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"What makes you think I can protect you?"
"You survived a drive-by and a building fallin' on your head. I'd say you're overqualified."
Luke Cage and Rafael Scarfe[src]

Suckas Need Bodyguards is the sixth episode of the first season of the Netflix exclusive television series Luke Cage.


After Cottonmouth and Rafael Scarfe's bloody clash, Cage realizes that saving the community may turn former allies into enemies, and enemies into allies.


Rafael Scarfe attempts to blackmail Cornell Stokes, but is critically wounded instead and escapes to Pop's for help, where he gives Luke Cage a ledger with incriminating evidence on Stokes. Cage contacts Claire Temple, who treats Scarfe's injuries, while another of Stokes' men, Lieutenant Perez, is ordered to find and kill Scarfe. Misty Knight finds out Perez is also on Stokes' payroll and tricks him into implicating himself, records his admission before arresting him. Cage, Temple and Scarfe are ambushed by mercenaries hired by Stokes on their way to 1 Police Plaza to turn over the evidence, and although Cage fends them off, Scarfe dies from his injuries. Meanwhile, Mariah Dillard has an interview with the media. The reporter exposes Dillard's possible involvement in Stokes' actions. Stokes is arrested with the evidence from Scarfe. Knight's supervisor expresses concerns about another disclosure of police corruption after Wilson Fisk's case.


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Misty Knight cries over Rafael Scarfe as he dies; Knight arrests Cottonmouth, Thembi Wallace ambushes Mariah Dillard with the news of Stokes' arrest live on TV, Dillard stands shocked at the news; Luke Cage and Claire Temple discuss him becoming a real hero, testing out his powers and potential with her helping.


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