"Savin? I've acquired the Patriot armor."
"If you want this suit, you're going to have to pry my cold dead body out of it."
"That's the plan, Colonel."
―Swet Shop Agent and Iron Patriot[src]

The Sweat Shop Agent is an A.I.M. operative who worked for Aldrich Killian and Eric Savin.


The A.I.M. Agent was disguised as a sweatshop worker in Pakistan to capture Iron Patriot. She was able to take Iron Patriot by surprise after he liberated the other workers, disabling his armor using her Extremis derived powers. She then reported her success to Eric Savin.[1]


  • Exothermic Manipulation: The A.I.M. Agent used Extremis to consciously raise the temperature in parts of her body. This was done to disable the Iron Patriot's armor.




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