"May I remind you that there's an industrial grade razor blade on this drone that could puncture a donut hole in my ribs."
Dale Yorkes to Stacey Yorkes[src]

The Synnergy Drone is an aerial drone built by Synnergy.


"We've spent the last umpteen years of our lives consorting with morally ruined human beings who won't stop lying to us, and now the only chance of getting our kids back is to stick a drone into a hole of unknown depth, and take a biopsy of whatever's down there so that we can kill someone."
Dale Yorkes to Stacey Yorkes[src]

Dale and Stacey Yorkes used a Synnergy drone equipped with a sharp blade to make a biopsy of the extraterrestrials trapped in the hole at the PRIDE Construction Site. The drone was sent down into the bottom of the hole to cut through the living tissue and brought back a sample which was reclaimed by the Yorkeses so they could test the Anti-Gibborim Serum they had developed.[1]

R209 Old Lace poisoned by drone

Old Lace is poisoned by the Synnergy Drone

Days later, the Magistrate's Wife, who possessed Stacey after the Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site, equipped the drone with a spreading system which emitted a chemical toxic to Old Lace and sent it in the hills near the Griffith Observatory, hoping to render the dinosaur sick enough to force Gert Yorkes, and ultimately the other Runaways, to come home. The drone successfully flied above the hills and released the poisonous agent, which was inhaled by Old Lace.[2]



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