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"Summon the suit."
Layla El-Faouly to Steven Grant

Summon the Suit is the second episode of the first season of Moon Knight.


With little time to react, Steven is thrust into a war of the gods as a mysterious partner arrives.


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The next morning, Steven Grant wakes up as he normally does, chained to his bed, but this time with pretty vivid memories of the night before. He walks into the bathroom and tries to make his reflection come out, but is unsuccessful. Upon arrival to the National Art Gallery, Grant sees that areas are being barricaded. J.B. tells him that weird, unknown events had happened the night before, Grant brings him to the security cameras to show him what happened. However, when viewing the archived videos, they witness a frightened Grant escaping a seemingly invisible entity. J.B. comes to the conclusion that there was nothing there except for Grant's imagination. They then see a more serious Grant walking out of the restroom and staring into the camera.

Later, Grant is called into the director's office. Dornfeld promptly fires him for his actions, but let's him go free of charges. On the street, Grant talks to a street performer named Bertrand Crawley and reflects on his firing, saying he agrees with the decision. He decides that he needs to track down the storage box using the key that he found in his flat. When he arrives at the facility, the attendant recognizes him, allowing Grant to enter. The unit contains a single military-style cot, several supply crates, and a duffel bag full of guns, money of various currencies, the golden scarab, and an American passport with the name Marc Spector, who looks just like Grant. He touches the scarab and it starts to float in the air. It points towards the mirror where Grant sees his own reflection moving. The reflection, Marc Spector, briefly explains how he’s an avatar of Khonshu, the Egyptian God of the moon, and how his deal with the deity is contingent on Grant staying out of things. Spector asks for control of the body so that he could finish the mission, but Grant isn’t keen on the idea, saying he has lost his mind. Grant tells Spector that he will present the artifacts to the authorities and get himself locked up.

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Grant proceeds to run out of the unit and make his way through the hallway. However, he looks back and sees the lights flickering. Suddenly Khonshu appears, walking closer to him. He then appears right in front of Grant's face, causing the latter to scream and run out of the building. He exits the facility and falls onto the street where he is nearly run over by Layla El-Faouly, Spector's wife, although not for much longer since the two are getting divorced. Grant talks with El-Faouly who thinks she is talking to Spector. She begins to get both confused and frustrated at Grant's lack of knowledge. Through another reflection, Spector warns Grant not to tell he anything as it will put her in danger. El-Faouly eventually finds the scarab and scolds Grant for finding their life's work without her.

Suddenly, Grant is approached by Officers Bobbi Kennedy and Billy Fitzgerald. However, El-Faouly manages to escape with the scarab before they notice. They find Spector's ID and deem it a fake, so they arrest him. In the car, they do their research and find records of how Spector lined up many Egyptian archaeologists and shot them. Soon, the officers reveal that they are actually part of Arthur Harrow's cult and then they take Grant to him, all while Spector begs him to cede control of their body over to him. But after seeing what Spector supposedly did in Egypt, Grant is not willing to hand over control. Harrow eventually suggests that maybe Khonshu chose Spector as his avatar because his mind was already broken, creating some ambiguity. Khonshu tells Grant to kill Harrow, but the latter knows that Khonshu is standing behind them. Harrow informs Grant that without an avatar, Khonshu can not do anything besides petulantly knock over some bins. He’s powerless.

Eventually, Harrow reveals how he was Khonshu’s first avatar, but that he believes that the difference between a cure and poison is simply the dosage, and sometimes you have to cut off a small piece of the organism for the good of its overall health. Grant, though, quibbles with the morality of this. If Ammit judges someone before they sin, then is she not judging an innocent?

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El-Faouly arrives in the nick of time to break things up. Harrow wants the scarab, but both Spector and Khonshu are adamant that he must not get it, so Grant and El-Faouly escape together. Harrow suddenly summons a jackal that is only visible to Grant. This prompts El-Faouly to tell Grant to summon the suit. He originally doesn't, but is forced to when he jumps out of a window to escape the jackal. Grant lands on the ground and realizes he is now wearing a much fancier suit than Spector wore. After a delirious fight with the jackal, Grant finally lets Spector take control. Spector dons his suit and runs up to the rooftops. He then exclaims that he caught the jackal before he jumps, catches it, then impales it on a spire. Meanwhile, Harrow finds and takes the scarab, which fell out of El-Faouly's pocket.

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Spector ends up in control for once, leaving Grant a chattering, frantic reflection, unable to influence what is happening. Spector tries to calm him down and tells him he is alright. The two talk about their situation, but Grant keeps complaining about Spector's existence. Spector finally loses it and repeatedly smashes the mirror until it breaks into many pieces. Khonshu then threatens Spector to make El-Faouly his next avatar, so Spector has no choice but to do his bidding in order to protect her. This aforementioned bidding takes Spector to Egypt, hot on Harrow’s tail. Later, a terrified Grant sits in the reflection of a mirror while Spector sits aside his bed with his shirt off, drinking. He then gets up and opens the window curtains to look at the Great Pyramids.


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Bela Lugosi's Dead Bauhaus
  • Steven arrives at the storage locker in search of the scarab, using the key found in his flat.
Fairlight Megatrax Music
Every Grain of Sand Bob Dylan
  • People watch a nature video on a big screen at Harrow's compound.
Estaweet (uncredited) Wael El Fashny
El Melouk Ahmed Saad feat. 3enba and Double Zuksh
  • End credits.



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