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"Tønsberg, Norway. A real Christmas card of a town."
Howard Stark[src]

Tønsberg is a village in Norway that housed the Tesseract for several centuries. Following the Destruction of Asgard and the Snap, it was repopulated by the surviving Asgardians who, in homage to Asgard, renamed it New Asgard.


Battle of Tønsberg

"Yours is a secret brew Odin taught me as a thank you after we helped defeat Laufey's army in Tønsberg."

Tønsberg in 965 A.D.

Centuries ago, the Frost Giants of Jotunheim, led by their king Laufey, arrived to Tønsberg, planning to conquer Midgard, freezing everything in their path using the Casket of Ancient Winters to plunge the world in a new glacial period. However, the Asgardian army, led by Odin and aided by the Eternals, defended Midgard and engaged in a war against the Frost Giants, forcing them to abandon Earth and retreat to their own world. Years later, Odin brought the Tesseract to Tønsberg and elected to leave it in the care of Asgardian worshipers.[1]

World War II

"I cannot help you."
"No, but maybe you can help your village."
Church Keeper and Johann Schmidt[src]

Tønsberg in March 1942

During World War II, Johann Schmidt led a HYDRA assault on Norway searching for the Tesseract. Following its trails until reaching a church full of Viking warriors entombed within its walls, Schmidt interrogated the Church Keeper, who tried to make Schmidt cease his search, claiming the Tesseract was a simple myth.

Johann Schmidt finds the real Tesseract

Schmidt, convinced of its existence as the most valuable object in Odin's Vault, located a fake replica inside one of the tombs, and threatened the Church Keeper to kill all the inhabitants of the village if he didn't help him locate the Tesseract. Schmidt then focused his attention at a sculptured mural of Yggdrasil, finding a hidden box behind a Nidhogg depiction in the mural with the actual Tesseract inside. The Church Keeper warned Schmidt that he wouldn't control the Tesseract's power, but Schmidt killed him and ordered his army to destroy Tønsberg.[2]

New Asgard

New Asgard in 2023

"Kind of a step down from a golden palace and magic hammers and whatnot."
"Hey, have a little compassion, pal. First, they've lost Asgard, then half the people. They're probably just happy to have a home."
Rocket Raccoon and Hulk[src]

In 2018, following the Snap, Tønsberg was repopulated by the surviving Asgardians and refugees from Sakaar, who renamed the town New Asgard. Later that year, Thor took residence in a house with Korg and Miek, where he became bitter and a drunken overweight hermit. Over the next five years, the New Asgardians lived peacefully as fishermen, accepting the fact that their days of battles and glory were over.

Thor meeting with Rocket Raccoon and Bruce Banner

In 2023, Bruce Banner and Rocket Raccoon arrived in the Benatar to New Asgard and met Valkyrie at the docks. She told them about Thor's depressed condition and pointed to where he lived. They went inside his house and reunited with him, as well as Korg and Miek, who were playing video games. Banner and Rocket informed Thor about the Time Heist and that it was important for him to return to help.

Thor passes on the leadership to Valkyrie

Following the Blip, the Masters of the Mystic Arts transported Valkyrie, Korg, Miek, and the Einherjar through an Inter-Dimensional Portal to New York. A week later, Thor returned to New Asgard and appointed Valkyrie as the new leader. The Guardians of the Galaxy arrived in the Benatar and Thor went with them, leaving New Asgard.[3]

Political Turmoil

In 2024, SBN reported that there was political turmoil within New Asgard.[4]

Alternate Universes

Attacked by Red Skull

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