"Maybe I should learn to fly. It's not too late, right? I could learn. What do you like best, the freedom? The view?"
"The solitude."
"Got it. See you in Sweden."
Phil Coulson and Melinda May[src]

Sweden, officially the Kingdom of Sweden, is a constitutional monarchy located in Northern Europe. Stockholm is the capital and most populous city.


Jewel Theft

"Yesterday, 55 men, all military, were hired by one of the largest gem brokers in the world. They dressed the men in identical outfits, gave each one a randomly assigned briefcase, and sent them along 25 different routes here in Stockholm. No one knew which briefcase contained the diamonds, but they were still stolen."
Phil Coulson to Skye and Melinda May[src]

One of the largest gem brokers in the world hired a group of former military officers to transport a shipment of diamonds through Stockholm. As a security measure, they were all dressed with identical grey suits and red masks, and each was given a randomly assigned briefcase handcuffed to the left hand, only one of which actually contained the diamonds. The masked men had to take up to twenty-five different routes through the city.

Former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Akela Amador followed five of the men to the subway, entering the same train car as they did. Amador destroyed the lights and killed the men, cutting the hand off the one transporting the diamonds and stealing the briefcase. With these diamonds, and the ones she obtained performing similar thefts in Milan and Monte Carlo, Amador reunited a grand total of 30 million dollars in diamonds, the quantity she needed to purchase a proxy card and enter the Todorov Building in Minsk, Belarus.[1]

Crime Scene Investigation

"I'm getting full bars, which means if I was down here and 55 guys were in scary red masks, you know what I would do? Instagram."
Skye to Phil Coulson and Melinda May[src]

Phil Coulson decided to investigate the jewel thefts thinking that Akela Amador, his former protegée, could have been responsible, and traveled to Stockholm to investigate the crime scene.

Coulson went to the subway accompanied by Skye and Melinda May, and detailed the security system used by the gem broker, increasing security after the thefts performed in Milan and Monte Carlo, but unable to prevent the theft. Coulson already knew that the thefts were performed by a single thief, that witnesses described as committing the crime with her eyes closed.

Skye guessed that maybe she could have some form of psychic or extrasensory perception, although May said that there was no proof of precognition, telepathy or extrasensory perception. Skye hacked some Instagram accounts that contained photos of the men in red masks, and Coulson used one of them to identify Amador.[1]

Steel Serpent's Sales

Linköping and Uddevalla were the hometowns of some of the Hand's clients that bought their Steel Serpent using the Rand Enterprises' resources.[2]


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