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"What if God heard you talking like this? What would He say?"
"Who's to say He's not the one who gave me the idea in the first place?"
Francis Xavier Delgado and Tyrone Johnson[src]

Suicide Sprints is the second episode of the first season of the television series Cloak & Dagger.


Tandy and Tyrone try to grasp what has happened to them with their new-found powers, while Tandy's past catches up with her and Tyrone becomes consumed with revenge. Meanwhile, Detective Brigid O'Reilly works an interesting case that has ties to Tandy.


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Song title Artist Location(s)
Leave the Light On Overcoats
Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace Aubrey Joseph
Feel the Embrace (feat. Run Rivers & Lorna Rose) Vonavi
First Class Fly Damny & MC Justo
Give Me A Chance
Fear in Me Louis Mattrs
To Sir With Love Vegas Cola
  • A band performs at the wedding as the bride and groom have their first dance. Tandy Bowen tries to hide her powers from the wedding guests.
Goodnight, Irene


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