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"How was Tahiti?"
"It sucked."
Jasper Sitwell and Phil Coulson[src]

Tahiti is an island located in French Polynesia.


"Honestly, Tahiti is too good to be true."
"I know. It's a magical place."
Phil Coulson and Karine[src]

Phil Coulson died just before the Battle of New York, but was subsequently resurrected under Director Nick Fury's explicit orders. In order for the process to succeed in avoiding having side effects, his memories of the procedure had to be erased, so Coulson was implanted with memories of a recovery on a beautiful beach in Tahiti.

In these implanted memories, Coulson was taken to a grass shack in Tahiti after leaving the I.C.U. in order to recover, where he was treated by a physical therapist and was able to fully recover, drinking Mai Tais and reading novels.[1] His physical therapist, Karine, often gave him massages while he fell asleep, feeling relaxed, as Tahiti was a place too good to be true, something that Karine defined as a "magical place."[2]

These memories were implanted because, after being revived, Coulson had lost "the will to live". Coulson was also implanted with a trigger response which caused him to say "it's a magical place" anytime someone mentioned Tahiti.[3]

Following S.H.I.E.L.D.'s victory over Glenn Talbot and the prevention of the Destruction of Earth, Coulson, who was dying from his old injury, retired from S.H.I.E.L.D. and spent with Melinda May his last days in Tahiti, which he admitted to be really "magical."[4]


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