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"They don't go by "the Yardies" anymore."
"What are they called now?"
"Last I heard, they were going by "the Stylers." "No style pon we." It always changes. Old versus new crew, a split, difference of opinion. But the violence is always the same."
Tomas Ciancio and Luke Cage[src]

The Stylers were a Jamaican criminal gang and offshoot of the Yardies. Led by Bushmaster, they were active in Crown Height, Brooklyn and Jamaica, Queens before he returned to Jamaica.



"Anybody wan leave, now's the time. Oh, you stay? Good. We have work to do."

Returned to New York City, Bushmaster located Nigel Garrison, current leader of his former gang, the Yardies. Following short confrontation, Bushmaster brutally executed Garrison. Without their leader, Yardies came under the control of Bushmaster and became known at the streets as the Stylers.[1]

Attack on Yardies' Hideout

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Chase of Piranha Jones

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Battle at Irie Taxi Garage

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Attack on Mariah Dillard

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Attack on James Lucas

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Attack on Rand Enterprises Research Facility

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Attack on Stylers' Grow House

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