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"More and more eccentric superhumans are coming out of the woodwork. We just started a Superhuman Law Division, and I want you, well, the She-Hulk, to be the face of it."
Holden Holliway to Jennifer Walters

Superhuman Law is the second episode of the first season of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.


Jen is hired at a prestigious law firm but must practice as She-Hulk and rep a complicated client.


Jen is fired from DA's Office

Jennifer Walters gets fired

News reports surface following the Attack on the Los Angeles Metropolitan Courthouse making She-Hulk a popular name, despite Walters' disliking of it. Walters and Nikki Ramos go to a bar where Dennis Bukowski tells her it's low to use her powers for publicity. Walters argues that only he would think that. The D.A. Boss asks her to return to human form, which causes Walters to feel the effects of her drinking. He then tells her that because she saved the jury, the opposition thinks it swayed their vote and called for a mistrial. He tells Walters he has to let her go.

Walters Family Dinner

The Walters have dinner

Walters wakes up in the morning to hear Hulk calling her, asking if she is okay. She goes around Los Angeles looking at job interviews, but all of them decline due to her new found fame. Ramos helps Walters get a new job. However, Walters has moved on and looks at new jobs to start, she then gets a text from her mother. Walters arrives at her parents' house. Ched points out that she had been fired, much to the displeasure of everyone at the table. The family asks her questions about being a superhero, which overwhelms her. Her father disrupts the table to bring Walters into the garage and ask her if she's alright. He ends up telling her that it happened and she needs to move on.

She-Hulk Trailer (13)

Holden Holliway shows Jennifer Walters around

Walters soon finds herself at a bar when Holden Holliway offers her a job at Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway. She accepts if she could hire her own paralegal. He tells her he doesn't care who her paralegal is and she starts Monday. At her first day, Holliway tells her he wants her to be She-Hulk all the time when she works. She does not like the idea, but rolls with it. Holliway asks her how she feels about it, and she tells him she's "agnostic". Which only gets a chuckle out of him. When she gets to her office, she realizes how big it is. Augustus Pugliese barges in with a welcome basket, introducing himself as "Pug".

Emil Blonsky (SHAaL)

Jennifer Walters meets Emil Blonsky

Walters learns her first case, which is the parole of the Abomination. Walters claims she cannot represent him because of the conflict of interest that is his past with Hulk. Holliway notifies her that Blonsky knows about the conflict and signed a waiver. Walters still doesn't want to take the case, but Holliway threatens to fire her. Walters arrives at the prison, only for the guard to tell her no powers. They walk into Blonsky's cell and she sees him locked up in a glass cell. Blonsky greets her and promises that he learned how to transform back into himself and dealt with the hatred he had, shutting it down. He then addresses the elephant in the room. Blonsky claims trying to kill Banner was nothing personal. Walters argued that he went on a rampage, but Blonsky claims that he was tasked by the government and then they pumped him full of the Super Soldier Serum. This sparks Walters' interests. Blonsky offers haiku's to his victims that shows his remorse. Walters tells him that he needs to tell the truth, but Blonsky says he is telling the truth, he just wants to live in peace.

Abomination Prison Break

Abomination's fight is leaked

The next morning, Holliway calls, expecting to hear Walters decision. She calls Banner for guidance. Banner tells her that he's okay with it and Blonsky even sent him a haiku a while back and they made up. Walters asks him if he's coming to Los Angeles, but Hulk says he isn't going to come for a while. He then sits back as the Sakaaran Class-Eight Courier Craft that he is on flies away. Walters calls to accept the job, but Holliway tells her to turn on the television. She sees that a video of Abomination at an underground fighting ring has surfaced. Abomination somehow escaped from prison months ago. Walters remarks how that sucks. Earlier, She-Hulk helps her family fix things around the house with her powers.


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Song title Artist Location(s)
Stop This Flame Celeste Nikki persuades Jennifer to get at bar to be cheered by the public.
Scratch Aaron Childs At bar, when Jennifer is fired by her boss.
Before I Go Sarah May Jen drinks her sorrows away at a bar when Holliway from GLK and H approaches her and offers her at job.
Feeling Better Warner Chappell Production Music Jen helps her family with homeworks. (post credits)



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