"No, no! I don't deserve to die!"
"Everyone says that."
―T. Mitchell and Ghost Rider[src]

T. Mitchell was a member of the Aryan Brotherhood. Having just participated in the theft of a mysterious box containing Lucy Bauer, Mitchell was hunted down by Ghost Rider and was kidnapped and tortured. Despite telling the Rider everything he knew about the job and who had hired him, he was brutally killed when the Rider drove the flaming Hell Charger into Mitchell.


Aryan Brotherhood

Captured by Ghost Rider

"We just stole a box, I don't know what was inside of it. We loaded it on an eighteen wheeler, we parked it in a warehouse and we just left it."
"You left it for who?"
"The Chinatown Crew! They set the job up and were willing to pay big."
―T. Mitchell and Ghost Rider[src]

Mitchell tries to escape from Ghost Rider

Mitchell and his Aryan Brotherhood crew members were hired by the Watchdogs to steal a box from the Momentum Labs facility in Pasadena. Despite their racist ideology, the Brotherhood agreed to work for the Chinatown Crew in exchange for a lot of money. They stole the box and loaded it onto a large truck which they parked in a warehouse, leaving it there. However, the Ghost Rider started chasing them and eventually caught up. Mitchell tried to escape, but the Rider knocked him out and dragged him away. 


Mitchell is tortured by Ghost Rider

The Rider has his prisoner tied to a wall standing up in El Monte Junk and Salvage. The Rider interrogated the skinhead for information on where that weapon, a box, is being kept. The skinhead told the Rider he was working for a Chinese gang, but the Rider did not believe him, hitting him repeatedly and noting that the Aryan Brotherhood would never work with the Chinese. Despite Mitchell insisting that he was telling the truth, the Rider warned the thug that if he did not talk, he would have to talk to the Spirit of Vengeance, a prospect that clearly terrified Mitchell who had already seen this.


Mitchell is violently crushed by Ghost Rider

Taking Mitchell's word, the Rider went out to investigate Mitchell's claims about the truck where they had hidden the box to be delivered to the Chinatown Crew, leaving Mitchell still tied up and awaiting his fate. The Rider returned a few hours later, claiming there was nothing there before starting up the Hell Charger. Terrified, Mitchell insisted he did not deserve to die but Ghost Rider claimed that everybody said that. Ignoring his pleas, Ghost Rider ignited the car and drove the flaming car into Mitchell, violently killing him.[1]









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