"I love what it does to your language center. It's really kind of funny."
Tina Minoru to Nico Minoru[src]

The Subsonic Wave Generator is a device designed by Victor Stein and meant to keep Nico Minoru from casting spells with the Staff of One.



"I understand that we have to keep Nico from being able to think of a spell, but this could cause permanent brain damage."
Janet Stein[src]

The Subsonic Wave Generator was designed by Victor Stein as a way to prevent Nico Minoru to be able to think of a spell to be cast by the Staff of One. As soon as the device was fabricated, Janet Stein expressed concern over the damage that it could do to Nico's brain, although Victor (actually Jonah in disguise) reassured her and told her that it would be essentially harmless.

Later, Tina Minoru, who was possessed by the Magistrate's Daughter, came to the Stein Mansion to check on the Steins. The Gibborim expressed admiration for the device, being fascinated by the metal composing it. She then teased Janet, who was alone with her, and asked her whether she knew how to use it. Since Janet did not, the Magistrate's daughter gave her the device and explained how to handle it, although Janet, puzzled by the promiscuous behavior of who she thought to be Tina, quickly put an end to this.[1]


"My God! What's crappening? Oh, my God, what's song with bee? You're messing with the pong weeples!"

Along with other weapons developed by PRIDE, the Subsonic Wave Generator was tested on two PRIDE employee, Mary and Megan, in the Stein Mansion's yard. The device was handled by Stacey Yorkes, who was possessed by the Magistrate's Wife at the time, and successfully worked on Mary, who mixed words as she tried to tell her masked attackers that she was not their target. Once Mary fell unconscious because of a Multidirectional Tranquilizer Dart, the Magistrate's Wife suggested to increase the intensity of the neurodisruptor.[2]

Chase of the Runaways

"You didn't think the drones were the only thing with a Subsonic Wave Generator, did you?"
Tina Minoru to Nico Minoru[src]

In prevision for a confrontation with the Runaways, PRIDE equipped several drones with Subsonic Wave Generator to be used against Nico Minoru. As a result, Nico was left unable to formulate spells she could cast with the Staff of One, causing Karolina Dean to tell her to go to safety why she would draw the drones away.

Knowing that the whole chase was being coordinated by her mother Tina, Nico went to the PRIDE Headquarters to confront her. However, Tina used another Subsonic Wave Generator on her, claiming that they had taken into accound the possibility of a direct confrontation with Nico and commenting on how the effects on Nico sounded funny to her. Nico did manage to destroy the generator used by Tina, thus briefly recovering her ability to think and talk properly, only to once again have a generator used on her, this time by her father Robert.[3]

Design and Capabilities

"It simply emits a high-power soundwave that disorients and incapacitates its target. It's very safe."

The Subsonic Wave Generator emitted a powerful soundwave on frequencies which could not be fully perceived by human ear, but which directly affected the brain. According to Victor Stein possessed by Jonah, the generator was not a full brain scrambler, but only targeted specific areas of the brain, preventing the target to properly think and speak. As a result, Nico Minoru was left unable to cast a spell with the Staff of One, as she could not focus on the words she wanted to use as an incantation for the spell.


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