"You've got a reception area, a conference room and two offices. Corner suite has a view of the Hudson, you can flip a coin with your partner for it."
"He can have the view."
"I'm so sorry... I, I didn't mean to..."
"Of course, not."
―Susan Harris and Matt Murdock[src]

Susan Harris is a real estate agent for Midtown Property Solutions.


Nelson and Murdock's Tour

"This office was barely touched by the incident, which is why it's on the market already. The neighbors weren't so lucky."
―Susan Harris to Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson[src]

Susan Harris gave Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson a tour of an office in Hell's Kitchen when they had been searching for a spot to set up their new law firm. While showing the office to the two, Harris made a passing joke that the two of them could flip a coin to decide who could have the office with a view of the Hudson River, though she apologized for it as soon as Murdock arrived, realizing that he was blind. Murdock accepted her apology and asked Harris to be his guide during the tour, which she agreed to.


Harris gives Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson a tour

Harris went on to explain that the building was one of very few that was barely untouched by the Battle of New York. Nelson argued with her by pointing out that the only view they had was of cranes and scaffolding working nearby and it felt like they were getting pre-Incident prices. Harris noted that they were a quarter of what they used to be and Hell's Kitchen was on the rebound; pretty soon, prices for such an office would increase dramatically. Murdock agreed with her and said that they would take it.[1]





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