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"My name is Prince T'Challa, son of King T'Challa."
―T'Challa to Shuri[src]

Prince T'Challa II, legally known as Toussaint, is the son of Nakia and the late King T'Challa of Wakanda.


Early Life[]

Surviving the Snap[]

T'Challa II was born in Haiti to King T'Challa of Wakanda, whom he was named after, and Nakia, a former Wakandan War Dog. His parents decided to keep his existence a secret to take away the pressures of the throne and royalty, and decided to have his mother raise him in Haiti, giving him the legal name of Toussaint. Eventually, Toussaint met his paternal grandmother Ramonda, who was the only one in the Wakandan Royal Family aware of his existence.[1]

Life In Haiti[]

Attending School[]


T'Challa II greets his grandmother

"Ou la pou direktè a?[2]"
―T'Challa II to Ramonda[src]

During her stay in Haiti, Nakia became principal of a school, where Toussaint went to study.

One day while studying at the school, he would meet up with his paternal grandmother Ramonda and asked her if she was looking for Nakia and led Ramonda to his mother.[3]

Meeting Relatives[]

Toussaint & Nakia

T'Challa II with Nakia

"My mum said you’re good at keeping secrets, is that true?"
"I can keep a good secret."
―T'Challa II and Shuri[src]

In 2025, he joined his mother in greeting Shuri in Haiti, who traveled there to finish her mourning of her brother. She was astonished at having a nephew she did not know about, with Nakia explaining to her why she and T'Challa took so many precautions while raising Toussaint.

Wakanda-forever(2022) 10788~2

T'Challa II tells Shuri his real name

Toussaint asked Shuri if she knew to keep secrets, something Shuri assured him. Confident, Toussaint told her that Toussaint was just his Haitian name, and that his true name was T'Challa, son of T'Challa.[1]


  • Multilingualism: Toussaint is fluent in English, Xhosa, and Haitian Creole.




  • Toussaint shares his first name with Toussaint Louverture, general of the Haitian Revolution which liberated Haiti from the French Empire and established it as the first free Black country in the Western Hemisphere. The name "Toussaint" is French and means "All Saints"; thus by proxy, this might serve as an approximate translation of the name "T'Challa".
  • Across multiple comic continuities T'Challa has had several sons, including T'Chaka II, T'Charra, T'Channa and Azari.

Behind the Scenes[]


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