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Sudan, officially the Republic of Sudan, is a country located in Africa.


Ten Rings Cells

Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes was assigned on several missions to battle different cells from the Ten Rings terrorist group.

As War Machine, Rhodes traveled to northern Sudan, where he had to battle a group of heavily armed terrorists, which attacked him with military grade bazookas and rocket launchers. Rhodes informed one of his superiors that their weapons were virtually identical to the ones the terrorists had in India and Afghanistan.

Rhodes deduced that a common benefactor was supplying terrorists under the flag of the Ten Rings without a clear agenda, as the groups he battled had no common location or ideology.[1]


HYDRA scientist Jensen operated out of Port Sudan. Natasha Romanoff hijacked a plane that was meant to deliver Chitauri-based technology to her. The rest of the Avengers arrived to help Romanoff defeat Jensen and her soldiers. Jensen was prepared to take the power for herself, but Clint Barton stopped her.[2]


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