were still able to counter the distorted physics, Strange with the Cloak of Levitation and Mordo with his Vaulting Boots of Valtorr to survive their attacks.

However, the Mirror Dimension was changed all around him, dragging Strange to safety and trapping them all in a battle arena. As the Zealots looked around, they saw the arrival of the Ancient One who had arrived to save her allies.

As they walked around the battlefield preparing to fight, The Ancient One however tried to insist that she had been trying to save the Zealots from themselves and that what the immortality Dormammu promised him was not the eternal life he claimed it was but rather torment. The Zealots attack her all at once.

As the Tall Zealot attacked the Ancient One, he was stabbed in the back by Kaecilius with a Space Shard. When he looked down in horror as he died, he realized that the blade also penetrated the Ancient One, seeing that he was sacrificed for the greater good, the Tall Zealot died peacefully.[2]


Hardly any different from Kaecilius, the Tall Zealot was a callous, remorseless, idealistic, merciless and cruel rogue, having betrayed the Ancient One and turned his back on the Masters of the Mystic Arts. He proved himself to be just as pitiless as his master and was almost unimaginably determined and ferocious. He was initially horrified when Kaecilius stabbed him from behind, but he accepted his death when he realized that the blade also penetrated the Ancient One, seeing that he had just been sacrificed for the greater good.

Powers and Abilities



  • Expert Martial Artist: The Tall Zealot was a skilled martial artist, which he used to fight against the Ancient One for a limited time.




Behind the Scenes


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