"Well, that was a bit premature."
Peggy Carter[src]

The Sweet Dreams Lipstick is a sleep-inducing compound disguised as a lipstick.


First Kiss

Figuring that the fence Spider Raymond had information pertaining to the missing document with the formula of molecular Nitramene, Peggy Carter went to see him in the club La Martinique. As she climbed the steps to Raymond's office, Carter looked in the mirror and applied the Sweet Dreams Lipstick from her purse.

Inside the office, Carter used her beauty, and the fact that she was sitting in Raymond's lap, to convince him to reveal that he had the potent explosive. Raymond abruptly kissed Carter; he was made unconscious. This gave Carter enough time to use her Pick-Lock Wristwatch to open his safe and find the bomb.[1]


Dottie Underwood noticed the lipstick in Peggy Carter's room when she entered it, and seeing its name, she smelled it and kept it for herself.[2]

Knocked Out

"You're wearing my brand."
Peggy Carter to Dottie Underwood[src]

Peggy Carter was attempting to leave the Griffith Hotel when Dottie Underwood kissed her hard on the lips. Carter realized that Underwood was wearing her lipstick. As she was staggering backwards, Carter noticed that Underwood had scars on her wrists like a Red Room trainee. As Carter started to regain consciousness, she found herself in the back of a police car.[3]

Helping Underwood

"Sweet dreams."
Dottie Underwood[src]

In order to help Dottie Underwood escape FBI custody so she could assist her on a mission, Peggy Carter donned the Lipstick and kissed the Guard that was guarding Underwood's cell. As the Guard slept, Underwood wished him, "Sweet dreams."[4]


The Sweet Dreams Lipstick is able to render a person unconscious for several minutes. While unconscious, Spider Raymond did not notice Peggy Carter stealing the bomb nor the noise of the subsequent fight she had with a bouncer. When Dottie Underwood used the lipstick against Carter, Carter was not unconscious for long as Carter's ordinary lipstick gave partial protection.

The chemical in the lipstick must require skin contact to activate; Carter applied the lipstick on top of a thin coating of lipstick she already had.


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