"Word on the street is that the gangs are pissed that the Jamaicans are driving everyone out of the weed business."
"I don't know. But they've taken over one of the biggest grow houses in the city."
Turk Barrett and Luke Cage[src]

Stylers' Grow House is one of the biggest grow houses in New York City which was taken over by the Stylers in order to grow Nightshade.


"A bit much to burn the whole thing down, don't you think?"
"Only way to be sure. Besides, I got Rand to purchase the building and the lot underneath it, so no harm done. I mean, it's not like I'm gonna pursue a complaint, is it?"
Luke Cage and Danny Rand[src]

Bushmaster ordered the Stylers to take control over one of the biggest grow houses in New York City where Stylers used ultraviolet lamps to recreate the Jamaican soil for growing the Nightshade. However, Stylers eventually failed to grow as plants were dying too soon.

LCS2 - Iron Fist Enters the Room with Cage

Iron Fist and Luke Cage breaks into the warehouse

With Turk Barrett's lead, Luke Cage and Iron Fist arrived at the Rucker Park where they found a warehouse where the Stylers brought out the supplies for the plant they were about to make. Stylers were ready to be ship the plant before they noticed noises coming out of the door. As the noises stop, Rand uses his fist to punch open the steel door and enter the warehouse ready to fight alongside with Cage.

Cage and Rand found heavy resistance amongst the Stylers and proceeded to take them down and split them up. As they reach each other again, the Stylers began to outmatch them by surrounding Cage and Rand. Upon Cage's idea, Rand summoned his chi and hit Cage's hand, the summoning force blast each one of the Stylers in one blow. Cage and Rand then noticed two hostiles confronting them and one of them pulled out a rocket launcher. Cage then used to pick up and throw Rand while using his chi to knock out both of them.

LCS2 - Danny Rand & Luke Cage (Money is Power)

Warehouse is burned down by Iron Fist and Luke Cage

Eventually, all Stylers were taken down by Cage and Rand who located the Nightshade supplies through the door. Styler then explained to them that they needed to recreate the Jamaican soil or sunlight to grow Nightshade with full effect. Cage concluded that their job is done now and let Styler go. Cage and Rand finished their task by burning down the building and the plants and Rand contacted with Rand Enterprises to purchase the warehouse in order to keep both of them away from attention.[1]


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