Summerville Department Stores is a company operating in New York City.


One of Summerville Department Stores trucks was used by a group of mercenaries in order to extract Wilson Fisk, who was just arrested, from police custody. While the mercenaries iniatly used a truck from Atreus Plastics to get Fisk the Summerville truck was parked in a garage. The moment the mercenaries reached the garage Fisk switched to the Summerville truck to continue his get away to wards a drop point. 15 minutes from the drop the window of the truck was destroyed by Daredevil, making the truck crash.[1]


  • In the comics, Summerville Department Stores is a company whose owner was rescued by Frank Castle from a group of kidnappers.
  • Summervile Department Stores' slogan, "Proudly serving America for over 75 years!", is a reference to the 75th anniversary of Marvel Comics that recurred in 2014.


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