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"The realm of Ta Lo stretches far beyond the shores of our small village. We have cities that surpass any in your universe, rich with culture and history."
Ying Nan[src]

Ta Lo (Mandarin: 大罗) is a dimension within the Multiverse only accessible through a portal on Earth, protected by a constantly changing bamboo maze forest, which opens a safe path every year at the start of the Qingming Festival. It is inhabited by humans, Dijiang, Fenghuang, Jiu Wei Hu, Qilin, Shishi, and the Great Protector.


Ancient History

"Our people have been here for over four thousand years, preparing for something we hope will never happen. We are the keepers of the Dark Gate, sworn to protect this realm and yours from the evil that's locked behind it."
Ying Nan[src]

Thousands of years ago, the people of Ta Lo prospered in peace until the Dweller-in-Darkness and his army of Soul Eaters attacked and nearly escaped into the earthly realm. The leaders of Ta Lo created an army consisting of the greatest warriors to combat this threat, but it nearly failed until the Great Protector arrived. Together, they drove the Dweller back to its realm behind the Dark Gate, with the people of Ta Lo guarding it ever since.[1]

Search for Ta Lo

"She used to tell us stories about Ta Lo when we were kids. A village in another dimension full of magical creatures."
Shang-Chi to Katy Chen[src]

After finding out about the legend of Ta Lo, Xu Wenwu sought out the city in hopes to conquer it. However, the forest maze nearly killed him after it caused him and his soldiers to crash. Continuing on his own, Wenwu was able to get past the maze and find Ying Li, who protected its entrance. The two engaged in a fight, but began falling in love with each other afterward. Wenwu and Ying Li eventually got married and had two children: Xu Shang-Chi and Xu Xialing. Ying Li wanted to live with Wenwu and their children Ta Lo, but the elders refused and pushed them away because they believed the sins of Wenwu's past would stain their homeland.

However, after Ying Li was killed by the Iron Gang, Wenwu sought out the city once more in hopes to find his wife and reunite her with her family, being lured by the Soul Eaters. The key to finding the path through the maze were Shang-Chi and Xialing's jadite pendants, so he sent fighters to retrieve them. Once he knew the path, he tried to convince his children that she was still out there and that they should help. Shang-Chi tried explained that she was gone, though Wenwu only remained delusional by the trickery of the Soul Eaters.[1]

Shang-Chi's Arrival

Once Shang-Chi and Xu Xialing had managed to locate Ta Lo, along with Katy Chen, and Trevor Slattery, they made it past the ever-changing forest maze and the waterfall gateway with the help of Morris, arriving at Ta Lo and made their way to a small village, where they were stopped by the townspeople, who were being led by Guang Bo. The group tried to make their introductions, but they were ordered to turn around. Fortunately, Ying Nan ordered them to stand down and greeted the group, welcoming them to the village. Shang-Chi told her that their father, Xu Wenwu was seeking out the city in order to free his wife, as she guided them into the village. She explained to the group about Ta Lo's ancient history as well as the Dark Gate, which holds the Dweller-in-Darkness and his armies inside.[1]

Preparing for Battle

The group went back to the village to prepare for Xu Wenwu's arrival as they were shown what the Great Protector gifted them: Dragon Scales to forge into deadly weapons, armor and shields. An archer accidentally dropped some equipment as Katy Chen helped pick them up, but ended up delivering them to the village's shooting range. Meanwhile, Ying Nan guided Shang-Chi and Xu Xialing to their mother's memorial, explaining how they were everything to her and that she prepared armor for them. Soon, the group began training for the attack. During their training, Chen became a proficient archer and Shang-Chi discovered the open-hand techniques and air powers of his mother.[1]

Battle of Ta Lo

Eventually, Xu Wenwu would arrive at Ta Lo with the Ten Rings led by the Death Dealer and Razor Fist. Confronting each other, Wenwu and Ying Nan argued about Ying Li, as Wenwu demanded that he pass through. The villagers declined his passage with Wenwu ordering his soldiers to attack. Soon, the battle began as the two sides clashed with Ying Nan fighting the Death Dealer and Xu Xialing fighting Razor Fist.

As Wenwu made his way through the battlefield, Shang-Chi confronted his father at his mother's memorial. Wenwu threatened him, though Shang-Chi declared that he was not threatened by his presence. The two began to fight as Wenwu reminded him of his inaction to save his mother. The fight continued by the waters as Wenwu pushed Shang-Chi with his rings. Eventually, Wenwu made his way to the Dark Gate in order to free his wife, but ended up unleashing the Dweller-in-Darkness' armies instead, which led to the death of the Death Dealer. The fight in the village ended after this as the Ten Rings and the villagers joined forces to combat this threat.

Shang-Chi managed to wake up from the blast and regain consciousness. While he was still deep in the water, he found the Great Protector. Jumping out of the water, the two joined the battle in stopping the Dweller's army of Soul Eaters. They made their way to the Gate as Shang-Chi stopped his father right before he unleashed the Dweller itself. The two continued their fight as Shang-Chi managed to take control of Wenwu's rings using what his mother taught him, but he dropped them, wanting to stop fighting. Unfortunately, it was too late as the Dweller was unleashed onto Ta Lo once more. Wenwu managed to save Shang-Chi in time, passing his rings to him, but was killed after the Dweller absorbed his soul.

Soon, the Great Protector and the Dweller began fighting each other as Shang-Chi joined Xialing on the Great Protector. Though it seemed like the Dweller was about to kill the Great Protector, Chen was able to shoot an arrow at the Dweller's neck, weakening it and allowing Shang-Chi and the Great Protector to kill the Dweller.[1]


In the aftermath of the battle, Ying Nan conducted a lantern ceremony to honor those who lost their lives as Shang-Chi, Katy Chen, and Xu Xialing watched the Great Protector fly over. A few days later, Shang-Chi and Chen would go on to describe the battle to their friends at a restaurant, only to be interrupted by Wong.[1]


  • In the comics, Ta Lo was a pocket dimension that was home to the Xian, a collective of gods that were worshipped by China's inhabitants, and is the highest heaven of the Chinese gods.
  • Ta Lo is based on reference photographs of various parts of Thailand, Vietnam, and southern China.[2]
  • Each animal of Ta Lo was based very closely on Chinese mythological characters.[2]
  • The Great Protector gets her powers from the water of Ta Lo.[2]


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