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"Everywhere and every-when I went, it caused a nexus event. Sent up a smoke flare. Because I'm not supposed to exist."
―Sylvie Laufeydottir to Loki[src]

Sylvie Laufeydottir is a variant of Loki Laufeyson. Having escaped the Time Variance Authority's punishment for causing a Nexus event, Sylvie hid through out the timelines, while seeking revenge against the TVA and the Time-Keepers. On the cusp of her plan's success, however, she was interrupted by another Loki Variant, whom she eventually formed an uneasy alliance with. Having convinced Loki of the TVA's lies and manipulations, they worked together to fight them, discovering the Time-Keepers were a fakes. With her only ally being Loki, Sylvie followed him into the Void, in the wake of Ravonna Renslayer sending him there, where they eventually found and confronted He Who Remains, the creator of the TVA. Despite warnings from Loki about the consequences of doing so, Sylvie enacted her revenge and killed He Who Remains, causing the Multiverse to split apart, and Kang the Conqueror to gain power.


Early Life

Learning of Adoption

Sylvie Laufeydottir was born in one of the many realities that comprised what the Time Variance Authority called the Sacred Timeline.[5] As the Goddess of Mischief, she was raised on Asgard and was told by her parents early on that she was adopted.[6]

Arrested by the TVA

"The universe wants to break free, so it manifests chaos. Like me being born the Goddess of Mischief. And as soon as that created a big enough detour from the Sacred Timeline, the TVA showed up, erased my reality, and took me prisoner. I was just a child."
―Sylvie Laufeydottir[src]

Sylvie playing in Asgard

One day, she was playing by herself with her toy action figures in the royal palace, when her playtime was disrupted by the appearance of a Timedoor behind her, along with Hunter Ravonna Renslayer and two Minutemen approaching her, stating she was under arrest. Renslayer grabbed the child by the arm and took her away from her toys to the Timedoor, kidnapping her, while a Minuteman put a Reset Charge on the ground to erase her parents and her reality.

Sylvie being taken into the TVA's custody

Sylvie was taken through the Timedoor to the Time Variance Authority. While being led through by Renslayer, Sylvie watched as a man screamed and cry for help as he was taken into custody also.

Sylvie goes under the procedures

She was then taken through the screening procedures and was given a TVA prisoner uniform. She stood before the TVA paperwork clerk and a TVA scanner clerk who motioned for her to pass under the screening to test if she was a robot or not. She hesitated but went through to the courtroom where Renslayer stood by her and presented her to the judge.

Sylvie escapes using the TemPad

As Renslayer led Sylvie up to the front of the room, she bit Renslayer on the wrist breaking free and stomping on her foot before stealing her TemPad. She then produced a Timedoor using the TemPad and successfully escaped the TVA.[2]

Changing her Name

"You changed your name. Brilliant."
"It's called an alias."
Loki and Sylvie Laufeydottir[src]

While on the run from the Time Variance Authority, she changed her name to "Sylvie". As she grew older, she maintained a hatred for the TVA for kidnapping her and vowed to destroy them and their Sacred Timeline.[6]

Attacking the TVA

Attack in France

"Devil bearing gifts."
Mobius M. Mobius[src]

Sylvie transported herself to Aix-en-Provence, France in 1549. There she attacked a group of Minutemen from the Time Variance Authority by stabbing many of them. When she was spotted by a boy, she bribed him with Kablooie, before grabbing the reset charge and leaving, leading the boy to believe she was the Devil. She would later lure another group of Minutemen and slaughter them.[3]

Ambush on the Minutemen

Sylvie ambushes Minutemen in Salina

Sylvie later went to Salina, Oklahoma in 1858 and laid some oil around the area as a trap for the Minutemen. When they eventually came to analyze the Quantum Ore Shovel she used, Sylvie was spotted by the Time Variance Authority and dropped the lantern she was holding to incinerate the Minutemen. She spotted Hunter U-92 escaping from the fire, but before he could reach the Reset Charge, she dragged him back in and killed him before stealing it.[3]

Kidnapping of Hunter C-20

Sylvie kidnaps Hunter C-20

"What are you doing?"
"Having some fun."
Minuteman and Sylvie Laufeydottir[src]

Sylvie then travelled to a Renaissance Faire in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in 1985, and set up another trap for a squadron of Minutemen. When they later showed up to the tent she was hiding in, Sylvie enchanted the commander of their unit, Hunter C-20 and used her to fight and kill two of her subordinates. When Minuteman 200914867365 asked C-20 why she was doing it, Sylvie responded to him through C-20 that she was having some fun, before releasing C-20 and stabbing the Minuteman herself. She then grabbed C-20's Tempad and opened a Timedoor, before taking the other time charges and taking C-20 as her hostage.[1]

Sylvie creates an illusion in Hunter C-20's mind

Headed back to her hiding place in Haven Hills, Alabama in 2050 in a Roxxcart Mall since the TVA could not detect a nexus event in an apocalypse, Sylvie set up her plan in case the TVA were to find her. Using her powers to trap C-20 in a memory, Sylvie discovered that C-20's mind had been cloudy and that the TVA were using previous Variants as hunters. Inside C-20's memory of a margarita bar, Sylvie posed as an old friend. C-20 asked Sylvie if she wanted anything to eat, and she played along by pretending to be concerned by the place's health record.

Sylvie gets information from Hunter C-20

Once C-20 got a brain freeze, Sylvie told her that brain freezes are caused by cold things freezing the synapses of the brain to freeze memories in place. When C-20 did not believe her, Sylvie dared her to answer a question while having a brain freeze. Sylvie then asked C-20 how many people were guarding the Time-Keepers, and when C-20 became suspicious, she changed the setting to night. She then assured C-20 that she could trust her, and C-20 told her that the way to the Time-Keepers was a gold elevator.[6]

Encountering an Alternate Self

Sylvie watches the cameras at Roxxcart Mall

"So, you're the fool the TVA brought in to hunt me down."
"Me, I presume."
"Please. If anyone's anyone, you're me."
―Sylvie Laufeydottir and Loki[src]

When the TVA finally did arrive in Haven Hills, Alabama in 2050, Sylvie enchanted one of the people at Roxxcart Mall and placed him next to the on sale azaleas where Hunter B-15 and an alternate version of herself called Loki found her. Sylvie pretending to be the man said that he was there to check out the azaleas.

Sylvie revealing her true identity to Loki

However, when Loki and B-15 approached him, decided to possess B-15, causing her previous host to collapse. Loki asked if the man was still alive, not knowing about B-15 being possessed, and Sylvie responded through her that they would usually wake up. Loki realizing that it was the Variant said that she was him, to which Sylvie said that it was more that he was her before smiling at him, to which he returned the pleasure. Sylvie left B-15's body and continued to talk to Loki through Roxxcart clerk Randy.

Sylvie bidding her farewell to Loki

Sylvie then stalled Loki by distracting him before possessing another man's body. Following a brief fight, she knocked Loki unconscious and finished setting up the remaining reset charges. When Loki woke up, she revealed herself to him. When the timer on the charges ran out, they were teleported using Timedoors to bomb different parts of the Sacred Timeline causing several nexus events. Once the bombing was finished, Sylvie escaped through a Timedoor.[1]

Sylvie arrives in the TVA

Sylvie was teleported to the Time Variance Authority Office and entered the hallway towards the office. After seeing Minuteman 750682931199, she tried to enchant him, but her powers were unable to work within the TVA. She then engaged in hand to hand combat with three Minutemen, using her physical skill and a Minuteman's baton to wipe them out. She then approached an elevator with two more Minutemen guarding it, ignored their warnings to stop, and engaged in combat, using one Minuteman as a human shield before dispatching the others.

Sylvie getting challenged by Loki again

Before she could continue, Loki entered the room with two daggers and confronted her. When Loki tried to ask her questions, she asked why he had nothing better to do. When he asked if she was a Loki, she ignored him and told him to move. When he didn't, the two fought. Sylvie reacted with annoyance at Loki's idea to work together and his insult that she lacked vision and tried to leave. When Loki then tried to apprehend her, the fighting resumed, with her telling him to shut up before the two got locked in a stalemate.

Sylvie is confronted by Ravonna Renslayer

Ravonna Renslayer then entered with two Minutemen, and Sylvie overpowered Loki and threatened to kill him if Renslayer approached. Renslayer said she could, but before Sylvie could follow through, Loki stole her Tempad and teleported the two away from the TVA.[6]

Fight for the TemPad

Sylvie angrily confronts Loki

Sylvie and Loki landed in a shed, and with the TemPad out in the open, Sylvie tried to recover it. Loki stopped her multiple times before recovering it himself, and Sylvie slammed him into an ash tray. She then took the TemPad off him before trying to leave, but the TemPad had run out of charge and she could go nowhere. Sylvie then tried to stab Loki, but he used illusions to appear behind her and push her into a nearby rack. When Loki took the TemPad back, she told him to give it to her as he didn't know how to recharge it. Loki said he did, as she wasn't the only tech savvy Loki, but she took offense to being called a Loki and told him to never call her that. As she lunged for the TemPad, Loki made it disappear.

Sylvie learns she's on Lamentis-1

Sylvie then taunted Loki about being a magician, and Loki pulled out his daggers. Sylvie picked up her sword, but before another fight could break out, a purple meteor smashed through the roof and took them off guard. Sylvie asked where Loki sent them, and they left the shed to find they were on the planet Lamentis-1 in the year 2077, where an apocalypse was taking place in the form of a moon crashing into the surface. Sylvie called him an idiot for bringing them here, but Loki didn't know what she meant. Another meteor crashed down in front of them and the two ran for cover as Sylvie explained that this was the worst apocalypse saved in the TemPad and that no one survives. She almost got hit by a meteor, but Loki pushes her out of the way.

Sylvie takes cover with Loki

The two managed to take cover under a large truck, and Loki asked why she wasn't killing him, and she said that because he had hidden the TemPad, if he dies it is lost. She then pointed to a mining shack to take shelter in and the two took off, but when Loki asked if they were a team, she said no. The two were bombarded by meteors on the way over, but the two safely made it inside.

Sylvie tries to control Loki

While Loki was catching his breath, Sylvie approached him and grabbed his face before trying to use her powers to trap him in a memory, similar to how she used her powers on Hunter C-20. It failed, due to Loki's strong mind. The two then drew their blades again, but Loki was tired of this and proposed a truce, which she scoffed at. She asked where the TemPad was hidden, but Loki jokingly said it was in his heart, so she threatened to cut it out. Loki told her to stop trying to kill him every 30 seconds, but Sylvie said that he was full of it as he needed her to figure out how to recharge it and that's why Loki saved her. Sylvie told him that her plan was years in the making, and that when she got the TemPad back, she go finish her plan, and then kill him.[6]

Abandoned Town

Sylvie and Loki exploring

She then left to find a power source to charge the TemPad, and Loki accompanied her. The two trekked to a nearby town, and the two argued on the way, especially how Sylvie was a variant but did not like to be called one, and also did not like to be called Loki. She then told him her name was Sylvie, and Loki told her that having an alias when not Loki-like. Sylvie then dragged Loki for working for the Time Variance Authority, and said that he did not know what he wanted. He asked what he wanted, as he was confused why Sylvie would create a power vacuum so large in the TVA without planning to fill it herself, and that he never would do that. Sylvie said that she wasn't him.

Sylvie asks Loki for the TemPad

When they arrived at an abandoned town, Sylvie noted that their fleeing was in vain as everyone died anyways. She then said they had about twelve hours before they would die along with them, and that it would get worse as the landscape changed and society collapsed. They then found a neon sign that was powered on, and Sylvie pretended to check the electrics before asking for the TemPad, but planned to leave and abandon Loki as soon as she took it. Loki saw through it and told her to try harder. Sylvie then told him to stop pretending to be tech savvy, as the TemPad required a large energy source to recharge, not just enough power to light up a sign.

Sylvie and Loki speak to a woman

They then continued past the town and came upon a house with inhabitants. Sylvie grabbed her sword, but Loki stopped her, telling her that his diplomacy and guile would work better than her violence. She then kicked the door down, before being blown backwards by a woman with an air gun pointed at her door. She got up and Loki taunted her slightly before trying his tactics, which also failed and he too got blown back. The woman taunted them calling them "devils" and then asked what they wanted with her, before Sylvie asked where everyone had went. She said they went to an evacuation vessel called the Ark, and Sylvie realized that the Ark could power the TemPad. Sylvie then learned that they could get there via train, but that there were no tickets left. She and Loki then left for the train at the edge of town, discussing how they would get on it.

Sylvie and Loki get on the train

The two found the train station, which had many people waiting outside to be let on. Loki then told her that they couldn't fight their way on, and Sylvie said her plan didn't involve fighting. Her plan was to enchant a guard to lead them through the crowd, and use him to kill anyone who stood in their way, probably killing all the guards and hijacking the train, and that it wasn't violent as whether there was a fight was up to the guards. Loki told her that they'd be doing this his way, before he transformed into a guard's outfit. While they passed by, the crowd yelled about how unfair it was that only the rich received tickets to salvation. When asked to see their tickets to Shuroo, Sylvie enchanted the guard to believe that headquarters had radioed a request for Sylvie to go to Shuroo that morning. The two then boarded the train.[6]

Train to Shuroo

Sylvie speaks with Loki

On the train, Sylvie and Loki sat down in a corridor and talked about their early life. Sylvie told Loki that she couldn't remember much about her mother, other than blips. However, Sylvie was interested when Loki discussed his mother. They then talked about their love lives. Shortly after, Sylvie took a nap and when she woke up, she found Loki drunk and singing Asgardian chants with the rest of the passengers. However, Sylvie noticed one passenger giving Loki a suspicious look and leaving to report on his behavior. Sylvie tried to get Loki to stop but they were confronted by multiple guards, which resulted in Loki getting thrown out of the train.

Sylvie sees the broken TemPad

Since he had the TemPad, Sylvie followed him and jumped out also. After recovering from the fall, they found out that the TemPad was broken, much to Sylvie's anger. She was angered at Loki's carelessness and caused a small energy blast when she shouted to relieve the stress of impending death.[6]

Making a Plan B

Sylvie is consoled by Loki

Sylvie sat down in defeat, while Loki followed suit and consoled her over his failure to protect the TemPad. Loki then suggested that they still aim to escape, which would ensure their survival. Convinced that their presence might alter the programmed Sacred Timeline, Sylvie and Loki made their way to Shuroo.

Sylvie and Loki in Shuroo

However, upon entering Shuroo, Sylvie and Loki found it crowded and struggled to get to the front. Loki asked if all the people down below were going to be left to die, startled by that fact. Sylvie and Loki then went around the crowds through the backway before getting attacked by some more guards.

Sylvie running for cover

Sylvie and Loki then had to take cover after asteroids began falling down over the city. As they were running, a heavy object almost fell on them but Loki used his telekinetic powers to keep it away from them.

Sylvie sees the Ark destroyed

When they reached some distance from the impact site, they observed a gigantic asteroid crashing into the Ark. Loki and Sylvie fearfully gazed at the Ark, as their only hope of survival was smashed to pieces. Upon seeing this, Sylvie walked away from Loki, having fully given up on their chances of survival, while Loki stood still in shock.[6]

Fighting the TVA

Discovered and Recaptured

Sylvie speaks with Loki

Having left Shuroo, Sylvie and Loki sat down on the outskirts of the city and waited as the planet crashed into Lamentis-1. Sylvie told Loki about her past on Asgard, being taken into the Time Variance Authority as a young child, and escaping them. She said she had been running from them her whole life, which impressed Loki. As the meteors edged closer, Sylvie and Loki grabbed each others hands. As the planet crashed into the moon, two Timedoors appeared and the two escaped through them.

Sylvie taken into TVA custody again

The Timedoors transported Sylvie and Loki back to the Time Variance Authority Office, where they were arrested and separated by Mobius M. Mobius and Minutemen. Sylvie was then taken to an interrogation room where she was locked inside, with two Minutemen guarding the doors to make sure she did not escape. Becoming bored in the room, Sylvie rested her head on the table.[2]

Hunter B-15's Request

Sylvie is asked for help from Hunter B-15

Eventually, Hunter B-15 walked inside and put aside her baton, surprising Sylvie. B-15 then asked for Sylvie's help before opening a Timedoor and asking her to accompany her. Sylvie followed and found herself back in 2050 Haven Hills outside the Roxxcart building. Sylvie was then asked to unlock B-15's past memories, as B-15 had sensed something from the time when Sylvie had enchanted her. After B-15 remembered her past life, Sylvie smiled.[2]

Killing the Time-Keepers

Sylvie is captured by Minutemen

Returning back to the TVA, Sylvie was recaptured by Minutemen and brought to where Loki was also in Minutemen custody. Ravonna Renslayer arrived and told the Minutemen that she would take care of them, leading them into an elevator. Inside, Sylvie asked Renslayer if she remembered her and Renslayer replied that she did. Sylvie then asked why the TVA had arrested her, but Renslayer claimed that she could not remember the reason.

Sylvie fighting the Minutemen

Sylvie and Loki were taken to the Time-Keepers chamber where they saw the Time-Keepers sitting on thrones before them. Sylvie tried to confront them, but Renslayer used a Time Twister on her. Hunter B-15 then arrived and deactivated the collars around Sylvie and Loki's neck. She then gave Sylvie her sword back, as Sylvie and Loki began fighting off the Minutemen, before getting confronted by Renslayer. Sylvie managed to knock Renslayer out before confronting the Time-Keepers with Loki.

Sylvie throws her weapon at one of the Time-Keepers

Ready to achieve her goal, Sylvie decapitated the head of one the Time-Keepers, only to find out that they were androids. This then left Sylvie and Loki confused and both asked the question of who founded the TVA. As Loki was about to say something to Sylvie, he was struck by a TVA Baton, and pruned by Renslayer.

Sylvie threatens Ravonna Renslayer

Enraged that Renslayer erased Loki from the TVA, Sylvie promptly disarmed Renslayer and pointed her baton at Renslayer. Renslayer then told Sylvie to prune her, but Sylvie refused and demanded that she tell her everything about the TVA.[2]

Confronting Ravonna Renslayer

Sylvie confronts Ravonna Renslayer

Sylvie took Ravonna Renslayer to the courtroom and threw her to the floor. She then kicked her forcibly demanding answers about the TVA and demanded her TemPad. However, Renslayer told her she was in the dark about the TVA's origins just as much as she was. Renslayer then asked Miss Minutes to look into the files of the TVA's origins. As Miss Minutes scanned for the files, Sylvie was told by Renslayer that Loki was still alive and that she had sent him to a pocket dimension at the end of time. She then told Sylvie about a Void timecraft, but Sylvie was doubtful.

Sylvie realizes she was tricked

Renslayer asked Sylvie to trust her and shook hands, but after Miss Minutes couldn't find the timecraft, Sylvie realized that Renslayer was lying and jumped over the judge's seat to hide as Minutemen came inside to arrest her. Sylvie then stated that she couldn’t have trusted Renslayer and asked her if she still wanted to find out the TVA’s origins, before taking Renslayer’s baton and pruning herself.[7]

Trapped in the Void

Sylvie in the Void

Sylvie woke up and found herself in the Void in a broken down bus. After smashing a window to get out, she was immediately found by Alioth. As she was running away from the being, she witnessed a vision from it of a foreign land and a castle, realizing that the being was guarding something of importance.

Sylvie speaks with Mobius M. Mobius

Shortly, a car drove up and the door opened for her to get in. When she hopped inside, she saw Mobius M. Mobius at the driver’s seat. The two then discussed the TVA, and Mobius apologized for Sylvie's kidnapping. After driving away from the being into Egypt and towards the pyramids, Sylvie told Mobius to drive back towards Alioth as she had a plan.[7]

Reunited with Loki

Sylvie and Mobius M. Mobius find Loki

Sylvie and Mobius M. Mobius eventually found Loki, and met Kid Loki, Classic Loki, and Alligator Loki. Sylvie then told Loki her plan to enchant Alioth in order to see what was beyond it and what it could be possibly guarding. At first Loki did not take her seriously, but agreed after Sylvie was confident with her plan.

Sylvie talks with Loki

The group then waited for a branch timeline to appear and Sylvie sat down in the grass with Loki. As they were sitting, Loki conjured a blanket and shared it with Sylvie. Sylvie asked Loki if she could trust him after they had found out who was behind the TVA and he replied that he had changed for the better, so she could trust him.[7]

Battle Against Alioth

Sylvie and Loki prepare for their plan

When Sylvie decided it was time to confront Alioth, she handed Loki the TemPad she had gotten. However, he handed it to Mobius M. Mobius who opened a Timedoor and said goodbye to the two before leaving the Void. Kid Loki, Classic Loki, and Alligator Loki left also, walking away, leaving Sylvie and Loki alone. Sylvie and Loki then watched as a warship was cast out into the Void and watched as Alioth appeared, completely devouring the sailors and leaving the ship in ruins.

Sylvie enchants the Alioth

As Sylvie tried to maintain composure to enchant the Alioth, she needed a distraction so Loki offered and ran off to distract Alioth. However, Alioth ignored him and came for Sylvie instead, but was distracted when Classic Loki returned and conjured up an illusion of Asgard. Sylvie continued to try and enchant Alioth, but grabbed Loki's hands and told him to join her in enchanting the being.

Sylvie and Loki see the portal

Together, they were able to enchant Alioth, allowing the being to reveal what it had been guarding. Sylvie opened her eyes and told Loki to do the same, as they saw that a portal had opened up, revealing a castle in the distance in another dimension. Sylvie and Loki exchanged glances and walked towards the portal.[7]

Confronting He Who Remains

Sylvie and Loki at the Citadel at the End of Time

"You treated real people's lives like some kind of game."
"It's not personal, it's practical."
"It was personal to me."
―Sylvie Laufeydottir and He Who Remains[src]

Sylvie and Loki walked up to the Citadel at the End of Time and waited outside, debating on if they should knock or kick the front door open. Sylvie told Loki to be quiet as she wanted to think about going in as she had been a victim of the TVA forever. However, the doors to the castle opened up automatically, much to their surprise.

Sylvie and Loki speak to Miss Minutes

Sylvie and Loki walked in, with their weapons drawn, and turned around as the doors closed behind them. When they turned back around, they were startled by Miss Minutes who popped out of nowhere before them. Miss Minutes told them that He Who Remains wanted to make a deal with them and that he could make it work for both of them to be on the timeline together. Miss Minutes continued and told Loki that he could be victorious in the Battle of New York, kill Thanos, wield the Infinity Gauntlet, and become king of Asgard. She told Sylvie that she could wake up and live in her happiest memories. However, Sylvie was skeptical and told Loki that it was all fiction, and she and Loki left the room.

Sylvie and Loki meet He Who Remains

Walking into the next room, Sylvie and Loki found statues of what resembled the Time-Keepers with some on the floor. As they continued on, an elevator buzzer alerted them to it and they drew their weapons, standing in front of the elevator as it opened. The two watched as He Who Remains stepped out and greeted them, telling them to come on the elevator with him. Sylvie and Loki did cautiously, with their weapons still drawn.

Sylvie tries to kill He Who Remains

In the elevator, Loki commented how He Who Remains was just a man, and Sylvie replied that that would make it easier to kill. She swung at He Who Remains with her sword only for him to use his TemPad and evade her swings rapidly. After He Who Remains transported himself out of the elevator, Sylvie looked angrily up at the ceiling, upset that she had been unable to attack him.

Sylvie and Loki listen to He Who Remains

Inside He Who Remain's chamber, Sylvie and Loki were offered drinks and invited to sit down in chairs. The two eventually sat down and listened as He Who Remains explained his story about stopping the Multiversal War, how he harnessed Alioth's power, and created the Time Variance Authority to protect the Sacred Timeline from the creation of his evil Variants.[5] He then offered Sylvie and Loki a deal of what they could do if they cooperated with him. Sylvie was convinced that He Who Remains was lying, in which he suggested that she couldn't trust anyone, even Loki.

Sylvie tries to fight Loki

Sylvie stood up from the chair and tried to stab He Who Remains but Loki stopped her. This caused her to believe that Loki was power hungry and wasn't genuine, however, Loki tried to tell her that by killing He Who Remains, something more dangerous could come about. Not listening to reason, Sylvie engaged Loki in a duel and used her magic to blast Loki away so she could run at He again. After another attempt to kill him, Loki teleported in front of her and stopped her.

Sylvie kisses Loki

Sylvie listened as Loki told her that he had once been like her and knew where she was coming from, leading her to become emotional and drop her sword. She then kissed him, acknowledging their feelings for each other. After their embrace, she told Loki that she still was different and used He Who Remains' TemPad to open a Timedoor. She then used her powers to push Loki through it.

Sylvie confronts He Who Remains

Now that Loki couldn't protect him, Sylvie confronted He Who Remains. Sylvie took her sword and with force, shoved the desk aside, leaving He Who Remains vulnerable in his chair. She then walked up to him and stuck the sword in his chest, with him winking at her and telling her that he'll see her soon.

Sylvie realizes what she's done to the Multiverse

Sylvie then realised that Loki had been right that He Who Remains was telling the truth. Feeling upset by her actions and that she was responsible for fracturing the Multiverse, timelines now flowing indefinitely from the Sacred Timeline, she fell down on the floor and became emotional. With no place to go, she remained alone in the empty Citadel.[4]


"I'm hedonistic. A lot more than you, I assure you. But never at the expense of the mission."
―Sylvie Laufeydottir to Loki[src]
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Sylvie Laufeydottir is an incredibly smart, clever, and determined character who will go towards any extent to achieve her goals as seen by her extreme determination to stop the person behind the TVA. Like other Loki variants, Loki she deeply cares about her mother shown by how she was deeply moved through Loki's stories with his mother. Also, like Loki variants, she is shown to be a narcissistic person who cares about themselves more than others as seen how she shunned others to the side for her goals. However, unlike her other variants she is far more aggressive with her approach towards handling people, she hates her identity as a "Loki", and her extremely stubborn persona. Further, she also has a greater level of intelligence in comparison to other Loki variants, as seen by how she discovered people could hide in apocalypses and be defended from the TVA. Due to her life growing up across apocalypses, she’s incredibly distrusting and almost always assumes the worst. He Who Remains even points this out, asking her if she thinks she’s even capable of trusting others.

Powers and Abilities


  • Frost Giant Physiology: Sylvie is a Frost Giant who had been enchanted to look like an Asgardian. Due to this heritage, Sylvie possesses the natural abilities of any Frost Giant, such as superhuman strength, durability, speed, agility and healing, the ability to manipulate ice and cold, and live for thousands of years.
    • Superhuman Strength: Like all Frost Giants, Sylvie is superhumanly strong. She was able to rapidly and easily yank and drag Hunter U-92 away from a Reset Charge before killing him with her sword. Additionally she was able to effortlessly drag Hunter C-20 through a Timedoor with one hand.
    • Superhuman Durability: Sylvie's body is more resistant to physical damage than the body of a normal human being.
    • Superhuman Speed: Like all of her species, Sylvie is naturally faster than humans. She and Loki were able to outrun the meteors and destruction on Lamentis-1, and she also outran Alioth in the Void.
    • Superhuman Agility: Sylvie naturally possesses greater agility, dexterity, balance, and body coordination than that of a normal human being.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Like all Frost Giants, Sylvie's musculature produces considerably fewer fatigue toxins during physical activity than that of humans.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Despite her body's resistance, Sylvie can be injured like any other Asgardian or Frost Giant. However, her metabolism enables her to rapidly regenerate damaged bodily tissue with greater speed and efficiency than that of a human.
    • Longevity: Sylvie has the capacity to live for thousands of years.
    • Cold Immunity: Like all Frost Giants, Sylvie is immune to the otherwise cold.
"You taught yourself that magic?"
"Yeah, I did."
Loki and Sylvie Laufeydottir[src]
  • Master Sorceress: Like her original counterpart, Sylvie is a powerful and skilled sorceress, capable of using magic to cast spells. She can even cast weakened versions of her spells in the TVA, where no magic is supposed to function.
    • Telekinesis: Sylvie is able to move and influence objects though will alone. In a fit of fury and frustration, Sylvie inadvertently blasted air and dirt away from herself in while screaming over the loss of the TemPad. By the time of her final duel with her variant, she was able to effortlessly hurl aside furniture, a feat that impressed He Who Remains.
    • Enchantment: Sylvie can enchant victims by making physical contact and then grab hold of their mind, forcing them to fight on her behalf or obey her whims.
      • Mental Manipulation: Sylvie can easily compel a weak-willed person to engage in combat for her or believe whatever she tells them by merely touching them. However, someone with a strong will may be able to resist. Sylvie is able to combine her power enchantment with another Loki's, as they demonstrated it on Alioth forcing the being to open a portal for them.
      • Memory Playback: Upon touching someone, Sylvie can trap them in an illusion created from their own memories, forcing them to relive past events. This effect persists even after physical contact is broken and lasts until the memory playback ends, at which point the victim loses consciousness. While touching them, Sylvie can view their memories and even insert herself into the illusion, allowing her to interrogate them in an environment where they'll be more compliant and willing to reveal information. She was able to extract information about the Time Variance Authority from Hunter C-20 by using this method.
      • Remote Possession:

        Hunter C-20 while under Sylvie's influence

        Sylvie can use her enchantments to take complete control of other people's bodies, speaking and acting through them. She can also use her enchantment abilities through them, allowing her influence to transfer from one body to another by touch. This leaves the victim exhausted and drained, causing them to immediately pass out once she stops possessing them.
        • Power Bestowal: Sylvie can bestow enhanced strength and durability on the people she possesses. This was demonstrated when one of her thralls repeatedly knocked Loki across the room and threw him around with ease (despite the fact that he weighs several hundred pounds), and was only briefly stunned when Loki hit him in the face with a heavy metal object (which would normally be enough to cause death or serious injury to a human, especially when wielded by an attacker with superhuman strength).
    • Energy Blasts: Sylvie can project green energy blasts, allowing her to strike, push, pull or blow away her targets. The blasts are powerful enough to send an adult humanoid flying.


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  • Genius-Level Intellect: To be added
  • Master Tactician: To be added
  • Skilled Engineer: To be added

Sylvie fighting a Minuteman

  • Master Combatant: Sylvie is able to fight Loki on equal ground, successfully defeated some of the most skilled warriors of the TVA, and almost effortlessly took down security guards on Lamentis-1. She was also skilled enough to temporarily hold back Loki while inhabiting the body of a human thrall.
  • Sword Mastery: Sylvie is highly skilled in wielding a sword in battle, as shown when she stabbed and killed Minuteman 200914867365. She is even even able to contend with Loki in melee combat.
  • Expert Acrobat: To be added
  • Bilingualism: Sylvie is able to speak and understand Asgardian and English.



Other Equipment


  • Lamentis-1 Train: Sylvie and Loki boarded the train while trying to reach the Ark to escape Lamentis-1. While on the train, she and Loki discussed their early life and Sylvie took a nap. After she woke up, Loki's cover was blown and he was thrown off the train. Since Loki had the TemPad, Sylvie was forced to jump out of the train as well.


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  • Laufey † - Father
  • Mother †
  • Adoptive Family †




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  • Sylvie Laufeydottir is an amalgamation of different characters from the comics:
    • Loki Laufeyson, who temporarily reincarnated into a female after being killed during Ragnarök.
    • Sylvie Lushton, a human girl magically enhanced by Loki, who became the second known Enchantress, modelling her appearance after the first one, the Asgardian Amora.

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