Synnergy is a bioengineering company that focused on genetic research. It was founded by Dale and Stacey Yorkes.


The bioengineering company Synnergy was founded by Dale and Stacey Yorkes using the resources allocated by Jonah. The company also received investments from Tina and Robert Minoru, the owners of the company Wizard. Like other companies, Synnergy sponsored PRIDE, a so-called charity organization.

Synnergy performed innovative works related to bioengineering and biotechnology. They notably developed a Synnergy Serum, a drug capable of erasing memories when injected into a subject, which could be used for various applications, for example for treating soldiers with post-traumatic symptoms. The works about the Synnergy Serum were praised in specialized press, appearing on the front page of the American Journal of Experimental Medicine.[1]



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