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"I assure you, brother... the sun will shine on us again."
Loki to Thor[src]

The Sun is the star at the center of the Solar system.



"It'll take about a hundred and eighty days to reach the sun."
Leo Fitz[src]

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Erik Killmonger's Demise

"The sun will never set on the Wakandan empire."
Erik Killmonger[src]

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Duel of K'un-Lun

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Battle of Chicago

"Once Zephyr One breaks through the upper atmosphere, we can slingshot the Gravitonium at high velocity into the sun, destroying it for good."
Phil Coulson to S.H.I.E.L.D.[src]

Glenn Talbot after being launched off Earth

In 2018, S.H.I.E.L.D. had made a plan to destroy the Gravitonium by launching it directly into the Sun before he could be used once again by HYDRA, as they intended to use Zephyr One to slingshot it out of their atmosphere.[1] However, as the Gravitonium had been absorbed into Glenn Talbot's body, causing him to gain super powers and then go on a rampage, Quake was forced to battle Talbot, resulting in her using her enhanced power from the Centipede Serum to launch him into space, where Talbot's body then floated into the sun, which had finally killed Talbot and destroyed all the remaining Gravitonium.[2]


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