"Who do you work for?"
"The City of New York."
"I'm gonna ask you again. Think about your answer. Who do you work for?"
"The City of New York. I got two months on the job."
Masked Man and Sullivan[src]


The New York City Police Department was in a state of alert when explosions rocked Hell's Kitchen. Officer Sullivan heard screams as he walked near an Abandoned Building. When he saw an unconscious man on the floor, he told him to put up his hands. The masked man told Sullivan that he could not before beating up the cop. The masked man then asked Sullivan for whom he worked, testing to see if he was corrupt. Sullivan replied he was a police officer; listening to heartbeats, the masked man knew he was truthful. However, instead of saying that he had a false alarm, Sullivan called for assistance.

Sullivan was later handcuffed to a pole and gagged by the masked man. His gun was dismantled by the masked man. After the masked man and Vladimir escaped to the sewers, a corrupt SWAT officer arrived and stabbed Sullivan in the neck. Sullivan's death was later blamed on the masked man.[1]






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