"Your commander insists that you're fit to serve."
"I am."
"You struggle with your emotions, with your past which fuels them."
―Supreme Intelligence and Vers[src]
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The Supreme Intelligence is an artificial intelligence and the ruler of the Kree Empire who embodies the empire's greatest minds. The Supreme Intelligence can appear as a different person to everyone, notably appearing as Mar-Vell to Vers.


Kree-Skrull War

Advising Vers

Supreme Intelligence CM

One day, Vers visited the Supreme Intelligence to receive some advice from her about her mysterious past and her joining the Starforce. The Supreme Intelligence lied to Vers and explained that the Skrulls have threatened Hala as well as many other planets. She then suggested Vers to overcome her emotions and her past.[1]

Trapping Vers

Captain Marvel VFX 8

Supreme Intelligence fights Captain Marvel

After having been captured by the Starforce, Vers was brought to the Supreme Intelligence in restraints. Still under the impersonation of Mar-Vell, the Intelligence continued to taunt her, until Captain Marvel removed her Photon Inhibitor and unlocked her true powers.[1]


When evaluating Vers, the Supreme Intelligence presents itself to her as being wise, cautious and understanding. This is seen in the way the Supreme Intelligence counsels Vers on focusing less upon the mystery of her past and more upon her present duty to fight for the good of the Kree Empire.

Later when the Supreme Intelligence confronts Carol Danvers who has now become aware of her human past, the Supreme Intelligence is shown to be callous, arrogant, and completely dismissive of Danvers' humanity, judging it to be her greatest weakness. The Supreme Intelligence also shows a capacity to adapt to new information gleaned from the subjects it connects to as it takes on an appearance more in alignment with human fashion and shows a mockery of appreciation for popular music.

Powers and Abilities


  • Dimensional Lordship: Within its own dimension in the minds of people, the Supreme Intelligence has complete control over its own realm.
    • Superhuman Intellect: The Supreme Intelligence is an A.I., thus possessing an advanced intelligence compared to regular living beings. The Supreme Intelligence has the collective knowledge, memes, memories, philosophies and experiences of all of the Kree throughout the ages. It is shown to be able to process and adapt to new information and stimuli rapidly.
    • Avatar Creation: Within its dimension, the Supreme Intelligence can create a body to communicate with the person who wants to talk to it, usually choosing someone that is familiar to the recipient.
      • Superhuman Strength: The Supreme Intelligence possessed great physical strength and could overpower and throw Carol Danvers against a wall with relative ease.
      • Mind Manipulation: The Supreme Intelligence could make Carol see her past and the times she failed in her life.
      • Photon Inhibitor Manipulation: The Supreme Intelligence proved to be able to activate the Photon Inhibitor to prevent Carol from attacking her with her photon blasts.
      • Energy Blasts:
        Captain Marvel VFX 4
        The Supreme Intelligence can generate powerful explosions of green energy from its hands.


  • Starforce Uniform (as Mar-Vell): While posing as the Kree traitor Mar-Vell, the Supreme Intelligence depicts itself as wearing the same uniform worn by all members of the Starforce, including Captain Marvel. However, as the uniform forms part of its digital manifestation and isn't a real one, it doesn't contain all the real uniform's capabilities.


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  • In the comics, the Supreme Intelligence is an organic artificial intelligence who ruled over the Kree Empire and was created by the Kree using the minds and knowledge of their most influential citizens.
  • It is unknown why the Supreme Intelligence is no longer the ruler of the Kree by the time of Guardians of the Galaxy, in which it is established the Kree are now ruled by an emperor.

Behind the Scenes

  • Annette Bening wasn't initially intended to play the Supreme Intelligence as well as Mar-Vell, with the original idea, according to Anna Boden, was for the Supreme Intelligence to have a separate figure, but it was ultimately decided to have Bening playing both roles so the Intelligence could represent somebody from Captain Marvel's past that she knew and admired but she didn't know who it was because she had that part of her self missing.[2]
  • Elisabeth P. Carpenter and Ingrid Kleinig were stunt doubles for Annette Bening in the role of the Supreme Intelligence.


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